Tabloid sales & assault

According to Ray Chandler’s Book – Dave Schwartz testified that June had told him about incidents were Evan had become physically violent with several people, including his wife Nathalie, June’s mother and Evan’s own mother. June testified that she had heard of a January 1992 incident between Evan and his wife Nathalie that had turned physical.

Note that Emmanuelle was born July 2, 1992 making her approximately three months pregnant during this altercation! (Evan and June’s mothers are both deceased)    

              June and Nathalie were present at both assaults against David (according to June & Ray)

A portion of June Chandler’s declaration in the Schwartz v Chandler case:

  • I suspect that defendant has either influenced or been instrumental in keeping alive the public’s interest in our lives, much to my dismay and consternation. I believe that he, or those acting on his behalf, have been continually providing the media with information regarding my son, myself and defendant. In particular, defendant and his brother have authored a book regarding our ordeal. While they have purportedly agreed to refrain from publishing the book, they have nonetheless advised me that the transcript mysteriously disappeared from defendant’s home. At the same time, a National Enquirer reporter that had been hounding me has suddenly revealed that he has a manuscript. In light of these facts, and since defendant and his counsel have not articulated any particular reason why a videotaped deposition is necessary, I believe defendant seeks to acquire the videotape not just for the instant proceeding, but  for other uses including media and commercial exploitation.

 A reporter who worked for the National Enquirer during the 1993 allegations. 

Reporter–there was no video tape

Me -How did you know that — did he (Victor) admit it?

Reporter –No, in October I stayed with a friend in LA. The woman was in the music business for many years and the editor of the Hollywood reporter. One of the foremost experts on black music in the country. She has known the Jackson’s since they were kids and she knew Margaret Maldonado very well and it was supposed to be her kids. She called me up at the show I was working for and we reported that there was no tape. She was the one who called and told me …Victor tried to sell it to me but we didn’t buy stuff. I worked for the networks–they didn’t pay so he went off the radar and the next I heard was Diane Dimond (She’s laughing) reported it. But also the source, he said who showed him the video tape, said he never met Victor.

Me: the source he said was Margaret.

Reporter: He said the LA DA office’s investigator was his source and showed him the tape. He would brag that he was a source for him and Diane Dimond. She (Dimond) had a source in the LA DA’s office because when I was working OJ she was getting stuff –and Hard Copy was paying for it. They got an entire copy of the murder book of Nicole and Ron Goldman and it came from someone in the DA’s office. It must have been the same source who worked on Michael Jackson. This was supposedly the same source for the video but you know if there was a video they (DA) would have used it. I mean (laughing) they wouldn’t have kept it quiet.

Me: You wouldn’t happen to know a tabloid broker named Ken Wells, would you? —-

Reporter: Are you sure that’s his name? Because there was a tabloid broker in Malibu who was British named Bryan Anderson and I know Victor did business with him. Unless, that wasn’t his real name. — That’s the only one I knew in Malibu and he lived on Pacific coast Hwy.

Me: xxx  said Seagull Way

Reporter: No, than that’s not him I’d been to his house. I’ve never heard that name and it’s funny because I knew most of those Brits –they all liked to live on the beach. He (Victor) liked to do business with Splash news service. There British owned and one was named Kevin Smith and I don’t remember the other…Gary something. Splash were the first ones to have guys on motorcycles and all that. Splash offices I think are in Marina Del Ray. Those guys are probably Victor’s age. They made a ton of money and they have a branch here in South Beach because of all the European stars. I’m surprised that Splash news service didn’t come into play and I think he tried to sell that video tape to Bryan Anderson as well. See nobody would touch it (video story) 

  • Note that Victor keeps changing his source. He claimed to LAPD investigator’s that Kevin Smith was a source ( proven false)
  • Bryan Anderson’s wife tried to talk Dimond out of doing the story and spoke with Michael’s attorney.

Reporter: When Michael — the last trial with the Hispanic kid. I was hired by ABC to work on it. At the time they were negotiating with me they were negotiating with Diane Dimond. They were assembling a team and Diane Dimond wanted to bring in Victor. ABC was the one. He was in Chile –didn’t they (ABC) get him the visa to come back?

Me: IDK, I didn’t even know he was at the trial until you told me. I know he worked with Bashir.

Reporter: Yeah, and Dimond made her deal with Court TV. She and I were staying at the same hotel in Santa Barbara when we worked on the case.

Me: what was she like?

Reporter: We all basically did our own thing. She was always nice to me, so. A lot of use stayed at the same hotel. She had the biggest satellite truck and it was always a problem. I remember on a Sunday I went wine tasting in the Santa Barbara wine country near Neverland and she called me saying, “were are you, were are you” and I said I’m out, why? And she said, “I was so worried. I thought they had gotten to you!” and I said who’s they? (Laughing) and she says, “Jackson’s people!” and I said No, (still laughing) I’m out in the country having wine.

I ask her about Lisa Marlowe

Reporter: Oh my god, that’s Bryan Anderson’s wife.

Me: No! this is just too weird. —I read what Marlowe said about Dimond.

Reporter: I tell you why she’s no fan of Victor’s. Bryan Anderson was the first Brit to sell for Victor and Victor was very enterprising. He started selling his stuff to Splash and they were very competitive. Bryan had a business name but I don’t remember what it was called. Lisa wrote for the LA times travel section.  When I worked at the Enquirer I had contact with all of those people but when I went to the networks –they didn’t pay for stories so I didn’t have contact.

Me: Lisa worked for the travel section so how did she know Dimond?

Reporter: All of those people sold to everyone back in those days. That was the case that started it. Those guys would all fight and steal stories from one another, Victor wasn’t the only one.

Me: Well the Chandlers sold stories to the Enquirer too.

Reporter: I don’t know. Whose names are on the bi-lines?

Me: I have to look it up. — They (Chandler’s) were calling the tip line.

Reporter: I think it was him (Evan) because nobody was paying attention to the story. The tips started coming in I would say about 2 months before the story broke. I mean, they didn’t call every day but probably once a week and each time they would call they would give a little information, then a little more. The reporter from the local –KNBC news ,Conan something, got tipped off and reported the story. The enquirer was sitting on the story and afraid to publish it for about a month because they really –I mean they only had that source the caller and the caller didn’t want to ident–, didn’t want money which was highly unusual. The caller didn’t identify themselves and they were just trying to push the story and the Enquirer was afraid of getting sued because contrary to what people believe they were very careful to push a story unless they knew there was some truth to it. The TV guy was able to report it because there was a raid. After that everyone went crazy and there was competition between the Bryan Anderson’s and the guys from Splash. The MJ tabloid stories were a big deal in England. —-

Reporter: I know at the time he sold that story he (Victor) needed money. He never thought it would backfire like that because people had been saying horrible things for years and never got sued. Victor made the claim about Michael and his nephew.

Me: May 1993 Enquirer story

Reporter: They had a story about Jordie and his mother at a music thing in Monaco and in Las Vegas. About all the stuff he was buying for this woman and the kid. It wasn’t Evan –it was the mother or someone close to her. I was not involved so I don’t know exactly who it was. I know how they function…but they would get the pictures and ya know –it was probably someone in her circle. Evan wanted Michael to put up money for a movie, that was his motivation.

Me:  I’m sorry, the article I was thinking of was September. The bi-lines say David Duffy and Julia Coates.

Reporter: David Duffy is dead and has been for a long time and as far as I know Julia Coates still works for the Enquirer.

Me: they did a story about a month after the allegations came out and they have a lot of quotes attributed to Evan.

Reporter: Julia Coates…Does it say Evan told the enquirer or Evan told a friend? Because if it says, “Evan told us or Evan told the Enquirer.” If they quote him directly. One thing to keep in mind is the Enquirers style of writing…second hand quotes they have attributed to a friend. So their quoting him but not directly.

Me: “The alleged victim’s father told the Enquirer”

Reporter: They spoke to him.

Me: How much did they pay for stories back then?

Reporter: Back then, pretty good money. Is it on the cover?

Me: I believe so.

Reporter: 20 grand, 30 grand if it was a big cover story. Back then you got good money. Now your luck if you get 500 dollars because nobody buys printed publications anymore.

Me:Susan Yu called the DA’s office and they mistook her for Diane Dimond, you know they were buddies with Dimond.

Reporter: Yeah, they were buddies and they were buddies with Victor too.

Reporter: What happened with Ray was his brother had a confidentiality agreement. Ray Chandler is crazy

Me: Did Victor ever talk to Ray?

Reporter: Ray hated Victor.

Me: I think they were on Hard Copy together.

Reporter: Not together. They might have been in the same segment but I’m sure they were not interviewed together (laugh) I mean, you know what I’m saying? They might have been in the same segment but interviewed separately. Victor got all that stuff from the Chandler’s maid. I know he never spoke to you know. He was very good at charming all of the Hispanic maids.

Me: You said after the settlement that someone was trying to sell one of Jordan’s descriptions to the networks? Do you remember that?

Reporter: It was Victor.

Me: Was it the same one Ray Chandler published, do you know?

Reporter: It was on a napkin and it was a picture of a penis with splotches on it. Very little writing like brown here and white there –that sort of thing.

Me: Did it look like a legal document in any way?

Reporter: It was a paper restaurant napkin. It was like you know like a nice, higher quality type napkin. It had arrows pointing to the spots, it was a crude drawing. It was in Victor’s book.

Me: Oh, It’s the same one because the one in Victor’s book makes reference to Brett Barnes and has ‘my theory” written on it. Ray had the same picture in his book and on a website but he blocked out most of the writing.

Reporter: Do you have Victor’s book in front of you?

Me: No, I don’t have his book and had to get some things online

Reporter: I have the book (Victor’s) someplace. I have storage boxes with stuff from that time and I have a copy of the book. You said he has a web site?

Me: Ray’s web site is down now. His book came out in 2004.

Reporter: They wanted him to finance a movie; they wanted money and didn’t care about the kid.

Me: —I tell her some of the crap Ray had to say

Reporter: They only turned on Michael when he said no, he wouldn’t finance the movie. That’s one of the reasons the police had such a problem bringing a case. Also, all of the people involved sold their stories somehow; they couldn’t bring that case to court. All the witnesses sold their stories for a lot of money and weren’t credible. That’s why the case didn’t get anywhere.

Me: That didn’t stop Sneddon from trying again later on.

Reporter: He kept pushing on it and on it and the only reason that settlement was pushed was because Johnny Cochran was going to take OJ’s case and he couldn’t have two very high profile cases going.

Me: how do you know that?

Reporter: I know that because I was working on both stories and he pushed for a settlement of the Michael Jackson case. Remember how the Michael Jackson case was settled suddenly? That’s the reason it was pushed through. Johnny Cochran recommended that they do a settlement because he …and it was before the OJ case started. It was after OJ killed Nicole.

Me: I think the entire ordeal was very upsetting to Michael and he just finished rehab.

Reporter: He didn’t want to settle, he didn’t want to settle. They convinced him that it was the right thing to do and Cochran was one of the reasons. The case wasn’t going anywhere and but it was taking it’s time and all of a sudden he was on the dream team. The OJ case was bigger than the Michael Jackson case and he pushed for a settlement. That’s what the other lawyer wanted, Larry Feldman. He didn’t get involved in the case to get justice for anybody he wanted – he’s a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in getting big settlements for his clients. He was not used to going to court, he was not a litigator. So, he wanted to get a settlement for his client. He didn’t want to go to trial or get into a civil case with Michael Jackson, he wanted money. Then it played out that that didn’t happen and now Cochran wanted to go on to this other case. That’s probably why Michael was such a mess and he didn’t want to settle. You don’t get a lawyer like that to go to trial you get them to negotiate a big settlement. The OJ lawyers were litigators, they’re going to fight that they’re not going to settle. If you look up Feldman’s case history he specializes in getting big settlements without going to trial.


Randy Tarborralli

  • ” I met him several times in the 1990s. I had lots of secret meetings with Evan Chandler, trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. I was pretty young, sort of green and wish I had my present level of expertise to be able to have applied back then. I have stories about that guy that I have never even published. He was about as inconsistent as they come. He was so determined to get me on his side, I thought he was just a tad scary. If you read my book you sort of get how I felt – feel- about him. When it came out, he called me screaming at me for not buying his story 100%.
  • He actually threatened me, and I thought ….okay, pal, now I know who you really are. I wish it had been handled differently. To be honest, I wish MJ had never settled, and I told Michael that several times. But …he felt he had to save his life, and I understood that, too. He really was in bad shape. However, I wish it had gone to trial so we could have had real evidence presented in a court of law – like the Arviso nonsense – and then really been able to sort through it and come to some real decisions. It all seems so useless now, though, doesn’t it? And suck a shame.”

Former tabloid broker I spoke to in August 2013.

He wanted to know how long I had been working on this, how his name came up.

I asked about what he said at trial because there weren’t transcripts. I mentioned Eric Mason’s declaration saying he had information on the Chandlers.

Broker: Well I do have information but I just want to feel comfortable.  I just want to make sure the situation is what you claim it is …I guess feel comfortable with it. Because I’m a fan of Michael Jackson and I’ve seen what other people have done to capitalize on his name and a lot of false things have been said. The way I look at it, because of being in the tabloid business years ago is, if you don’t see proof it’s probably not there. People will say anything about a celebrity to make money. I don’t want to be involved in something that’s false. I’ve meet Michael Jackson a couple of times and the guy was not a child molester. I don’t care what anyone says and if they think he is they need to bring some kind of proof. Nobody has brought any kind of proof in all these years and if this is a book that you’re trying to get someone to say something…

I told him that I didn’t believe that MJ ever did anything like that. Told some of the people I spoke to and the court documents. Told him that I was willing to have him approve what we wrote that has his name attached

Broker: People don’t realize that his insurance paid the settlement. He didn’t write the check, well he did write the check but it wasn’t paid all at once. It was in a trust account and the trust account was meant to pay Jordan Chandler and he was reimbursed by his insurance company.

I mention Chandlers divorce from Nathalie. He wants to know what exactly I wanted from him. I ask if he had additional information on Victor and asked what he had on the Chandlers.

Broker: What I’m about to tell you now are things I testified to and are public. Anything I know, that I didn’t testify to I will probably need a nondisclosure and you can use me as a un named source. You asked what I knew about the Chandlers. Bottom line is they lied. They had video or pictures of MJ. (He gets Victor and Chandler confused) They came to me because I was also brokering a deal with someone who claimed to have a picture of Michael. It turned out to be bogus and Victor and his attorney came to my house saying that they needed something because of the lawsuit –didn’t care if it was real or not. They lost the law suit and fled the country and I don’t think he ever paid. I told him that MJ got the book pulled by the sheriff. He told me that Victor gave him an autographed copy. Because of the lawsuit me and Michael became semi friends. He appreciated what I testified to but that’s something I will only discuss after a non disclosure. I told him that the Chandlers were talking to tabloids and trying to sell Jordan’s description. Mention how Victor used it in his book.

Broker: Some of the information I sold to tabloids I actually got from Michael Jackson himself .Do you remember the first photo’s of Prince? Was it Hello magazine or Ok magazine. I think it was OK magazine which is now defunked but I got those pictures from Michael Jackson to raise the value. While we were negotiation with OK magazine Michael was negotiating with People and all these other places. He wanted them to think he was about to sell to someone else to raise the price. He wound up getting around 2 million… everyone used the tabloids against one another to make money.

I thought he was on People magazine though? He said that the first photos were on OK magazine and Michael later claimed it wasn’t his child (he laughs)

Broker: You asked about the Chandlers and the problem came in that lawsuit with the Chandlers when they cooperated with Gutierrez. That’s how Michael was able to sue because they had a nondisclosure and once Evan Chandler started cooperating with Victor Gutierrez that put him in violation of the nondisclosure.

I told him that fans always suspected that. How ABC and sawyer won court costs and attorney’s fees but I couldn’t find much on Michaels counter claim against Evan.

Broker: That’s it, it was a counter claim your right.

I ask him if he knew the time frame that Evan was dealing with Evan.

Broker: At the time I knew exactly when it was but now I’m not so sure I don’t want to give you the wrong information.

I told him that I suspected it was before the allegations?/— but he felt it was some time after the settlement, “because the father was still trying to get money. He wasn’t getting much money from the son or something. He was trying to get money…I can’t remember the timeline on that.”

Broker: The late Bob Jones…I don’t know if he was Michael manager or … (Me: PR) yeah, he was in charge of MJJ productions. After all this stuff broke I meet with him at a restaurant in LA regarding all this and he too said that this whole tabloid thing –he was my in-between guy with Michael Jackson regarding the whole tabloid thing. That’s how I got to work with Michael Jackson subsequent to this event getting information from the tabloids.

Bob Jones turner around years later and wrote that disgusting book.

Broker: I didn’t read the book I’m not sure what the book said.

It came up during trial in 2005 and he seemed to put most of the blame on Stacy Brown, the person he was writing the book with.

Broker: I think he was a little upset because Michael Jackson constantly changed…changed management and all. I think he might have been a little upset after getting the boot but he did work for Michael Jackson for thirty something years.

Since Motown I believe.

Broker: I’m not sure what his motivation was so. Like I said earlier if there’s no proof I wouldn’t believe it. If there’s no picture or video I wouldn’t believe it. When you go to court to prove it will you produce some documents you know what I mean. Just because you got paid off doesn’t make it true.

He asked where I was originally from –asked if I ever lived in California.

Broker: I was a little shocked to see the email. You never know who is emailing ya and to see the question about the Michael Jackson thing, lol it’s been a long time.

He goes o to ask me a few personal questions.

Broker: Okay, lol, sorry it’s just that I’ve been dealing with this Michael Jackson thing so many—well not so many but there was a period of time were everybody contacted me and you just never know just what’s going on. Just as recently as this Wade Robson thing. His attorneys contacted me about two, three months ago I guess and I had nothing to say to them.

What did they want?

Broker: Well they wanted to see what information I knew regarding Michael Jackson and I told them that I didn’t want to talk to them.

Ugh, he’s another one. I really don’t think his lawsuit is going to go anywhere—they have another hearing next month. The statute of limitation is up to file a claim and why would you do something like that after the person died.

Broker: Here’s what it was, it’s very simple. They thought they were going to get a hush, hush settlement and Michael Jackson team was not playing it. They’re not doing settlements anymore okay. So then it got leaked, I think they leaked it. Thinking it would embarrass Michael Jackson’s Estate and that didn’t happen. So now it kinda turned around on them. Like you’ve been making all these claims that he was a great guy –within the last year and all of a sudden you’re turning on a dead man. I think it’s backfiring on him. He’s definitely going to lose the law suit. First he said, oh …its repressed memory then he says, oh …well he didn’t say it it was his lawyer. Now he’s saying he remembers everything. Well if you remember everything you should have filed a claim earlier so he’s going to lose that. I think he’s going to try and live off the lime light, his 15 minutes of fame on this.

That was my first impression—that he was trying to get money from the estate to keep this BS quiet.

Broker: The Estate is making money hand over first so everybody is trying to get their piece. You have the show in Vegas, the touring show around the world, you have his Las Vegas game –his machine is the number two selling game, slot machine. I mean their making tons and so people are trying to get a piece –I mean it’s just money. Now if it was me and I was molested or had a child who was molested I wouldn’t give a damn about any amount of money. It would be about taking the person down and if you have proof bring the proof. That’s just the way I look at it so. I’m a little jaded because I’ve seen tabloids –I don’t believe anything in the tabloid really, nothing because I see where it comes from you know.

I mentioned old tabloid articles and how people always bring up paternity.

Broker: Look at Tiger Woods’ kids. If you marry a blonde and you’re black the child’s hair is going to be a little lighter. I mean if you look at Tiger Wood’s kids they don’t look quote unquote black. It depends on who you marry –it’s all DNA I have relatives who are racially mixed and one kid will look white and the other black. All that matters is that he loved those kids. A lot of people don’t have fathers and however he brought them into this world is his business. And he left them with a lot of resources to live a good life.

He said that he hire the attorney I contacted because Hard Copy and others used the OK magazine he had because it was copyrighted. 50 different publications and shows used it.

Broker: Future conversations I want to make sure there’s a nondisclosure. You can use, “a source” –currently is not a problem but all the other information I have. I actually signed a nondisclosure but it ends when the person dies. It’s been so long I don’t think it’s going to be a problem anyway—there’s nothing against Michael Jackson that I have to say.

He talks about how child molestation is the worst thing you could be accused of short of Murder. The tabloid business is such a “scum bag” industry and how he didn’t like it. “Michael Jackson turned out to be a very nice guy to me personally and I think that it’s a shame what happened. A great entertainer that people just used for money.”


7/6/2005 Jordan accuses his father Evan of attacking him with a 12.5 pound dumbbell, choking him and spraying him in the face with Mace. Father and son were both residents of Liberty Towers—a luxury high rise located in New Jersey. But they were not living in the same condominium as widely reported. At least according to Jordan, who on 6/20/2005 purchased a condo in New York, listing an address different than his father’s.

Evan was originally charged with two counts of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, un-lawful possession of a weapon and possession of weapons for unlawful purposes.

The charges were later dropped to two counts of simple assault.Harassment, improper behavior (A person is guilty of a petty disorderly person’s offense, if with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof)

Jordan was issued a restraining order. I saw were Evan requested a court appointed attorney but don’t have paperwork for that. It bodes well with his brother Rays stating that he was” penniless” Jordan’s deposition date for this action was September 29, 2009. It’s unknown if he did indeed give a deposition in this case but it’s unlikely considering he was the complainant and all charges were later dismissed.
7/24/2005 Evan goes after Jordan’s money

I came across a deposition order filed in New York in December 2006 for Burton Goldstein. A top rated Park Avenue accountant. The order was filed for a New Jersey action, Evan Chandler v. Jordan Chandler. Upon further investigation I learned from the chancellor’s office in Jersey City that Evan filed the case on July 24, 2005 concerning a constructive trust. The case was dismissed with prejudice on March 21, 2007.

Evan Chandler’s will:

Names friend Alan Margulies as Executor of his estate leaving him any and all assets. Along with and all awards and/or settlements received by his estate. Chandler specifically names two lawsuits involving Novartis pharmaceutical and his physicians who prescribed him the cancer treatment drug Zometa/Aredia, for which he suffered side effects.

“I direct that I be cremated and that no family or next of kin be advised of my death.”

“For reasons best known between us, I purposefully make no provisions in this, my last will and testament, for any of my children or their issue.” He makes no provision for any family members and specifically states that, “no next of kin be granted or given any powers over my estate or my remains.”




The Interviews

will be adding more interviews when I get a chance.




Marion Spence and her son Jonathan became family friends in the mid-80’s. Meeting the Jackson’s, “when my son would play baseball and he [Michael] used to be there with some of his family at the baseball game. Because his brothers children would be playing baseball at the same time. So we got to know them very well and got to know Michael very well,” Marion said.

Elaborating further Marion stated, “We used to go to Havenhurst– to the family house on Havenhurst and Latoya would be there and Janet would be there and Tito, his brother, had a house up in Big Bear and we were invited up there for a weekend. The whole family was nice with us. Very, very nice –his mother would call and say Hi and how’s everything and when are we going to see Jonathan.”

Marion would tell me that although they never toured with the superstar, she and her son did spend a considerable amount of time with Michael, “We went to concerts, we went to Neverland which was wonderful –with Michael. He would send a car for us and we would spend the day together by the pool. Have dinner there in the evening and it was just wonderful. It was just like being in a hotel. We would stay in one of his houses on the estate. He was just a very generous, kind, loving person. I absolutely adored him everybody, I mean I don’t know anybody who didn’t. He was just very nice and I would never say anything wrong about Michael because there just isn’t anything to say. His mother was very nice. His family was very nice to us.”

“Jonathon used to go to Elizabeth’s [Taylor] house with Michael. And Sophia Loren’s house–she lived out here in West Lake or Calabasas and Michael went and they played with her two sons and she would make them spaghetti.” Michael would stop by the Spence family home to visit. Bringing along his chimpanzee Bubbles. “I have photographs of him giving him his banana up in the driveway. When I knew Bubbles he was very playful—Michael loved his animals,” Marion said.

Clearly irritated that anyone would suggest wrongdoing on Michael’s part Marion said, “Michael had a load of kids sleeping in his bed all at the same time. There wasn’t anything funny going on there. He just liked to be around kids and toys. Michael was such a good person. He wouldn’t hurt a fly or anybody or anything. Michael was very kind hearted. The media harps on the tragic because that’s what people want to hear. They’re not interested on the good things too much. Anything that’s a scandal, they’re into it, but really they got the wrong person when they thought about Michael.” Her family did indeed have a long-term friendship with the superstar, confirmed that her son Jonathan was married at Neverland years later.


Flo Anthony

“Haywood Nelson, who played Dwayne Wade on What’s Happening, told me in the early ’80s that MJ had Lupus. I believe Jermaine told him. I found out when everyone else did about the vitiligo,” said family friend Flo Anthony

“He was a grown man when she [Diana Ross] married Arne Naess and thought she should have given a chance. In fact, when she married everyone was scared to tell MJ. Kidada Jones was a little girl then, and, she ended up being the one who told him,” she said.

Flo Anthony, a close Jackson family friend, gave further insight into Houston’s relationships with the Jackson’s:“I’ve always heard that MJ and Whitney had crushes on each other, but, she had a long-term affair with Jermaine. They even lived together for a summer in New Jersey, so, I doubt if anything was really happening with her and MJ. She also had dinner with him [Michael] at Neverland. He served fried chicken.”

Paul Hernandez

Before screenwriter Paul Hernandez had success with his 2005 Disney film Sky High, he was an aspiring writer new to Los Angeles. Being a comic book fan with aspirations of working in that field, he took on a job at Golden Apple. “It’s a huge store on Melrose,” he explains. “Not only do they have comic books and action figures, but the place really is over the top — movie props, incredibly rare and cool items.” It was common for the store to be frequented by celebrities such as Mark Hamill, John Singleton and Samuel L. Jackson. Yet, Paul was advised one morning that an unnamed celebrity was coming in and to “be cool.”

Later that same day a black SUV pulled up and out popped Michael Jackson, an assistant, and Jordan Chandler. Hernandez was tasked to assist Michael as he browsed the store and said, “Michael was a huge Spiderman fan” and that “Jordan was into the Flash comics and the Flash action figures.” Michael went on to purchase multiples of certain items because “he used them in gift bags for the children that visited Neverland and would ask me, ‘There’s nothing violent, nothing sexual in any of these?’ To ensure that children visiting Neverland weren’t given anything inappropriate.

“It must be something to wake up or get up in the middle of the night and that’s your backyard,” Paul asked, recalling the images of Michael’s home during his live Oprah interview that aired a few months prior. But Michael said, “No, it’s something when you wake up and you see all these children that are never going to get a chance to ride another ride and they’re happy for one day.” Paul told us, “I remember that distinctly because I thought he’s not running this for himself, he’s running this for other people.”

There is an adult book section within the Golden Apple, Paul explained and “Jordan had wandered back there and I said, ‘You really don’t want to go over there — there’s nothing really good over there,’” Hernandez recalled. “Michael then asked, ‘What’s over there?’ and I said, ‘Well it’s like the adult books, the X-rated books.’

Michael said, ‘Jordan, don’t go near that section– that’s where the bad books are.’ I remember he did say ‘bad books,’’ recalled Hernandez, but  “Jordan giggled…he acted like he was moving over there and [Michael] said, ‘I’m serious Jordan, if you go near there I’m not going to buy you anything.’ And [Jordan] said, ‘No, no, okay, okay.’”

Michael was a fan of comics and pointed out multiple items that he had interest in. “I remember the comic book I was showing him was called The World’s Finest and when Michael leaned over to pick up a copy I could see behind his ear, it was his left ear. He had scars from the burns, and I recognized what they were because I was burned,” said Hernandez. “When he leaned back up I didn’t catch myself from doing it — I’ll talk to anyone who was burned because I have problems sometimes so I said, ‘Do you still have problems from the burns you got during the Pepsi commercial?’ He turned and looked at me and I said, ‘I don’t mean that in a bad way, I was burned,’ and I leaned down immediately, to let him know why I was asking, and I pulled up my pant leg.”

Michael exclaimed when he saw the burn scars on Paul’s leg and asked, “How did that happen?” and “I told him that both of my legs were burned and that when I was two,” said Paul, who went on to tell him about his horrific childhood incident. Michael “was just devastated — and you could just tell in his face he was just like, ‘Oh my Gosh,’ and he kept saying that over and over again.” Michael told Paul, “I didn’t have it half that bad when it happened to me. At the time I just thought it’s the end of the world and I thought, ‘I can’t believe this, my hair is gone.’ But when I started meeting burn patients I realized I had nothing to cry about, I was lucky.” Michael “talked to me about how he really doesn’t worry about it when he’s wearing a hat and he’s out in public. But on stage he would have to wear I guess little wigs and stuff and when he did spins and things like that he didn’t want people to see he was still scarred up there,” Paul recalled and pointed to this conversation with the superstar as being a particularly poignant moment.

“I have to mention, too, is he wasn’t wearing gloves so you could see the vitiligo on his hands. You could see the spots were his skin was different pigmentation. It reminded me a lot of my uncle because my uncle had it on his arms and it looked like that. The same type pattern and shape. I didn’t think about it when I talked to him.” The two men were talking about superheroes when Paul asked, “Would you ever be in a comic book movie?” (“And this is of course before comic book movies were en vogue,” Paul explained to us.) With that question Michael exclaimed, “Oh yeah I would love to play a superhero!” as he elaborated further, “I think you carry that stuff with you — you know, like moments in movies. When we’re young and we can’t make up our minds what’s right and wrong, it’s always good to have powerful imagery that you’ve seen or you’ve read that sort of guide you in the right direction.” In complete agreement with Jackson on the topic, Paul recalls, “We started talking about black heroes. Now there’s more, but back then you had Black Panther and Black — unfortunately all these guys have that name before it.” Michael went on to say that “he created a character called MidKnight and it was something that he really wanted to do,” said Paul. But, “I think what he said was that they could never get the story to where he approved of it.”

Hernandez stated that this encounter was shortly after,” Michael had just done a short radio interview with Rick Dees to promote his new album” on June 5th 1993. He asked Michael about it because at the end of the interview– Rick asked him, what can people expect from your new album? Are there any secrets? Michael responded (in a high-pitched voice) oh, I have to go Rick… I love you… I love you Rick. Paul asked him, was that really you? Michael just started laughing… so Paul started laughing and Michael says jokingly maybe I should put a song called “I love you Rick” on my next album.

As Michael and Jordan perused the store, “they acted like kids sometimes…like brothers. I remember he would kind put his arm around Jordan and give him noogies and stuff like that, and it was more like somebody who was just looking after a kid, who was just trying to show them a new world.” Hernandez, who now has children of his own, elaborated further by stating, “You can just see in [kids’] eyes like, ‘Wow! I didn’t know this existed!’ and you’re kind of like, ‘Come check this out! Come check that out!’ And that’s kind of how they were. It wasn’t anything weird…and anyway when we were talking about all the superhero movie stuff he was saying how it was good to have memories burned into your subconscious level, these great things you’ve seen as a kid. And it’s true we all carry that.” Before departing the store, “Jordan had gathered up the toys that he had wanted and it wasn’t too much stuff. It was like a little pile of books and anything we stopped on or [Michael] said, ‘Oh, that would be cool to have.’ Jordan would say, ‘Can I get one of those?’ And I remembered Michael corrected him a few times. Like when someone would come up and ask him something. Jordan would go, ‘Yeah,’ and Michael would say, ‘Yes, sir,’ and he would say, ‘Tell them thank you,’ or ‘Tell them please.’ You know, like a father does.”

At this point the demands  from Evan had begun and if Michael Jackson had just given into those demands right then, none of what would later happen would transpire. It was Jackson’s refusal to give Evan anything that would hold him hostage to everything else that would unfold – a “plan” Evan tells Schwartz that was under way, and having already been “rehearsed” on what to say the last time he’d seen him, it would seem the plan had been something that had been almost immediate from meeting Michael.

Frank Cascio would reveal, “When I was older, Michael would tell me that Jordy’s father had wanted Michael to invest in a film he wanted to make. Michael initially liked the idea, but his advisers were against it. They dismissed Jordy’s father rather thoughtlessly, and Michael, not one for confrontation, blew him off, too. Michael thought that this, more than anything else, had set Evan Chandler off.”

Artist David Nordahl was at the time working on projects for Jackson within that company and he confirmed Chandler’s demands of his friend had been motivated by his zeal to become a screenwriter: “Sony had given [Jackson] $40 million to start this production company and that little boy’s dad, who considered himself to be show business material because he had written part of a script… And being friends with Michael, and his son being friends with Michael, this guy had assumed that Michael was going to make him a partner in this film production company. That’s where the $20 million figure came from. He wanted half of that Sony money.”

Chandler might have felt that he was capable of writing quality screenplays but others in Tinseltown thought differently.

“There was a screenplay that was passed to me by my friend Richard Jefferies a long time ago, and it’s a horrible screenplay,” says screenwriter Paul Hernandez. “He said you’ve got to read this!…and I can’t remember the title of it but it was about a rock star that OD’d on heroin. Basically the whole movie is this girl finds him and washes him up and she’s a big 80’s fan and she wants him to come back and be as great as he once was. They’re fighting throughout the whole script, and it was really boring. I remember laughing because he finally makes it back — she stuck by him, he cheated on her and all this crazy stuff. He’s finally about to get another shot and it’s this huge concert — it’s his comeback tour. She goes backstage to get him and he’s got this needle hanging out of his arm, he OD’d,” Hernandez laughed hysterically recalling the script. “We all laughed about this script because she walks in and his sunglasses are broken and he never takes his sunglasses off. She takes his sunglasses off to hold him and say ‘Charlie’ or something and there’s no comeback, no nothing . [Chandler] wrote that, Jordan Chandler’s dad wrote that script. I couldn’t get over the fact that he wrote that script and it’s kind of famous around town for being a bad script,” said Hernandez, still laughing.

The Strip Search


There were multiple descriptions of Michael’s genitalia given by Jordan Chandler. The first one was given on September 1, 1993 to Assistant District Attorney Lauren Weiss. Another description dated October 24, 1993 was allegedly given by Jordan to his father Evan. Shockingly, the words “my theory” were written on the document which was supposed to be a description, not a theory. In Ray Chandler’s book All that Glitters he states that Jordan gave an additional description to attorney Larry Feldman on December 14, 1993. It’s interesting that the Chandlers acknowledge that there were additional descriptions given by Jordan.

After the police arrived at Neverland on December 20, it took lawyers an hour to persuade Jackson to leave his bedroom. He was warned that if he refused to cooperate, he’d be arrested and taken away in handcuffs. Michael reluctantly exited his bedroom wearing a robe and was strip searched. His genitalia and body was photographed and videotaped by authorities to compare them with the description Jordan gave of Jackson’s private parts. The singer was described as being angry and hostile over the humiliating search. One of the doctors produced a ruler, at which point Jackson’s doctor intervened. “That’s it,” he said firmly. “Mike, get dressed.”

Present at that search were: Jackson’s head of security Bill Bray, his lawyers Johnnie Cochran Jr. and Howard Weitzman, his personal physician from the Dangerous World Tour David Forecast, his dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, and his personal photographer Luis Swayne; for the authorities: Santa Barbara D.A. Tom Sneddon, Detective Russ Birchim (for the Santa Barbara Police Department), photographer Gary Spiegel, Detective Sicard (for the LAPD) and Dr. Richard Strick. The doctors, the photographers, and Jackson’s bodyguard were the only ones present during the actual search. Tom Sneddon, along with the two detectives, Dr. Forecast, and Jackson’s lawyers were in another room.

None of Jordan Chandler’s description matched, however. He had consistently said that Michael was circumcised, but he was wrong. Michael Jackson was not circumcised, as was determined by the doctors during the search and mentioned in his autopsy report in 2009. Jordan also incorrectly described the color and location of a spot on Michael’s skin. Michael Jackson had spoken about his skin disorder during his interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993, and those close to him had already seen the marks on his skin. Jordan Chandler had made a wrong guess, and Tom Sneddon would later try to cover that mistake by talking about a light background with a dark spot. Jordan’s original description made to police woman Deborah Linden suddenly “disappeared” after the search. In addition, an article entitled “Telltale Splotch” on The Smoking Gun website mysteriously disappeared during the 2005 trial. To the dissatisfaction of Thomas Sneddon, the authorities had to leave Jackson’s house empty-handed after the search. The description didn’t match, and as a result they could not arrest him on probable cause.

According to screenwriter Paul Hernandez, he was associated with a high profile celebrity attorney who had seen evidence in the case. “He knew people working on the case, and they had made a list of things, everything they had taken out of there [Neverland] and he didn’t see the photo’s — he’d read the descriptions of it. But he knew some of the people that were actually raiding Santa Barbara because that’s where he lived. He told me because he knew I had met Michael and was always talking about him being innocent when it first started happening.”

But that attorney questioned Michael’s innocence, “trying to egg me on,” said Paul. The attorney was a “big blowhard kinda guy,” who would describe Michael as being “weird with suspicious motive for wanting to do what he does.” But after consistently razzing Paul and saying, “Your guy’s [Michael] going to jail,” the attorney’s opinion later miraculously changed. “We were at Bel-Air Country Club,” said Paul, who was seated with a family member, actor Johnny Yune, and the attorney. The attorney said, “I don’t think your guy did anything — the things don’t match up.” When Paul questioned why his opinion changed the attorney said, “I spent the weekend at my house and I talked to some friends of mine. None of the descriptions that that kid gave matched up. The kid said Michael was circumcised — he wasn’t circumcised — that he had certain spots and markings — those didn’t exist.” and he said they were worried — the police officers and them were actually concerned that Michael could actually sue them on good grounds because nothing matched.”


Thomas Meseraeu

Why did the DA go for a grand Jury rather than a preliminary hearing?

That was a strategic decision that only he could answer your question about. I have my views on why he did that. First of all when you charge someone with a felony in California. You have to go by way of grand jury indictment or you file what is called information which is a criminal complaint which will entitle the defendant to a preliminary hearing. Now, both a preliminary hearing and a grand jury are what are called screening devises in the sense that the prosecution has to present enough evidence to prove there is enough to go forward. In a grand jury room you have no judge and you have no defense attorney. You only have the prosecutor and the grand Jury. The prosecutor calls witnesses there never cross examined and the grand jury hears enough evidence to ya know if they agree with the prosecutor return an indictment. It’s a very easy process to get a criminal case going because as I said before you’re in a grand jury room. There’s no judge controlling the proceeding. There’s no judge deciding what evidence is admissible or not admissible and there’s no defense attorney cross examining to test whether the evidence is credible or not. So and also a grand jury is a private proceeding, it’s behind closed doors. It’s not a public proceeding. In a preliminary hearing you have a hearing in open court before a judge. The prosecution has to present enough evidence to convince the judge that there’s a reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed. Ah….the other term that is often used is probable cause. So there is probable cause that a crime was committed and if the prosecution does that the case keeps going forward. Now if Sneddon had gone in front of a judge for a preliminary hearing it would have been a public proceeding and the witnesses would have been subjected to cross examination by a defense attorney. By going with a grand jury he avoided a public proceeding and avoided cross examination by a defense attorney of these witnesses. There two separate and very different ways to go forward with a criminal case. I think at some point he must have decided –I don’t want these witnesses tested by a defense attorney in open court. I want to see them myself. I don’t want a judge controlling what I ask and I think we have more to gain by the defense not being able to go after witnesses at that stage. That sounds to me like it’s what he probably did.

Why was Sandusky’s grand jury transcript officially released and Michael’s wasn’t? Instead it was leaked ahead of the trial.

Well portions of the transcripts of Michael’s grand jury were leaked. They were appearing in the media and it was very upsetting. They were not released and they were being reported in the media. They certainly were being leaked.

Do you know who leaked them?

 No, I have no idea. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Now what happened in Michael’s case was this. You had a grand jury transcript. I made a motion that was granted and the motion I made was –I asked the judge to not allow these transcripts to be publicly released until the naturally arose during the course of the trial. In other words what I said to the judge was look..We have a very poisoned media out there, their very bias against Michael Jackson. He hasn’t even had a chance to appear in court and defend himself. I said the witnesses that appeared before the grand jury were never tested, never cross examined for credibility. They’ve given some very salacious, very disturbing testimony but again, has not been tested and it will prejudice the defense if you release them to the public and we would like them to not be released. We would like them to be basically suppressed until there used in the course of the trial and the judge granted my motion. Now what happened was while the grand jury was meeting information was being leaked because the press was reporting it, which was disturbing. But just as disturbing as that if not more so was that- on the first day of jury selection ABC Good Morning America started showing transcripts. So somebody took all the transcripts and either sold them or leaked them to them. In an obvious attempt to prejudice the defense because that was the first day the jurors were arriving to the court house to be selected. So it was an obvious effort to prejudice the jury pool against us.

Asked about his statements during a seminar in 2005 — About having mothers in the jury pool.

I had a jury consultant who makes her living by doing studies and phone surveys, focus groups, mock trials that kind of thing. To try and advise attorneys how to pick a jury and I have never thought very highly of jury consultants. I think a trial lawyers greatest strength is his or her intuition and intuition comes from experience, It comes from just the way you look at the world and I’ve always thought my intuition as to what jurists to pick –is far superior to any so called objective jury consultant. Jury consultants in America are usually social psychologists or people with a degree in sociology or the social sciences who like to do phone surveys and then plug in a lot of data into a model and they will match age and occupation and race and religion and the part of town you live in etcetera and they’ll correlate all this information to try and come up with the ideal defense juror and the ideal prosecution juror. They will also try to isolate what issue seems to be the most important to each type of ideal juror and to make a long story short. Some studies were done and it was recommended to me that I avoided women and I avoid mothers particularly and without wasting too much time I told the jury consultant. I want women and I want mothers.

Is there a reason why you went against that?

Yes, it had to do with my instinct and my experience in trying cases. First of all I’m defending a very eccentric creative male okay. He doesn’t dress like many men dress. He’s very eccentric, he’s very off beat, he’s very different, he’s a very artistic creative spirit, he dances to his own drummer okay and I have found that women generally speaking are much more accepting and tolerant of that kind of male then many men are. Cause men can be very harshly judgmental, they can be very defensive about what a man supposed to look like, what a man’s supposed to do. In addition when I have defended men who were gay or men whose sexuality was being challenged and I knew these prosecutors were going to be attacking his sexuality. I have always felt that, generally speaking, women are much less judgmental of men whose sexuality is being attacked. Um, much less concerned about whether a man is heterosexual or gay or Bi or whatever you want to call the man. As opposed to heterosexual males who again are insecure about their sexuality, very judgmental of other men and let’s face it they were attacking Michael Jackson’s sexuality in the most harsh and nasty ways possible. They were saying his sexual proclivity was little boys. Zonen asked some questions suggesting he was gay, suggesting he was asexual. They weren’t sure I think in the end what they were attacking but they were trying to vilify him in any way that they could.

And I also felt that because of the way I was going to present the case. I was going to show that Michael Jackson is a protector of children, he’s a champion of children and that would appeal to mothers. So they are saying he was a man that monsterized kids and I was saying he was a man who protected children. One of whose goals was to see that the world paid more attention to our children. Children on every continent, children of every income group, children of every race –of every religion.  So putting all of that together I felt again generally speaking I’m not talking about an individual, there were some women I removed. I wanted women rather than men, um..Mothers were fine and we ended up with a majority of women on the jury

Was Sneddon happy with that?

That’s a very interesting question you raised because there’s another major facet to what I’m discussing and that’s the issue of race because we were in a county that was very conservative has very few African Americans and of course that was of great concern to Michael and his family. It was not of great concern to me because the more I got to know Michael Jackson the more I realized he brings all races together he doesn’t divide them. Prominent black family, white children, a Latino child, loved on every continent. He once made a statement that he wanted to adopt a child from every continent and if you were in his home at Neverland you saw paintings of Michael and you would see lines of children from every continent and every ethnic group, every religion, dressed in their native costume following him. So he saw himself as someone who brings all races together. You look at his music “doesn’t matter if your black or white” for example. So my feeling was that when I presented Michael Jackson the human being that he would appeal to anybody of any race and race was not something we really wanted to get involved in. But here’s what I’m getting at –to answer your question. I looked at the other side of the room and I had three white males as prosecutors okay and they had a white male jury consultant and I studied all of these people. Particularly the prosecutors from the time I got in the case and these prosecutors to me were arrogant they were elitist and they felt there was no way they could lose the case and they were walking on air from the moment I meet them they thought they were going to be movie stars on a world stage and they know nothing about the African American community which I have been involved in a lot in my career so my feeling was this – I looked at them, I studied them, I felt them, and I really felt that in their mind they couldn’t loose and that Mesereau knew that and that Mesereau’s only goal was to get a black on the jury who would hang the jury — That’s what I thought their thoughts were. Now did I know for sure? No, I wasn’t inside their brains but that’s what I thought. So what happened we start picking a jury and a black women appears on the first jury panel and they promptly remove her okay and I objected and went to side bar were we talk to the judge and I raise constitutional objection said their removing her because of her race and my objection was denied. Then to my surprise a second black woman appeared on the jury, they promptly removed her, okay. I went to side bar –raised constitutional objection again and they were denied. Then a young black male appeared in the group of alternates. Now, when I say appeared in the group of alternates he wasn’t in the first twelve but he could potentially come up in the ranks depending on how people use their objections. Now, I would have had to use virtually all of my objections to get him on the jury panel and I looked at the prosecutors and I saw that they were just thinking to themselves, Mesereau will do anything to get a black person on the jury, okay. So they started accepting the panel– meaning they would accept the first twelve as the group as far as they were concerned that could comprise the jury without using all of their objections and they kept doing that because they wanted me to use up all my objections to get this one person on the jury. Then they would have all of these objections saved so they could probably run around and remove anyone they wanted for a long period of time and I suspect some of these women they would have removed because there was a bunch of senior citizen white males coming up through the ranks too that I suspect they wanted, well actually, I don’t suspect it, I know it’s true because after the trial I ended up talking to their jury consultant. Who felt they really had misjudged me and how to pick a jury. But never the less, I ended up with half of my challenges remaining accepting the jury as constituted and I saw their jaws drop. I think I had called their bluff and I think they misjudged the way I was looking at gender and race….am I making any sense?

I have a question about Janet, the mother, was there was a sense that Janet had come off badly during the trial. Did you have any sense of how badly she would be before the trial?

Yes, I knew she would be a disaster. I knew she would be an absolute disaster remember we had a pretrial hearing. On this question of whether or not the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s should have broken into prior council’s investigators office and I had a belief that Janet would be disaster for a number of reasons. But it almost didn’t happen because of some incompetent Lawyers who were associated with Michael Jackson. When I started learning about her. I quickly realized that she had committed what looked like welfare fraud and perjury because she settled a case with JC Penney which was based on lies, as you well know. Then filed an emergency application for welfare assistance not long after that. And did not include that settlement in her application which she was asked to do because the applications asks —have you receive any money through lawsuits or settlements blah,blah,blah. So, I wanted to make sure she took the stand. There were some very poor lawyers around Michael Jackson and believe me I can probably can guess who they were. But nevertheless, who wanted to be heroes and had very limited mentalities and I instructed these people, do not report her to the authorities because if you report her to the authorities she may not testify. Under California law you can insert your Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and not testify if you think you’re being criminally investigated or might be criminally charged. But these dumb ass lawyers wanted to be heroes for Michael Jackson and they reported her thinking the case will go away if we report her. Which is just insanity and for a while I found out she refused to testify because of what these other attorneys had done. These are people with limited mentalities limited scope and just um, there were some repercussions to that. You may recall I was not allowed to examine her from her perjured welfare applications where she lied repeatedly–Because of what these lawyers had done and one was fired immediately –and the other person I had a talking too and really got a piece of my mind because my lawyer partner Susan Yu who was the most important lawyer in the case as far as I’m concerned. We were the ones really looking through the evidence and figuring out how to win the case and we knew we wanted her on the witness stand. We didn’t want anything done that would discourage her. Now, she ended up taking the witness stand but I was not allowed to examine her from those perjured welfare applications because of what these other idiots did. She was allowed to assert her Fifth Amendment rights on those issues. The judge told the jury’s she wasn’t going to answer certain questions on issues like that, which didn’t look good either. But nevertheless it wasn’t nearly as damaging as it would’ve been had I been able to cross examine her from her fraudulent welfare applications.

One thing you have to understand when you’re in a case like this so many people are jockeying for publicity, their jockeying for Michael’s attention and the only lawyer I really trusted was Susan Yu. She’s the only one I work closely with. She had a duplex not far from my duplex our assistance had their duplexes in the same area. We had one duplex that we called “the war room” that had about 4000 binders of documents and computers everywhere. We kept things very secretive about what we going to do. We also had a local law firm working with us that did, as far as I was concerned, a lot of routine work that in my opinion was not going to make the difference between winning or losing. I needed them to do the stuff that was less important– so Susan and I could strategize the case. Which is what we did every single day and I told Michael and Randy when I first met Michael down in Florida, I said there’s only one lawyer I insist be on this team and that’s Susan Yu— I said, I won’t do it without her. She’s absolutely brilliant. Nobody’s going to know the facts like her. No one’s going to know the documents like her. She brings a different perspective, than me, to a lot of these issues and we worked very well together—and they both knew about Susan and knew about her reputation as a lawyer and they said we absolutely agree with you. So she’s the only one I worked closely with. We did have local council -they did file motions and do things–there was a lot of resentment towards us by that firm because they were up there and no one considered them to be lead Council but I was always being second-guessed by somebody. I still hear about lawyers who flew to Neverland during the trial to meet with Michael about trying  to get involved– and you’re just fighting a million battles in case like that not just in the courtroom …your political battles to get your point across and to remain In the position you’re in and it’s not an easy process.

Why was Oxman still there? Because it didn’t seem like he was helping the case at all?

No comment

There were 70 sheriffs and DAs personality at Neverland…..

There may have been more but it was approximately 70

They were there for 13 hours and only had three hours of tape? 

A…yes, that’s how I recall it

 I found that curious and the fact that Diane Dimond was there, that they released a press release

I think she was the only media representative aloud, I believe.

Well, I think they informed her before they went I’m Assuming? Because she showed up that morning.

No, I think she was the only one that they permitted. I think that was one of her claims to fame. I could be wrong on that. But I think she….

No, I remember she was just across the road from there as it was happening

Well, she and Sneddon had a good relationship as I recall.

Yes, a very intense relationship as it seems,lol …

One-time Susan Yu had to call Gordon Auchincloss about a particular matter and he answered the phone, Hi Diane. — She said no…It’s not Diane, its Susan Yu.

The DA kept making comments like –Michael Jackson’s new boyfriend . Why would the DA say something like that if this kids really a victim? They were trying to turn the whole thing into a love affair it was disgusting

These were nasty allegations. Ya know, accusing of somebody of child molestation in America is probably worse than murder. The most horrid allocation you can make against someone and the way they tried this case was very nasty.

Didn’t Star and Gavin both claim that they witnessed Michael naked briefly but with Gavin –or was it Star, they had to keep bringing up this incident. Like he didn’t even remember it, I would think he saw someone parading around without clothes on you would remember it. Is there a reason why this description was given?

I can’t give you reason. They just brought out whatever evidence they thought would help them win. And of course I was challenging all of their evidence and challenging every witness and I’ve never seen so many witnesses lacking credibility in my life to tell you the truth. Practically every day I would go home saying –my God these witnesses are ridiculous.

How do you feel about the way people keep disregarding his not guilty verdict?

It’s very sad because a reputation is worth its weight in gold and you can’t put a price on a good reputation. This was the closest thing to full vindication that you can find in the American justice system this was 14 not guiltys, 10 felony and four a lesser included misdemeanors. Meaning they wouldn’t even convict him on a misdemeanor count. So you can’t get a stronger declaration of innocence in the American justice system than he got. It’s very sad that a lot of people refuse to take into account the evidence or lack thereof than these jury verdicts. This was a very conviction oriented part of California in this courthouse the conviction rate is overwhelming. You get very conservative jurors, a lot of them from the neighboring Air Force Base and they went not guilty 14 times.

I want to ask you a question about Stacy Brown, remember him? Bob Jones’s —

Oh, god forbid–

He claims that after the trial that– you told someone that Michael had forgiven him

I never told anyone that  

had forgiven Bob Jones for his book

oh, that he had forgiven Bob Jones for his book? I never told anyone that.

Stacy Brown also claimed that he ran into Michael the day before his testimony and that Michael threatened him

I don’t recall anything like that. Listen, I have very little respect for Stacy Brown.

He claimed he ran into Michael at a bookstore with the kids and he threatened him by handing him a Bible

I wasn’t there I don’t know what happened but I have no respect for Stacy Brown. I was told, I don’t know if it’s true, that Stacy Brown was with Zonen– When Zonen called Gavin Arviso to let him know that Michael had been acquitted. I was told that but I don’t know ..

Did you know that Jordan refused to testify as early as October 2004 according to the FBI memos? Did you try to contact him?

I certainly never tried to contact him and I don’t think my investigators try to contact him. We did contact some people and some people contacted us who claimed that he had told them that it never happened– that the molestation never happened. But I certainly never tried to reach him and no investigator I know try to reach him. Now is a possible someone did during the course of the investigation, I suppose it’s possible but I don’t recall that happening

so the people you had spoken to that were associated with him, they were just school friends?

There were a number of people that called me and also our investigators tracked down a few witnesses one of them was in New York and there were people who claimed to have know him at school and they claimed he had told them that it had never happened

It seems that he remained friends with  Safechuck — didn’t he get married at Neverland? (Spence was married at NL)

I don’t remember. I don’t even member making the statement… it’s been a while. I think they were friends.

I think it was that dodgy Filipino couple Quindoy’s

as I recall Safechuck denied it. I think there were credibility problems with the Quindoy’s if they were coming in —arguments over getting proper wages and things like that as I recall

 Well the Quindoy’s.. they flew down to speek to them in 93 or 94

You should know this —after the trial, I was asked to speak to the grand jury Association of Southern California. It’s an association of former grand jurors and I gave a talk at lunch about the case and after it a woman came up to me and she said, Mr.Mesereau I want you to know I’m a very conservative person. I’m very pro-law and order and I was on the grand jury in 1993 that investigated these Chandler allegations, and she said, there were major problems with those witnesses. They were very suspicious of these claims. And as you know there was no indictment and 93 two grand jury’s  Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. She was on the Los Angeles one.  And they tried to claim they were just investigative juries  that was a convenient way of trying to argue your way around it  I see some people say they weren’t trying to indict  that’s a lie. But she said I’m a very conservative person. I’m very pro-law enforcement normally. But she said these witnesses were very suspicious to me, they didn’t seem credible.

The LeMarques were  pretty shady– they were in cahoots with Paul Barresi

Oh yeah, you’re bringing up names I haven’t thought of in many years.

Barresi had connection with Schaffel.

Barresi keep trying to call me during the trial and I would return any of his calls. 

Well, Barresi was the one who called the press in 2000/ 2001. About Michael and who Mark Schaffel really was…Barresi said he went to Marty Singer or Siegel (MJ attorneys)  and the PI Eric Mason– About Schaffel

There was a report that Barresi secretly recorded Mason

Then there’s Schaffel, Barresi – travel agent montgomery -connections in Brazil 

Oh, yeah. I haven’t thought about some of these people in a long time. He actually came up to me one time. I was having lunch in Century City near my office and wanted to talk and I refuse. Then I would get messages from him and I never returned them.

Is it true that Sneddon change the law regarding 1108 evidence so third-party witnesses were allowed to testify

When he was president of the District attorneys Association he did push through a number of amendments to make it easier for prosecutors to bring in this kind of evidence and a lot of it is left to the discretion of the judge. I was frankly very surprised that judge allowed them to bring in third-party testimony about boys allegedly being molested without having to bring and the boys themselves. I was quite surprised he was willing to do that. But a lot of it is left to the discretion of the judge.

none of it helped the case– it just solidified how ridiculous the case was, it backfire completely

Well, I was told after it, that this —the former president of the criminal courts Bar Association of Los Angeles told me this was the first time in a felony child molest case that someone had been acquitted on all counts when the brought in that kind of evidence.

It seems that some of the experts were a waste. They had someone from the Secret Service. Someone from the company that manufactured their new fingerprint machine. None of them tested evidence, yet they testified

There was a very unexpected surprise raid of Neverland while I was representing Michael. Randy called me. I had to jump on a helicopter and went right to Neverland and they were looking for DNA. They had an accident reconstruction expert in his bedroom doing all sorts of measurements and calculations and they also had a computer graphics expert doing some investigation as well and they never called either of those experts at the trial either.

what were they looking for?

I think they were trying to find any evidence that would suggest that –if Star was walking up the stairway that he could see what was going on in Michael’s bedroom. I think you looking for anything that might help their case.

Some fans felt that Michael should have tried to prove his heterosexuality by having girlfriends testify

There was no need for that. I mean, the trial was about whether he molested a child. It wasn’t about what his sexuality was. Michael, I can tell you was always very adamant that he was heterosexual, always

The media always try to portray him as gay or asexual

How about all these magazines that he collected…. I think they spoke for themselves.

Have any journalists told you that they had changed their minds about Michael

Well obviously Aphrodite Jones …she had a major, ya know, change. When I first met her about a year later — I happened to bump into her at a art exhibit in Beverly Hills. She told me she was having a change of heart and I didn’t totally believe her and then she started sending me some drafts of her book in the drafts suggested she really was having a change of heart

She was talking to fans during the trial and telling them that, I didn’t know if there was anyone else?

I can’t think of anyone at this point. People aren’t willing to admit they were wrong either.  Have you talked to Maureen Orth?

No, good Lord   –I was told by —  friend of Diane Dimond

Yeah,they used to sit together all the time. There was a sketch artist who sat with them a couple times– who told me that every time I got up to cross examine she said Maureen Orth would go,” I hate him, I hate him!”

I don’t understand why she would fixate on you– why was she fixated on Michael

She just wanted a conviction I guess for whatever reason



Three Stooges (Dimond, Gutierrez, and Allen)

In 1995 I was working for NBC News on the OJ Simpson story. “The murders were ‘94 and trial ‘95,” a network journalist named Lydia told me. “Victor was in LA and used to visit the Burbank studios, “she said. Explaining that shows like, “Hard Copy had deep pockets and the networks don’t pay.” Victor Gutierrez always used to come around with,” stuff on Michael and at that time nobody cared because OJ was the story. It was always somebody guard or employee that came out of the woodwork.”

But the networks refusal to buy his stories didn’t deter Gutierrez– who admittedly made a bulk of his income selling stories on Jackson. All he needed was a sensational story to capture some attention, even if he invented one about a phantom video tape. “I know at the time he sold that story he (Victor) needed money. He never thought it would backfire like that because people had been saying horrible things for years and never got sued. Victor made the claim about Michael and his nephew. And I’m surprised that Splash news service didn’t come into play. I think he tried to sell that video tape to,” tabloid brokers as well. See nobody would touch it– so he went off the radar and the next I heard was Diane Dimond reported it,” she said laughing.

Another journalist named Lisa Marlowe, who had previously worked with Diane Dimond on stories regarding Jackson, stated in court documents that Dimond approached her one day to ask whether she had heard a story about a video depicting Jackson with a little boy. Marlowe said that she had not heard about the story but said that it sounded like “BS.”

Marlowe then said, “Don’t tell me this came from Victor,” to which Dimond did not respond. Marlowe though that it sounded like a set-up and warned Dimond that “unless you’ve got it sitting in your office, I would leave it.” Dimond did not heed her warning however and on January 9, 1995, while using Victor Gutierrez as a source, reported a false story during an interview on “The Ken and Barkley Company” of KABC-AM radio. She said that a videotape existed of Michael Jackson engaging in unlawful conduct with a minor. She also said that Gutierrez had met with the child’s mother in a hotel room to view the tape. Dimond further stated that investigators were looking for the tape, and that the investigation on Jackson was reopened.

Right after the show, Jackson’s lawyer Howard Weitzman sent the following letter to Paramount Pictures:

I learned earlier today that Diane Dimond, one of Paramount’s Hard Copy reporters, was on KABC talk radio this morning and indicated that an untrue and defamatory story about an alleged videotape depicting Michael Jackson engaging in sexual relations with a minor was true, and that she believed such a tape existed. I understand that Ms. Dimond also made claims that the Los Angeles and/or Santa Barbara District Attorneys’ offices are reopening their criminal investigation of Mr. Jackson, based on the purported existence of this videotape. Please be informed that Ms. Dimond’s claims regarding the existence of such a videotape are untrue and defamatory, as are her claims regarding the reopening of any criminal investigation concerning Mr. Jackson.

Weitzman also called Hard Copy to warn them that they were repeating a false report. But Hard Copy ran with the false report the same night, and so did two British tabloids. After that, Howard Weitzman said, “This week several tabloid shows and magazines, along with certain individuals, publicly alleged a videotape existed of Michael Jackson engaging in unlawful conduct. No such tapes exist.”

Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, issued a statement after the false tabloid report:We have not reopened the investigation. We have heard about the alleged tape. We have not seen it and we don’t have it. Prosecutors were not involved in a search for such a video.”

An AP article at the time stated, “Michael Jackson has ordered his lawyers to sue newspapers, TV shows and anyone else spreading ‘vicious lies and rumors’ claiming there was a videotaped sexual encounter between him and a 13-year-old boy.” But that did little to deter some of the tabloid media from running with the story.

The London Sun and Today newspapers carried reports about the purported 27-minute black-and-white video. The story was carried for two consecutive days on TV’s Hard Copy and other shows. The reports said one of the entertainer’s own security cameras captured a sexually explicit Christmas holiday encounter between Jackson and the teenager, whose name wasn’t disclosed. The reports were based on allegations by Victor Gutierrez, a free-lance writer who says he saw the tape. He said it was given to the boy’s mother, who now wanted to sell it back to Jackson.

Radio Transcripts

Q: “It is an x-rated tape?”

Dimond: “It is . . . yes.”

Q: “Of Michael Jackson?”

Dimond:Truly explicit.”

Q: “It’s what? Michael Jackson and little boy. Are you 100% sure that this tape exists?”

Dimond:I am as sure as I can possibly be.

Q: “You have not seen it?”

Dimond: “I have not seen it but one of my best sources on the Michael Jackson story has seen it.”

Q: “Who … you have no doubts about.”

Dimond:I have never had a doubt about this person, ever. I know the District Attorneys’ Office is looking for it because they are calling up reporters saying ‘Have you seen it.’ . . . Do you know where we can get it?”

Dimond: “You know, I remember way back when, more than a year ago, we interviewed the head of the pedo[ph]ile unit at the FBI in Quantico, Virginia and he said you know the down fall of pedo[ph]iles is that they love to keep a memento of their victims. Or, they love to take pictures or take videos. We don’t know why, but they do this. It is for their own self gratification later but it always comes back to bite them.”

Dimond: “And, I have to tell you, if my source is correct, who has seen this tape, and again, he always has been. The acts that are being performed on that tape are exactly what the accuser a year ago said Michael Jackson did to him.”

“Enough is enough!” Jackson said in a statement. “I will no longer stand by and watch reckless members of the media try to destroy my reputation. I intend to protect myself and my family.” There was no reaction from the London tabloids, and Hard Copy senior correspondent Diane Dimond said she “stood by her reports.” Michael Jackson filed a $100 million lawsuit against everyone involved for slander on January 12, 1995. The plaintiff is compelled to defend himself because Dimond, Hard Copy and the other defendants appear more concerned with their ratings than they are with the accuracy of their broadcast or the harm caused their victims.”

Interestingly, Dimond mentioned a trip to Quantico because according to defense attorney Thomas Mesereau “The prosecutors were traveling back and forth across the country. To Quantico Virginia and working with the FBI expert on pedophilia and child molestation. A well known expert, highly regarded in his field…I was prepared to cross examine him if he testified and they decided not to call him in the criminal trial in 2005.”

Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon, in an unusual move for a prosecutor, involved himself in the lawsuit to save his friend Dimond. Sneddon had nothing to do with this case because it was outside his jurisdiction. The case belonged to the Los Angeles District Attorney and LAPD, and Sandi Gibbons had already refuted the tabloid reporter. The following are excerpts from Tom Sneddon’s declaration:

In or about December 1994, I received information that a video tape existed depicting Michael Jackson engaged in sexual conduct with a minor child. The information received included the fact that the Victor Gutierrez, a journalist who I understand reports on Michael Jackson’s activities and who is writing a book about his life, has seen the video tape. Sometime during the month of December,Ms.Dimond contacted me to inquire about reports that our office was looking for the video tape or investigating new allegations of molestation against Mr. Jackson. I informed her that I was not at liberty to comment upon such reports.

In response to the reports which we received regarding the video tape, I contacted deputy District Attorney Lauren Weis of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. We discussed steps to investigate whether or not the tape existed and since all of the players were in the Los Angeles County area, it was decided that Lauren would ask an LA District Attorney’s investigator to attempt to investigate the existence of the tape and procure it if possible. Ultimately, after some efforts by the investigator, I was informed that we could not locate the video tape or definitively prove its existence or the acts that it purported to depict. It is my recollection and believe that this did not occur until after the “Hard Copy” broadcast in question.



 Lauren Weis’s Declaration:



Diane Dimond was saved from the lawsuit because the court ruled that no malice was proved on her part. That she only stated her opinion and did not present the false story as a fact. She escaped justice by hiding behind the Shield Law, which allowed her to put the burden of responsibility onto the shoulders of her “best source,” Victor Gutierrez. Jackson appealed the judge’s ruling, but the California Court of Appeal affirmed the summary judgment, citing Sneddon’s declaration extensively in its November 1998 decision.

Jack Gonterman, an investigator working for the LA county DA’s office also gave a declaration. He stated that “shortly before January 5, 1995, Lauren Weis, Deputy District Attorney, instructed me to interview Victor Gutierrez regarding the possible existence of a videotape of Michael Jackson molesting a minor child. On January 5, 1995, I interviewed Victor Gutierrez regarding his knowledge, if any, of the alleged videotape. Shortly thereafter, I discontinued any further effort in the matter.”  

Curiously, Sneddon’s declaration stated that he contacted the Los Angeles DA without discussing specifics with Dimond. The LA county investigator interviewed Dimond’s “best source” on January 5th for approximately an hour.. Gonterman interviewed Kevin Smith (Splash News) based on one of Victor’s answers, who knew absolutely nothing about a tape. The investigator quickly dismissed the story because it could not withstand any scrutiny. Even so, Hard Copy decided to run the story four days later on January 9th. Victor Gutierrez made a personal appearance on  Hard Copy and spoke of what he had supposedly seen on the tape. “Victor Gutierrez has reported on Michael Jackson for the last decade and has a book about to be published regarding the entertainer’s relationship with various boys,” said Dimond. “Gutierrez has talked with this young boy’s mother.” Gutierrez claimed the mother in his story was Margaret Maldonado, Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife.

“The story was an outrageous lie,” said Maldonado. “Not one part of it was true. I’d never met the man. There was no tape. Michael never paid me for my silence. He had never molested Jeremy. Period.” She would also appear in court to discredit Gutierrez and say that when she was approached with the story, she told reporters it was untrue. Gutierrez had said that he met Maldonado and showed her the videotape in a room at the Century Plaza Hotel. He told the courts that he paid for the room with his personal credit card. But it was revealed in court that the Century Plaza had no record of Mr. Gutierrez ever being there, let alone presenting a credit card and charging a room.

Astonishingly, while the Jackson lawsuit was pending against her, Diane Dimond aired another story about a phantom victim on April 27, 1995. Hard Copy producers flew her to Canada for a story about a Canadian street kid that claimed he had been molested by Jackson. He was able to offer a detailed story and the detective that questioned him over the phone said he sounded believable.

The boy claimed he met Michael Jackson at a Canadian video arcade and that he was supposed to spend the weekend with a friend. But when Jackson invited him to visit Neverland instead, the boy decided to fly off in a private jet with the entertainer. The 15-year-old described in detail the people in Jackson’s entourage, the layout of the ranch, and even Jacksons’ family home at Encino. Later he would draw detailed maps of both Jackson’s homes. This could be another alleged victim of Michael Jackson’s equate to big ratings for the show.

Curiously, the child never appeared with his adult friend, fictitiously named John Templeton, who was assisting him throughout his communications with Hard Copy. The boy was ultimately brought to Canadian authorities for questioning. “We took it very seriously and contacted the sheriff’s department in county (Santa Barbara) because that’s where it allegedly happened,”  Detective Campbell told me. Eventually, the child confessed that the allegation was an elaborate scam. He had been coached to lie by a man named Rodney Allen, who had sent multiple letters to Hard Copy making it seem as if different people were writing about being “victims.” The 15-year-old was arrested, and Rodney Allen was later arrested and convicted of pedophilia.

Ironicaly, Victor Gutierrez met Lydia at the police station during interviews and according to her, “The LAPD interviewed a lot of journalists to see what they knew .” She told police that whatever she knew was in her stories and she never heard anything damaging. She continued by saying,” Victor’s information, his story was unclear–NAMBLA–It didn’t add up.” Her initial take was that he had to have known or meet Jackson at some point because his persecution of him “was not normal.” Victor later told her one story about a wealthy family that he was friends with living in Westwood, CA. Victor claimed that Michael molested their child and the family came to him for help. Knowing that there was something amiss with his story Lydia asked ” Why don’t they go to the police since there’s an ongoing case?” Victor responded “They don’t want money their wealthy, they just want him exposed.” Victor must have sensed that Lydia questioned his story and in a strange twist asked her to drive with him past a local arcade . He specifically asked her not to stop as he pointed out what seemed to be a random child as they drove past. “I never understood his motivation,” she said and,”though it was strange.”

One has to wonder how Rodney Allen was able to coach the boy in identifying Michael’s employees and drawing detailed maps of both Neverland and Havenhurst without having meet these individuals or visiting these locations. “I assumed that Rodney spent time at site…I don’t know for sure but was going on the information that Dimond provided,” said detective Campbell. According to Campbell, Hard Copy “put a fair amount of money into it. And I suggested they do a story about how celebrities are sometimes falsely accused, this way they at least had a show.” The program didn’t have the international scandal that they were anticipating but the image of an objective journalist was something Dimond very much needed at the time. When the courts were looking into her motives of malice in the suit filed by Jackson. She needed a vivid illustration of how “unbiased” and “lacking malice” she and Hard Copy in general were towards Jackson.

During Michael’s 2005 trial defense attorney Susan Yu filed a motion asking the prosecution to provide the defense with all the documents enumerated in the evidence list with regard to the 1993 investigation. The list the prosecution turned over included a fax listed as item 8336 involving Rodney Allen at the time of the Chandler allegations. We do not know the contents of the fax but District Attorney Tom Sneddon stated during the 2005 trial that, “Rodney Allen will not be a part of THIS case.” Sneddon was likely annoyed at being repeatedly duped by Allen. “My information was that [Sneddon] traveled to Australia and Canada. That was in the Mid 90’s — and couldn’t find anyone,” said attorney Thomas Mesereau.

Dimond’s source, whom she “never had a doubt about.” Gutierrez had interviewed and sold stories on behalf of employees at Neverland, many of which appeared on Hard Copy or in tabloid print. It would stand to reason that he could easily obtain photos and other information from them. It’s plausible that Gutierrez, a Chilean national living in California, and Allen, a Canadian pedophile, had interacted. Gutierrez openly admits to attending an international NAMBLA conference in 1986. Currently, Rodney Allen is serving a life sentence in Canada for pedophilia. In 1999, Allen met and became friendly with a group of five fourteen-year-old boys. These boys often came to Mr. Allen’s apartment because he let them drink alcohol and smoke. Mr. Allen told the boys that he was a member of the FBI, a fictitious claim that Victor Gutierrez had also made (along with his claim that he was employed by the LAPD). Subsequently, I called the LAPD  to check on Victor’s claims and was told that, “you have to be a sworn officer to work for the LAPD,” and the personnel office checked saying that Victor Gutierrez, “was never employed by the LADP.”

I must state that Rodney Allen is rumored to be mentally delayed and has a propensity to embellish stories. He wasn’t only contacting Hard Copy and the District Attorney’s office, he was also posting detailed information on public internet sites. Along with his detailed knowledge of Jackson’s home, which he relayed to the child in the center of the Hard Copy story. He posted various home addresses and phone numbers for members of the Chandler in the mid-90’s which have been confirmed.

I also wrote to Rodney Allen in prison and merely stated that a friend named “Victor” (no last name) encouraged the correspondence. Allen wrote back confirming that he knew Victor Gutierrez and even stated, “I would really like to hear from him. It is funny how he pops into my life every now and then and changes my life so much.” In his letter he sounded eager to regain contact with his old friend Gutierrez and stated that he had, “found out who really terminated Michael Jackson’s life,” as well as, “the new address for O.J. [Simpson] in Nevada.”

In future correspondence Allen warned me about,“Victor and his scams to get my money –for his own personal use,”   and called Gutierrez,” sneaky and underhanded.” Additionally he confirming a 1999 internet post that read in part, ” I was to be paid a large amount of money when things shuttle down, I was promised by Victor Gutierrez and Evan Chandler that it would be paid. But they didn’t pay me.  Michael never touched him [Jordan] and sexually hurt him. Michael paid out the money to close the chapter on this scandal.”

Allen went on to write that he stayed with Gutierrez in LA –paying the landlord 500 during his month long stay. “Victor owed his land lord 8 months back rent,” he said. Confirming the NBC journalist statement that Gutierrez was broke and, “needed money.”  Allen also claimed that at Gutierrez’s request he removed, “ toy trains, book negatives” and paintings of Michael,” from Victor’s home and shipping them to Canada for safe keeping.

He further stated that he accompanied Victor to Chicago for a book exhibition in 1995 to help promote Gutierrez’s book. Victor faxed him a letter asking him to, “ send a hard copy to NAMBLA requesting that they list the book Michael Jackson was My Lover in their books.”

Gutierrez was accustomed to making up stories and perpetrating elaborate schemes, as became apparent in court documents filed in Jackson’s suit against him. A tabloid broker named Ken Wells availed himself to Michael’s legal team in 1997 claiming to have information relevant to another litigation then pending in Santa Maria, California involving Mr. Jackson and Evan Chandler.Wells had discussed, among other things, meeting Gutierrez during the course of his work as a broker. Specifically, Wells said that a source of his (whom he refused to identify) claimed to have explicit photos of Michael Jackson and a child. Mr. Wells then began negotiations, through a third party and Gutierrez, whereby Wells would obtain the supposed photographs and give them to Gutierrez to sell to various tabloid media publications. When Wells’ source never produced the photographs, Wells ended his negotiations. But on July 2, 1997, Gutierrez and his attorney, Goldman, went to Wells’ home unannounced to discuss production of the phantom photographs. During their discussion Gutierrez bragged to Wells, telling him all about his connections in the tabloid business and that he had sold many stories, some of which had been “BS” and simply made up. According to Wells, Gutierrez said that money in the tabloid business was easy, even for false stories. Wells asked Gutierrez about the videotape at issue in this case. According to Wells, Gutierrez said that “the judge told me to produce the tape and I couldn’t produce it.” Wells asked Gutierrez whether he had ever had or seen the tape and, according to Wells, Gutierrez smiled and said, “Well, you know how that is. You know how these things are.” Wells stated that he believed Gutierrez was telling him, without saying so explicitly, that he had lied about the existence of the tape. Throughout the meeting Wells stated that Gutierrez and his attorney requested that he obtain the supposed photographs of Mr. Jackson, with Mr. Gutierrez saying that he needed the photographs to help him with this case, and even if the pictures were fake, he could still make money selling them—with the money being placed in a trust account handled by the attorney.


I contacted Ken Wells, who is no longer in the tabloid business, who stated “ I’ve seen what other people have done to capitalize on his name and a lot of false things have been said. The way I look at it, because of being in the tabloid business years ago is, if you don’t see proof it’s probably not there. People will say anything about a celebrity to make money. I don’t want to be involved in something that’s false. I’ve meet Michael Jackson a couple of times and the guy was not a child molester. I don’t care what anyone says and if they think he is they need to bring some kind of proof. Nobody has brought any kind of proof in all these years.”

In a further attempt to generate stories and pressure the singer into dropping the suit, Gutierrez’s attorney requested that Jackson:

“Identify the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all male persons who are not blood relatives who, when they were a minor, slept with you overnight in your bed at any time from January 1, 1984 through the present date…At a minimum, Victor Gutierrez, without even approaching the minor, may discover that the disclosed minor is the same minor who he allegedly saw in the videotape. He should be entitled to introduce this circumstantial evidence — sleeping with a minor tends to establish sexual conduct with a minor — and request that the decision maker draw any appropriate inferences there from. Alternatively, Victor Gutierrez may approach the disclosed minor, the minor may admit to sexual conduct with MJ, or to be naked with MJ, etc., and Victor Gutierrez may recognize the disclosed minor to be the same minor who he saw in the videotape. This case may then be over!”

So Gutierrez wanted to identify the child from the videotape he’d seen. Except he already claimed the minor was Jeremy Jackson and claimed Margaret Maldonado had shown him the videotape herself. Court TV media submitted a media request in 1997 with Victor favoring the request. But much to Gutierrez’s dismay, Jackson would not be making a personal appearance in court. In a declaration submitted by the entertainer he stated that he had not lived in California since 1993 and was currently on tour. He would, however, be submitting a videotaped deposition. Contradicting Gutierrez’s later claims of a face to face court showdown with the entertainer.


In actuality— Gutierrez was asked in a 1996 deposition  if he had ever met Michael Jackson in person. He replied,” yes, just once at Dr.Arnie Klein’s office.” He then admitted to attorney’s that he hadn’t been formally introduced to the superstar. He claimed to have seen the singer because, “I was following him,” in 1995.  Speaking to Michael as he arrived, at the entrance to Dr.Klein’s office building. “I approached Michael, and I said — I took a picture first because I was interested in what he was going to do at the doctor’s office. With the Vitiligo. Or something like that. He entered the building and he [Jackson] said, “Gary, take the camera. Take his camera.”  Gutierrez stated that this incident occurred when Jackson was without security and the presents of Jackson’s driver Gary Hearne, Debbie Rowe, other media photographers. He goes on to say, after Jackson singles him out amongst the other photographers present —before shouting, “Jordy wants to speak to you.”

Question: then what happened?

Answer: he said, “Gary, take his camera.” And Gary was — he didn’t know what to do. He just said “take it.” He said something like the F camera something like that.

Question: Michael said “take the F-ing camera,” is that what you’re saying?

Answer: yes


Question: Did Mr. Hearn threaten you in any way and the course of this conversation?

Answer: He tried to force to get the camera from me.

Question: when you say tried to force to get the camera from you, what did he do?

Answer: grabbed my hand trying to get the camera.

Question: then what happened?

Answer: when we were like forcing, and when he stood back, and Michael said, “Come on. Get the camera.” Then David came down and they took Michael up to Arnie Klein’s office.

Question: did you give up your camera?

Answer: no

Question: you didn’t lose the camera?

Answer: no

Question: did you call the police for any reason?

Answer: no

Many of Gutierrez’s motions mentioned the shield law and trade secrets. One even stated, “Victor Gutierrez has sold his stories about MJ to numerous television and print media. He is currently writing a book about MJ. He has continues to derive a substantial portion of his livelihood from writing about MJ.” But with Gutierrez unable to hide behind the shield law or his claims of trade secrets, he apparently became increasingly desperate; the following are portions of two declarations filed by Jackson’s attorneys:

During the course of this case I have often interacted with defendant Victor Gutierrez’s counsel, Robert Goldman, in connection with discovery matters and informal attempts at settlement. During one such conversation on September 11, 1997, Mr. Goldman stated if there is a trial in this case, there will be publicity adverse to Mr. Jackson. Mr. Goldman said that Mr. Gutierrez states that he intended to hold up next to his face a copy of his book entitled Michael Jackson Was My Lover every time Mr. Gutierrez is interviewed on television in connection with this case.

During the September 26 conference, Mr. Goldman’s said that his client, Mr. Gutierrez, had instructed him to give Mr. Jackson the “message” that he (Gutierrez) might attempt to exploit any press covering the trial by advertising his book on the 1993 allegations entitled Michael Jackson Was My Lover, The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler. Mr. Goldman stated his client, Gutierrez, wanted to know my response to this possibility. I told Mr. Goldman that this “message” appeared to be a veiled threat designed to attempt to persuade Jackson not to proceed to trial. Mr. Goldman’s response was that the “message” was simply something that his client asked him to convey.

On the Friday before the trial was to begin, Gutierrez filed for bankruptcy. He sent notice to the courts on Monday, October 27, 1997, but his desperate efforts didn’t halt the court proceedings. His bankruptcy was not to be mentioned at trial. Gutierrez failed to appear in court, stating that he was living with family in his native Chile and couldn’t afford to buy a ticket back to the US to appear for trial.


I spoke to Michael’s private investigator, Eric Mason, who laughingly said at one point during the trial  Gutierrez’s  attorney  took the stand and cross examined himself. One can only assume that he filed the following handwritten note with the courts in disgust.

 Proposed instructions RE: Victor Gutierrez

Mr. Gutierrez is required to be here, but he has chosen not to be  here, and you may draw whatever inference you may from his non-appearance.

In the end, the jury took less than two hours to render a verdict and Victor Gutierrez was ordered to pay $2.7 million to Michael Jackson for defamation. “Jurors told us that they not only wanted to compensate Mr. Jackson and punish Victor Gutierrez, but to send a message that they are tired of tabloids lying about celebrities for money,”Jackson’s attorney Zia Modabber told the Associated Press.

In 1995, five former Neverland employees followed the example of the Hayvenhurst security guards. Dubbed the “Neverland 5,” Kassim Abdool, Ralph Chacon, Adrian McManus, Sandy Domz and Melanie Bagnall filed a $16 million lawsuit against Michael Jackson, with Michael P. Ring as their attorney. They alleged they were harassed and threatened by security and fired or forced to quit in 1994. Melanie Bagnall even alleged she was sexually harassed by a guard named Andrew Merritt (in the trial Merritt was not found liable of sexually harassing her). The judge refused Court TV’s request to televise the trial. The plaintiffs had sold their stories to the tabloids instead of going to the police. The civil case went to trial in September 1996, along with Michael Jackson’s cross-complaint. The singer’s countersuit said two of the former workers stole sketches, personal notes, hats, toys and candy from the ranch and sold some items to tabloids. Michael Ring was fined $28,350 for hiding evidence from Jackson’s lawyers during pre-trial fact-finding in March 1997. He was fined $10,000 previously for concealing facts. The trial lasted six months, and the plaintiffs were sanctioned approximately $66,000 for lying in court and contradicting their own testimony. Judge Zel Canter in one instance left the bench saying he was disgusted. On March 1, 1996, Michael Jackson was deposed for the case, and a three minute video was released by News of the World tabloid in 2009. On March 18, 1997, the jury rejected the wrongful termination lawsuit and awarded Jackson $60,000 in damages. The plaintiffs were also ordered to pay a $1.4 million judgment in attorney fees and court costs to Michael Jackson.

At least two of the employees declared bankruptcy, and when they later testified in the 2005 trial they admitted that their attorney advised them to sell salacious stories to tabloids by using a media broker so they could pay their legal expenses. Maid Adrian McManus admitted that she knew nothing about Jackson’s sex life with Presley but nevertheless signed contracts to sell fictional stories. Howard Weitzman said after the ruling: “Michael Jackson is thankful for the court’s ruling. He has consistently maintained that he has not engaged in wrongful conduct with any minors. The stories told by these guards on various tabloid shows, for which they were paid, were false.”

The Neverland employees downplayed their role in selling stories on the stand and disavowed Gutierrez, who stated during his deposition in the “Neverland 5” case that he was moving to Chile to start a new life. He also stated that he had just bought a home in Chile. When asked whether the home was nice, Mr. Gutierrez said, “The home has 21 bedrooms.” Notably, during Gutierrez‘s case with Jackson, which was running simultaneously, he cried poverty.


To show further malice in his suit against Gutierrez ,Michael had strategically selected four quotes from Victor’s book that did not refer or relate to the 1993 allegations. In August 1997, while being sued by Jackson, Gutierrez filed a motion to modify the scope of discovery to include discovery into the 1993 child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson in a thinly veiled attempt to generate more tabloid stories and publicity. Gutierrez stated that he believed that Evan Chandler and Jordan Chandler had knowledge about the subject matter of the foregoing quotes. In particular, Gutierrez sought to take the depositions of Evan and Jordan Chandler, parties to the 1993 public allegations. Gutierrez argued that the alleged truth of those 1993 allegations, and his reporting of them, tended to negate any inference of malice. Gutierrez stated that his book was “based on the diary written by Jordan and Evan Chandler, and upon my own independent investigation about Jordan Chandler’s relationship with Jackson.” This was the third time Gutierrez had changed his story about who had actually written the diary.

But the four quotes in question were malicious. Gutierrez attributed the following grotesque quotes to Kassim Abdool, Adrian McManus and Melanie Bagnall in his book:

 Jackson’s personal guards used their pistols and automatic rifles to threaten other employees and guards and at times forced them to have sex. ~ Abdool

This female fan of Jackson’s had crossed the gate of the ranch. When I detained her, I did not have handcuffs to hold her until the police arrived, so I had to tie her hands with a telephone cord.  ~Bagnall

The poor guy [Jackson] couldn’t make it to the bathroom, and it got to the point that he didn’t even care. If he had to go, he did it right there, wherever he was. Poor Adrian was the one who suffered, but at times we would help her pick up the dirtied clothes and clean the floor. Michael would put tampons in his ass to stop the diarrhea. ~ Abdool

I was talking with Michael about something not so important when he told me that he had to go to the bathroom. He didn’t take two steps when he defecated right there in front of me. It was diarrhea that ran down to his shoes. It was a shame. The guards that saw it went into another room to have a laugh.~McManus

Evan and Jordan Chandler did not give depositions in the case. They would both, however, submit declarations to the courts stating that they knew absolutely nothing about either the making of the quotes or their content. Evan stated that he didn’t know or recall ever speaking to Abdool, McManus or Bagnall. Jordan stated the same with the exception of McManus, with whom he only recalled exchanging pleasantries. Most notable about the Chandler’s declaration is what they didn’t say—they didn’t say they didn’t know or hadn’t spoken to Gutierrez.

Book reviews have described Gutierrez’s book as “a pedophile’s opus” or simply “disgusting” for its graphic detail and seemingly positive attitude towards the sexual abuse of minors. Victor said that his book was based on Jordan’s Chandlers diary that was given to him by someone within the  Chandler’s home. Gutierrez has changed his story about the origins of the phantom diary several times. The more obvious questions one would ask are — is it likely that a child would write in such graphic detail?  Furthermore, Jordan Chandler didn’t have a diary according to a Jackson investigator. He did have, “ a notebook that he wrote his film ideas and stories in since he was going to film school.” Based on the rumor of the existence of a diary, investigators in later years hunted that notebook down (not a diary), only to find out that the “stupid thing” as he called it –had no value.

Gutierrez said in his book “For me it was confusing, not knowing whether to refer to the boys as victims or ex-lovers.”  Victor also published the inaccurate description of Michael dated 10/24/93 clearly marked “theory.”   Disturbingly, it also includes the description of another “cute” young boy and gives graphic details about sex games between the three — something that was never claimed by the Chandlers and was vehemently denied by the other child in court.

In an interview for the German paper Die Tageszeitung, Gutierrez said he had heard for the first time at a NAMBLA meeting that “Michael is one of us.” He says, “Jackson was treated like an idol there, as a hope for social acceptance.” He goes on to say, “In a hundred years maybe such relationships will be socially accepted.” The story reminds him of Oscar Wilde and his young lover Bosi,’ he says. As Gutierrez, a homosexual himself was looking for a publisher for his book in 1995 he heard people say he glamorizes pedophilia. He released a Spanish version of his book in Chile and shipped the English version to small book shops in LA himself. Michael Jackson never sued him for his book. His employees buy up all copies those they get hold of,” said Gutierrez.

But Jackson employees did not, “buy up,” copies of the book like Gutierrez claimed. In actuality in May 1999 the sheriff’s department confiscated all copies of the book pursuant to a court ordered levy.


Declaration Of Steven Cochran

That reads in-part:

I am also counsel for Mr. Jackson in another matter, Evan Chandler v. Michael Joseph Jackson Case No. SM097360. That basically alleges breach of contract. Portions of that action have been ordered to arbitration under the jams/Endispute Comprehensive rules and procedures. Jackson has filed a cross-complaint in that action which alleges that Chandler and his son breached the same contract by divulging certain information to Victor Gutierrez.


I was not able to find a dollar amount awarded to Jackson for court costs and attoneys fee’s in the Chandler v Jackson case (Sawyer interview) Nor the outcome of his cross complaint.

Evan Chandler’s Last Will And Testament

All of the media reports, and current books for that matter, have the circumstances surrounding Chandler’s funeral incorrect. Reporters are often too quick to report stories as,“fact,” rather than doing their due diligence and checking their stories –particularly when the story has a connection to Michael Jackson. I guess a stamped envelope and a thirty dollar fee to the Hudson county surrogates court was too difficult for some.

Evan chandler, who was suffering from cancer, died on November 5, 2009 from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His body was found by staff at Liberty towers –a luxury apartment complex in Jersey city, New Jersey.



“I direct that I be cremated and that no family or next of kin be advised of my death until well after my funeral arrangements have been completed and my remains have been disposed.”

“I have three children: Jordan Chandler, Nicholas Chandler and Emmanuelle Chandler. For reasons best known between us, I purposefully make no provisions in this, my Last Will and Testament, for any of my children or their issue.”


“I also have two siblings and other next of kin and I purposefully make no provision for any of them in this my Last Will and Testament. I further direct that no next of kin be granted or given any power over my estate or remains.”



Where abouts of his two youngest children, “unknown,” –yet he knows the address of Jordan’s attoney.

Chandler Timeline

July 1966– Evan and Raymond Charmatz are members of a band named The Fugitives who’s single “Your Girl’s A Woman”, co-written by Evan, breaks into the top 40. Evan spends 4 years in college followed by 4 years of dental school according to his brother Ray.


September 19, 1972 –At 28 years old (born 1/25/1944) Evan registers his dental license with the New York Dental Board. It’s unknown what address he used in 1972 but his license is currently listed with the board at the address he committed suicide in. He meets June at NYU’s free clinic (Ray says ‘73 when finishing school)

1973- Evan Chandler moves to West Palm Beach to practice dentistry– changing his last name to Chandler. According to Mary Fischer’s source he felt Charmatz was too Jewish sounding. But feeling that Chandler might have changed his surname for a more sinister reason, I requested information through the FOIA. In my correspondence I included surnames, Chandlers date of birth and other personal information relating to him. According to FBI files housed at National Archives:

“We located a file, which contains approximately 450 pages and covers the period from 1972 through 1978. The main subjects of the file are Robert William Masteller and others. The file relates to violations to the Federal Reserve act, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, receiving stolen U.S. Government property, bank Fraud, and embezzling. It is possible that there is an Evan Chandler (or some variation of that name) mentioned in the file, but we are unable to identify such information without doing a page –by-page view.” – They estimated a two year wait on any information.

Late 70s – Hoping to become a screenwriter Chandler moves to Los Angeles with his wife, June Rochelle Wong.

July 19, 1977 Evan Robert Chandler DDS was granted a California state certificate number DB 026607 by the board to practice dentistry.

August 29th 1978 Chandler registers a business located at located at 1000 Granville Ave., Ste. 16, Los Angeles CA 90049 with the California Secretary of State — different place from the Crenshaw Family Dental Center on Crenshaw Blvd.

December 8, 1978 Evan Chandler saw patient Deborah Cross. Chandler performed dental services on Ms. Cross performing work on approximately 16 of the patient’s teeth in a single visit. A subsequent examination of the work showed it demonstrated gross ignorance and/or inefficiency in the performances of professional dental services in that the work performed on Ms. Cross’s teeth as indicated herein was improperly done, findings of decay, fractured and crumbling restoration.

January 11th 1980 Jordan Chandler is born.

February 25, 1980 Evan Chandler causes for suspension or revocation of respondent’s certificate. Respondent herein has been advised and assisted in the past by counsel and acknowledges that he has the right to retain counsel to represent him at this time. Respondent knowingly and intelligently waived his right to counsel at this time and is representing himself.

April 28, 1981 Evan Chandler ordered to pay dental board restitution in the amount of $243.00. He also receives a 90 day suspension of his license, 5 years probation, additional hours of schooling and is required to pass a section of the dental exam.

June 1, 1981 Effective on this date and pursuant to stipulation and settlement and order, Evan Chandler’s certificate to practice dentistry in the state of California is revoked, and revocation was stayed. Petitioner is placed on probation for a period of five years upon certain terms and conditions. 1980-1981 – Upset with his suspended dental license, Chandler leaves town for New York, where he tries to write a film script but is unable to sell it.

1981-1982– Victor Gutierrez is living in Arizona were he becomes a Mormon.

October 13, 1982, Evan files with the board a petition for termination of probation of his dental license. On October 22, 1982 the board denies the petition.

June 1983 Evan claimed that he was the sole practitioner of dentistry in his newly formed office, stating to the board he “has been unable to obtain professional malpractice insurance because of the restrictions placed on his license by the board. He desires termination of the herein probation to improve his chances of securing such insurance.” Seems like practiced without insurance for bit.

November 21, 1983, Evan filed the pending petition for termination of probation.

December 29, 1983 Evan Chandler’s dental probation is lifted.

1984 – Victor Gutierrez claimed to have left Chile at this time. In actuality he fled Arizona and changed his social security number in the process. 


1985 – June and Evan divorce, June gets custody of Jordan, Evan has to pay $500 a month in child support. June married David the same year.

1986 – Victor Gutierrez attends an international NAMBLA meeting where he claims they talk about Jackson. Victor’s obsession with Jackson and boys begins here, says he hears for the first time: “Michael is one of us.” Claims they hope Jackson could be one of them so they could use him to gain acceptance in the mainstream.

July 31 1987 Evan and French law student Nathalie marry.

September 21st 1987 Evan opens his dental practice on 9100 Wilshire Blvd 330 West Beverly Hills, CA 90212

October 14, 1988 Raymond Charmatz files for divorce from him wife Jeanne Marie Santa Barbara Case SB173958

December 7, 1988 Nathalie Chandler admitted to the State Bar of California.

September 23, 1988 Ray Charmatz registers contractor’s Business ( asbestos)

March 27, 1990 Raymond Charmatz is taken to small claims court by Office Mart Santa Barbara Case SC109426

January 30, 1991 People VS Scientific Asbestos Small claims case against Ray’s company. Santa Barbara Case SB185712 Expired contractor’s bond, workers comp. Bond amount 5,000 Not in good standing

January 1, 1992 Evan gets a permit for conscious sedation.

March 28, 1992 Evan’s lawyer Barry Rothman California State bar Disciplinary and Related Actions Overview of the attorney discipline system. 3/28/1992 Discipline, probation; no actual susp. 88-O-12779 (case #)

May 1992 – MJ’s car breaks down, Jordan’s step father called June in to see MJ there, they offered him a deal where he wouldn’t have to pay for his broken down car if he would give Jordan a call.

June introduced Jordan to Michael and she informed him that they had seen him before, while eating at an L.A. restaurant but they didn’t approach him. She also informed him that when he was hospitalized for his Pepsi burn accident in 1984, Jordan, who was 4 at the time, sent a letter and a picture of himself to the Brotman Memorial Hospital. The letter included their telephone number. In reality, it was June who wrote the letter and gave it to MJ’s bodyguards in the hospital including the picture and her telephone number. She was trying to meet Michael for a long time before May 1992.

June 1992 – MJ rehearsing for the Dangerous World Tour, talks to Glenda Stein on phone about a girlfriend he’s seeing, a co-coordinator/model named “Melissa”.

June 23 1992 October 6th 1992 (5 months) Michael begins traveling for DWT, Brett Barnes accompanies him for some of it. MJ’s bodyguards and driver from tour talk about how MJ has a brotherly relationship with Brett and they never believed any of the allegations against him.

Summer 1992 –Victor Gutierrez intentionally seeks out Wade Robson and his family at Venice Beach, tells them MJ’s a pedophile; Joy reports him to Michael’s people.

August – September 1992 MJ calls Jordan up at June’s home and talks to him about video games, speaks to Jordan 8-10 times (about once a month) from now until February 1993, conversations lasting from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours according to June Chandler, and June says she was present throughout all of them.

August 28, 1992 Raymond files a small claims case against Felix Presburger Santa Barbara Case CV085966

November 1992 Brett Livingstone Strong introduces Michael and Lisa Marie Presley to each other at his house.

December 16, 1992 Raymond Charmatz files divorce from wife Nancy Lee Earle Santa Barbara Case SB195119 

January 18, 1993 – New stories begin to circulate about Jackson’s “Nation Films” the movie production arm of his Sony deal. Jackson is working on various movie projects, including Midknight, Adam At Midknight, Jack And The Beanstalk and 7 Faces of Dr. Lao.

February 10, 1993 Oprah interview- Michael calls the Chandlers the next day and invites them to Neverland for the weekend. Ray states that Evan and family watched the interview.

February 12 -14 1993 Jordan Chandler, his mother, June and his sister, Lily first visit Neverland for two days, they visit Toys R Us to buy toys.

February 14 1993 MJ calls the Chandlers and invites them to visit Neverland again.

February 19 1993 Chandler’s visit Neverland for the weekend. Michael picks them up in a limo with Brett Barnes. Then they go to Disneyland on Sunday.

February 24 1993 Michael attends Grammys with Brooke Shields and receives a Grammy Legend Award, and they attend a Polygram Party and the Sony Party.

March 1993 – June and Jordan Chandler again visited the ranch in March. On several occasions Jordan asked his mother if he could sleep in Michael Jackson’s bedroom, because all the other kids were there. Mrs. Chandler steadfastly said no and described Jordan as being very pushy about this on a number of occasions. Jordan did, however, play up in Jackson’s room until 2:00am before returning to his guest room.

March 8th 1993 – Story about how Jackson has another movie production company, “Michael Jackson Prods”, the venture has two anonymous foreign investors.

March 16 1993 Dr Gordon Sasaki performs surgery on Jackson’s scalp in order to attempt to minimize the scar tissue and bald spot. Dr. Sasaki said normally a patient who undergoes that kind of surgery has pain lasting for 6 weeks.

March 28 and April 1, 1993 Jordan, Lily, and Mrs. Chandler were invited to join Michael Jackson in Las Vegas.

April 1993 Evan Chandler begins to brag to his patient, actress Carrie Fischer, about his families connection to Jackson. Fischer confirmed that Evan had spoken to her about it, and that at the time Evan didn’t see the sleeping in the same room together as an issue. He told her that his “son was very good looking” with a smile she found “grotesque” in a father, at what she believed he was suggesting Jackson was after in Jordan.

April 2-7th 1993- Chandler’s spend 5 days at Neverland. June is described as a gold digger who wished to be the mistress of Neverland by another guest.

April 8 1993 Jackson goes to see Klein after he had accidentally burned his groin area using the cream to even out his blotchy skin, and Debbie treats him there.

April 1993- May 1993 June invites Jackson to her home for the first time. According to June’s 2005 testimony MJ stayed over “more than 30 times” from now until the trip to Monaco in May. When asked how long those visitations were consecutively she answered “it could be a week or two at a time”. This is before the supposed molestation had happened.

April 22, 1993 they went for a two-day trip to Florida and visited Disney World.

April 29, 1993 Michael buys Jordan, who is attending film school, a computer and sets it up at the hideout.

May 5, 1993 – Michael is invited by ex President Jimmy Carter to Atlanta in order to boost the Atlanta Immunization Drive. Afterwards, Michael joins Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Emmanuel Lewis & Lisa Marie Presley in the front row during the Kids Celebration at OMNI. Michael would later admit they attended this in secret together.

May 7, 1993 Evan shows up at June’s home to see them off to Monaco. According to his brother Ray—Evan felt that maybe June should, “hook up with MJ.”

May 8, 1993 – Jackson, June, Jordan and Lily Chandler go to Monaco where Jackson is awarded at the World Music Awards on May 12, 1993. The family attends the ceremony with Jackson. The kids sit with Michael in the first row, while June sits one row behind them. The show is televised and Lily can be seen sitting on Michael’s lap at one point and then Jordan is sitting in Michael’s chair at another point. Jordan smiles and sings the songs being performed at the show.

Jordan claimed in his declaration of December 28, 1993 that it was in Monaco that ‘things got out of hand’ – which was at the beginning of May (May 9, 1993).

May – June 1993 – June Chandler states that Jackson only spent 1-2 weeks more at her home after this.

May 13, 1993 – Jackson and the Chandlers fly to Paris where they spend three days in Euro Disney with Brett Barnes. June calls Evan’s French wife Nathalie to inquire about the best places to shop – all on Michael’s dime of course. On May 16 they fly back to Los Angeles.

May 20 – Evan makes a surprise visit to June’s home and meets Michael for the first time.

May 21- Evan claimed he and Jordan went to the hideout. Evan confronted Michael and invited him to his son Nicholas’ party all in the same visit.

May 22, 1993 Nicky’s Birthday –Discrepancies as to whether MJ actually attended the party–He did stay the night.

May 25th 1993 National Enquirer story, “Michael Jackson’s Secret Family – A Millionaire’s Wife And Her Two Kids” – someone on the Chandler side sells a story about Michael’s friendship with the Chandler’s and their time in Vegas in early May to the National Enquirer. Evan would admit in his book he was upset about the media coverage, claiming June’s husband was as well. Chandler would tell Schwartz he was –being made to look a fool of.

May 28-30, 1993 – Jackson and Jordan Chandler spend Memorial Day Weekend at Evan Chandler’s house, Evan later claims that this is when he started to be suspicious of sexual misconduct.

Evan claims he gave MJ drugs, questioned his sexuality and asked Jackson to build an extension in his home.

May 1993 – Taraborrelli will claim Jackson had his people begin to investigate Evan Chandler around here.

May 31, 1993 Ray says Jordan was sick and MJ was at June’s home. Evan went to check on him and fought with June over relationship with MJ. Jordan stopped speaking with his father.

June 1, 1993 Chandlers friend, Mark Tobiner, “inadvertently” see’s Michaels dental records.

May-June 1993 According to a former NE employee: a man is calling up the National Enquirer’s tip line once a week for around 3 weeks to tell them that a child is being molested by Michael Jackson. This child would turn out to be Jordan Chandler, the caller lays out the entire story even though Jordan had not allegedly confessed to anyone, but doesn’t give any validating info and so the claims are not printed, and the caller does not ask for money which the tabloid found odd.

June 5, 1993 Michael is interviewed on the radio by Rick Dees. Michael and Jordan are soon seen at a comic book store.

June 9, 1993 – Evan Chandler claims he told his ex-wife, June about his suspicions about Michael Jackson at a school graduation ceremony for the first time. June dismisses Evan’s idea, and tells him to “go fuck himself” 

June 13th 1993 Evan will claim in his brother’s book that Barry Rothman was a patient of his and on this day he just happened to be in his office and offered to do the custody work for free since Evan was so accommodating in his practice.

June 20 1993 Father’s Day, Jordan would “eventually” call his father up on this day to speak to him, but June would testify that Jordan had not originally wanted to.

According to Ray Chandler –Jordan does not call Evan for Father’s day and refuses to speak to him on the phone. Ray says “at this point, Evan hadn’t seen or heard from Jordan since June 9” (graduation)

June 21, 1993, June, Jordan and Lily fly to New York to attend a family wedding (June’s brother). Michael  had all of the hotel arrangements made by his secretary–they stayed at the Righa Royal Hotel.

June 23, 1993, the Chandlers and Jackson traveled from New York City to Florida. They then flew to Santa Barbara on a private plane.

June 30, 1993 Jackson has his first post-op follow up at Dr. Klein’s office. He said MJ was experiencing pain due to his work and rehearsals. He had to wear a hairpiece to camouflage the scar. Dr. Sasaki said he told Debbie Rowe that the area should be exposed to air as much as possible to heal.

June – July 1993 About this time June and David tried to warn Michael about Evan but he didn’t take them seriously, saying that these kind of things happen to him all the time, and people were always trying to get money out of him.

July 1993 – Michael starts working on a short film named “Is This Scary” with Stephen King and Mick Garris for a song scheduled to appear on “The Adam Family Values” soundtrack.

July 2 Evan goes to Rent a Wreck to try and enlist Dave’s help. Ray claims a day or two earlier Dave asked June to request a 4 million dollar loan from Michael.

July 7, 1993, Evan Chandler’s attorney Barry Rothman files papers for modification of the custody agreement between Evan and June. Evan leaves heated messages for June asking for a meeting. Fields retains private investigator Anthony Pellicano to look into Evan.

July 8, 1993 – David Schwartz tapes a couple of long telephone conversations he had with Evan Chandler in which Chandler threatens to “destroy” Jackson with the help of a plot he carefully prepared and with people who are only waiting for his phone call to set everything in motion if the star refuses to communicate with him and refuses to give him what he wants. During the conversation Schwartz, trying to find out what Evan’s problem exactly is with Jackson, at one point asks him if he suspects Jackson sexually molests Jordan (“Do you think that he’s fucking him?” ) to which Evan answers “I don’t know. I have no idea”. It’s important to note that no complaint or indication of molestation has come from Jordan himself at this time.

July 9, 1993 – Dave Schwartz and June Chandler play the tape Dave made of his phone conversation with Evan Chandler to Jackson’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano meets Jordan in Jackson’s Century City condo without the star being present. He asks the boy very specific questions about whether he has ever been molested or inappropriately touched by Jackson. The boy’s answer to each and every question is that nothing inappropriate has ever been done to him by Jackson, and that his father just wants money.

June, Jordan and Michael refuse to meet with Evan. David tries to calm Evan down when he shows up at June’s home. Later June and David go to Evans home were Evan assaults David.

July 10 Pellicano interviews Jordan at the Hideout

July 11, 1993 – Jordan goes to his father for a one-week visitation, but after the one week expired Evan Chandler refuses to return the boy to his mother. June delivers Jordan late –she intended to spend the weekend at Neverland celebrating Lily’s birthday

July 12, 1993 – Evan Chandler has his ex-wife, June sign a document(stipulation to the custody agreement) prepared by his lawyer Barry K. Rothman that prevented her from taking Jordan out of Los Angeles County and to meet with Michael Jackson. In the document June also agrees to remit the money (68,804) that Evan owed her in child support. (Ray Chandler denied that his brother owed this money to June at all.) June later said she signed the document under duress since Evan threatened her that he would never let her see Jordan again if she didn’t sign it.

July 15, 1993 – Chandler’s lawyer, Barry Rothman, calls Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Mathis Abrams and present him with a hypothetical situation. In reply and without having met either Jordan Chandler or his parents, just based on Rothman’s hypothetical situation, Abrams sends Rothman a two-page letter in which he states that “reasonable suspicion would exist that sexual abuse may have occurred”.

July 16, 1993 – According to the Chandlers, right after the letter arrives from Dr Abrams Jordan conveniently “confesses” about his alleged sexual molestation. Evan claimed that the boy’s allegations came out after sedation for a minor dental procedure with the help of his anesthesiologist friend, Mark Torbiner.  After the boy woke up from the sedation Evan desperately pressured and tried to get Jordan “confess” but the boy would not say that Jackson molested him. At the end Evan threatened to destroy and hurt Michael Jackson if his son would not tell him what he, Evan considered to be “the truth” and then asked him again if Jackson has touched his penis to which the boy allegedly answered with an almost inaudible “yes”. Evan has no further questions: “he had heard all he needed to hear”, writes Ray Chandler in “All That Glitters”. Evan later told the DA: “We never talked about it again.”

—- Note: July 16 is also the date they claim they received the letter from Dr. Abrams. Evan Chandler was licensed for conscious sedation and Torbiner was suspiciously not present when his patient (Jordan) was waking from sedation.

July 18 1993 Evan refuses to return Jordan to his mother.

July 20 1993 According to Ray, Evan wanted June to sign a stipulation to custody and David wouldn’t let her.

July 21 1993 Michael Freeman (June’s attorney) started calling Rothman.

July 27, 1993 – Rothman writes a letter to Evan Chandler advising him how to report child abuse without liability to the parent.

July 27th 1993 – Around now Debbie moves into Jackson’s condo in order to help with his reliance on pain medication.

August 1993 – Chandler’s patient Suzanne Ager files a law suit against him.

August 4, 1993 – A meeting between Michael Jackson, Anthony Pellicano, Evan Chandler and Jordan Chandler takes place in a suite at the Westwood Marquis Hotel. According to Pellicano, when Evan arrives he attempts to exchange pleasantries and hug Jackson, then pulls out Dr. Abram’s  letter (based on a hypothetical ) and reads passages from it. It doesn’t state that Jordan has ever admitted any of it as being true, or that they have any proof. Before leaving Chandler pointed his finger at Jackson saying “I’m going to ruin you”. Later that day Evan Chandler and Barry Rothman meet Pellicano in Rothman’s office where they make their demand for $20 million.

August 9-13, 1993 – Pellicano first makes a counter offer of $1,000,000. After Evan Chandler rejects it Pellicano comes back with an offer of an even lesser amount, $350,000. Chandler rejects the offer and Rothman makes a counter demand: a deal for three screenplays. Jackson rejects it.

August 9, 1993, Rothman met with Pellicano, who, according to Geraldine Hughes, yelled at Rothman “no way, that’s extortion!” Pellicano later sent a fax to Rothman stating that Michael Jackson didn’t do anything wrong and he will not pay the money requested.

August 13 1993. Anthony Pellicano recorded a conversation between himself and Barry Rothman. It was all about money, and molestation was not mentioned.

August 16, 1993 – June Chandler’s attorneys called Barry Rothman and informed him that they would be appearing in court the next day to obtain an Ex Parte order demanding the immediate return of Jordan to his mother. The Court then ordered Evan Chandler to return the boy to his mother and also that the document that Evan had June sign on July 12 would be overturned. In the motion against the order Evan Chandler doesn’t mention any suspicion of sexual abuse.

August 17, 1993 – Michael arrives in Bangkok, Taiwan for the third leg of his Dangerous World Tour.

August 17 1993 – deadline for Evan to return Jordan to June. Evan takes Jordan to Dr. Mathis Abrams to describe his “molestation”. According to Barry Rothman’s legal secretary at the time, Geraldine Hughes, Jordan had spent time with Rothman in his office before he was taken to the therapist. Therapists are required by law to report every such allegation to authorities, so Abrams reports to Child and Family Services. LADP starts investigation. Jordan stays with Evan. While all this is happening back in the USA Michael Jackson is on tour abroad.

Court–Ex Parte hearing –Evan ordered to return Jordan within 48 hours. The Child Services report on August 17, 1993. Excerpt from the report:” Minor stated he and his father met with Michael Jackson and attorneys for father and Mr. Jackson and confronted him with allegations in an effort to make a settlement and avoid a court hearing”.

August 19, 1993 – June Chandler’s attorney Michael Freeman meet with Barry Rothman in latter’s office. June has a “change of heart” and this is when she starts siding with Evan. Allegedly because she believed her son: “Mother stated that if Jordie had said it, it must be true”, so the DCS report of August 19, 1993.

August 20th 1993 – Jordan cites this as the date he moves in with his step mother Nathalie, and his two younger siblings.

August 21, 22 & 30, 1993 – search warrants for Neverland, Century City condo, Michael Jackson’s hotel room at the Mirage Hotel (Las Vegas).

August 23, 1993 – First reports about the allegations in the media.

August 24, 1993 – Evan Chandler, June Chandler, David Schwartz, Michael Freeman meet with Barry Rothman for three hours in his office. Geraldine Hughes claims she overheard Evan Chandler say “I almost had a twenty million dollar deal.”

August 25 1993 Evan Chandler is served with a $68,000 court judgment for unpaid child support.

August 25th 1993, According to Ray Chandler’s subpoena he states that Evan Chandler moved him into his house at this point, 2 days after allegations became public in order that Ray could help him start writing a book about Jordan’s supposed sex abuse.

August 25, 1993 – Someone illegally leaked a copy of the abuse report to tabloid show Hard Copy. On the 26th, Diane Dimond spoke about the “anonymous source” she met at a restaurant who gave her the documents. ( Rodney Allen claims Ray Chandler gave them to her) Diane Dimond will also later claim she started receiving letters from Rodney Allen around here claiming another Jackson had molested him – documents show his name being mentioned in the 2005 case, saying Rodney Allen would not be a part of that one, which suggests he may have been a part of the 1993 case.

August 26th-27th 1993 – Victor Gutierrez speaks to police for 2 hours on the 26th and again on the 27th about Jackson, as he says he is writing a book about some of the boys involved, and claims he has already spoken to these boys.

August 26-27, 1993 – Evan and Jordan Chandler spend all day and night in Rothman’s office hiding from the media. Geraldine Hughes claims she overheard Evan Chandler say to Rothman: “It’s my ass that’s on the line and in danger of going to prison.”

August 26 1993 Evan submits a statement to LAPD according to Ray (ATG)

August 28, 1993 – Geraldine Hughes meets with Jackson’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano and informs him about what she experienced in Rothman’s office.

late August, 1993 – Barry Rothman quits representing the Chandlers after Jackson files extortion charges against him and Chandler. According to Rothman’s legal secretary, Geraldine Hughes “Dr. Chandler and Mr. Rothman continued to put their heads together as they very carefully planned their next moves. Dr. Chandler continued to call our office at least four to five times per day (on a light day) to speak with Mr. Rothman, and he continued to give Dr. Chandler advice concerning his every move.”

August 30, 1993 – Parts of the secretly taped phone conversations between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz are released to the media by Pellicano.

August 31, 1993 – Chandlers hire attorney Gloria Allred.

September 1, 1993 – A secretly taped phone conversation between Barry Rothman and Anthony Pellicano is released to the media by Pellicano. Since Pellicano has a reputation of secretly taping his conversations Rothman was rather cautious in this conversation, but even so the talk between the two men is clearly about how much money and how many movie deals Evan Chandler wants.

According to Ray—That afternoon, accompanied by Gloria Allred, Jordie gave a sworn statement to Lauren Weis. (ATG)

September 1 1993 Jordan gives his first description of Jackson’s genitallia.

Evan and Jordan are questioned. Detectives Deborah Linden and Rosibel Feruffino were present, and he was questioned by Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Lauren Weis.

September 2, 1993 – Gloria Allred gives press conference where she states the accuser is willing to testify in court. Allred is fired almost immediately, as Larry Feldman would even say that she only worked for 36 hours. Allred is replaced by a civil attorney, Larry Feldman.

September, 1993 – Evan Chandler files a lawsuit against June Chandler and David Schwartz for invasion of privacy, violation of Penal Code section 632, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy. In the lawsuit Chandler complains about David Schwartz recording their telephone conversations and giving them to a third party (Anthony Pellicano) and that some of the recordings found their way to the news media. In a cross-complaint David Schwartz sues Evan Chandler likewise for invasion of privacy, violation of Penal Code 632, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In this complaint Schwartz claims that in the summer of 1993 his family was torn apart by Michael Jackson’s interference, but also states that he does not think that Jackson has molested his stepson.

1993 Tabloids offered $200,000 to Ronald Newt Sr. to lie and say that something happened between his kids and Jackson. Mr. Newt refused to lie and he wrote “no good sucker” where his signature was supposed to go. Mr. Newt’s son talked about what he was told at the meeting:“Say he touched you. All you have to do is say it. But you might have to take the stand. You might have to go on ‘Oprah’ in front of all these people. You have to be prepared for this thing. Just say it. And we’ll give you money”.

Jim Mitteager brought them the contract, which was signed by the tabloid’s editor, David Perel. Jim Mitteager taped the conversation, as usual, and it’s included in the famous Mitteager tapes.

These tapes prove how the tabloids created false stories about Jackson. Johnnie Cochran referred to the incident in his April 1994 interview for Ebony. Many friends, doctors, relatives, and members of Jackson’ staff have publicly said that the media offered them money to lie about the singer throughout the years. They also said that publishers asked them to write salacious lies, otherwise there were not interested in publishing their books. 

September 7,1993 According to Ray— Attorney Richard (Hirsch) said. “We’ve spoken to the district attorney several times, twice in the last two weeks, and I don’t think they’re likely to bring criminal charges unless the police come up with some form of corroboration. So this opportunity Bob’s talking about may disappear when and if the DA announces he’s not filing against Michael. We’ll lose our leverage. So if you decide you want to settle, now would be an opportune time to start negotiating.”

September 8, 1993 according to Ray– the group met once again, this time at Larry Feldman’s office to officially hire him as Jordan’s attorney. Dave was mad at the lawyers because they told him that if there was a settlement he could not be included. He wanted four million dollars the same amount he attempted to borrow from Michael. Ray claims Evan slapped Dave and the attorneys broke it up. (Dave claimed he was knocked unconscious)

September 14, 1993 – Larry Feldman files a $30 million civil lawsuit against Jackson accusing him of sexual battery, battery, seduction, willful misconduct, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and negligence. This includes against Evan Chandler. 

September 1993 (Ray book entry for December 14) –“back in September, Jordie had given a detailed description of Michael’s penis and testicles to the DA. Feldman was aware of this, but had yet to discuss it with his young client.”

October 6, 1993 Jordan is interviewed by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner, who is an expert in false child abuse allegations; But Dr. Gardner’s report is not used. Not only was it never mentioned, Dr. Katz’s (the psychologist who later interviewed Jordan and the Arvizo’s) testified in 2005 that he entered the 1993 case when Larry Feldman asked him to review the tapes of that interview between Jordan and Gardner and give him his feedback.

19th October 1993 National Enquirer, Michael Jackson warned: get ready to be arrested.

October 28, 1993 – Jackson attorney Bert Fields writes a letter to LAPD complaining about their tactics of trying to manipulate children into saying incriminating things about Jackson. Police interviewed 40-60 children (according to some sources up to 100) who had ever spent time with Jackson or at his Neverland Ranch. No one corroborated the accuser’s story. All children said nothing inappropriate or suspicious has ever been done to them by Jackson.

October 29 1993 Mexico City stop. Rowe said she saw Jackson in Mexico City when he went there for the “Dangerous” tour. He was messy and wouldn’t make eye contact.

November 1993 It’s reported that Jordan Chandler had given a description of the singer’s genitals, and Feldman at that point declined to comment. Howard Weitzman said he was not aware of any search warrant regarding the issue and added “You got to be kidding me. Mr. Fields is going to depose this young man at the appropriate time. And we are not concerned about those issues in this case. We don’t believe it. Period”.

November 4, 1993 Michael’s attorney Bert Fields files a 10 million dollar law suit against Globe Intl Inc. —- for the tabloid claiming that Michael paid off victims.( cases dismissed based on a settlement on 2/18/1994)


November 8, 1993 – A fourth search warrant, this time for the Jackson Family’s Hayvenhurst, Encino home.

November 11, 1993 – Jackson’s last performance on his ongoing tour in Mexico. The remaining dates of the tour are cancelled. He seeks treatment for a dependency on painkillers in London with the help of Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John.

November 14, 1993 – Pepsi ends it’s more than a decade long sponsorship of Jackson.

November 15, 1993 – Jackson attorney Bert Fields holds press conference confirming that Jackson is undergoing treatment for a painkiller dependency. He says Jackson is “barely able to function on an intellectual level”. He would not disclose his whereabouts. Adding that Jackson, “has no intention of avoiding coming to the US”. The media casts doubt on the dependency claim and makes suggestions that Jackson is running and hiding from the law, even though he was not charged with anything, nor was an arrest warrant issued against him in the US at this point. (nor later in this case, for that matter)

November 16, 1993 – Larry Feldman files a so called Motion for Trial Preference which is a special request to have the civil trial heard within 120 days after the motion is granted. This request is usually given to children under the age of 14. In other words the accuser’s side was working hard on getting the civil trial ahead of the criminal proceedings.

November 22, 1993 – Dr. Beachamp Colclough, the doctor who was treating Jackson for his dependency, releases a statement confirming that he is treating Jackson for painkiller dependency and refutes media rumors about Jackson “hiding out” and also rumors about cosmetic surgery and that he was suicidal: “no other medical, surgical or psychological condition exists”.

November 22, 1993 – Five former bodyguards of the Jackson family (Leroy Thomas, Morris Williams, Donald Starks, Fred Hammond, Aaron White) file a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson claiming they were fired because they “knew too much”. The bodyguards, who were asking for monetary damages, didn’t work for Michael Jackson, but for his family in Hayvenhurst. The bodyguards received payments from the tabloid media for their stories (Hard Copy paid them $150,000). The bodyguards never reported to authorities that they saw any inappropriate behavior by Jackson towards children. In fact, in depositions given to the police they admitted they never saw anything inappropriate.

November 23, 1993 – Friction in Jackson’s team of attorney begins when Bert Fields told reporters that a criminal indictment against Jackson seemed imminent. The information turned out to be false. Jackson’s other attorney Howard Weitzman, who joined Jackson’s team about two and a half months earlier, told reporters Fields just “misspoke himself” which made Fields furious. “Mr. Fields’ reason for making such a statement was due to the fact that according to California and Federal laws, when a civil defendant faces the possibility of criminal prosecution for the same factual allegations, the defendant is entitled to a Stay of Discovery and Trial in civil proceedings until the statute of limitation has expired on the criminal case” (Geraldine Hughes: Redemption). In other words Jackson’s team was trying to have the civil trial delayed until after the criminal proceedings were completed because “the civil lawsuit allows hearsay and circumstantial evidence to be admitted, while the criminal case does not. Therefore, the premature filing of a civil lawsuit while the criminal investigation is ongoing can cause the defendant to be prejudiced or suffer self-incrimination if they are indicted in a criminal case.” (Geraldine Hughes: Redemption)

November 23, 1993 – Judge denies request by Jackson’s attorneys to postpone the civil lawsuit until the criminal proceedings were completed. Civil trial court date set at March 21, 1994. Feldman gave a news conference outside the courthouse, (after Judge Rothman had denied the defense’s motion to delay the civil trial), and among other things he said that he wanted a medical examination of Jackson’s body, and that he was in the process of requesting it. Howard Weitzman said that the Santa Barbara D.A. didn’t give him copies of the seized material, and that this was unusual.

November 25, 1993 Thanksgiving (Ray claimed)– Larry Feldman calls Evan, “we’re going to push on. So far there ain’t a button I’ve missed. The only thing we gonna do is keep the criminal behind us. I don’t want them going first.”

November 26, 1993 – Police raid the offices of Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein and plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Hoefflin confiscating medical records of the star.

November 30, 1993 –The Phoenix Gazette, Section A, By Jeff Wilson:

GOLETA, Calif. — For more than two decades, Roman Catholic priests sexually abused boys aged 7 -to 16 at a boarding school in a Santa Barbara seminary, a panel organized by a Franciscan order concluded. A board of inquiry for the St. Barbara Province of the Francis­can Order said Monday that 12 priests engaged in nude games, fondling and other sex acts with students at St. Anthony’s Semi­nary from 1964 to 1987, when it closed because of financial prob­lems. So far, 34 boys, mostly teenag­ers, have been identified as vic­tims.A message left after business hours Monday at District Attorney Thomas Sneddon’s office was not immediately returned. Lt. John Thayer, a police spokesman, said prosecutions of the priests were unlikely because of the statute of limitations, which is six years on child molestation cases in Califor­nia.

December 1, 1993 Evan and Jordan are questioned by LAPD again (Weis)

December 1993 According to Ray Chandler’s book—Evan and Feldman talking about the possibly of Michael taking the fifth in a civil suit and in going public with that information. “To influence the public– The public perception of you and your children is important no matter what money they are is.”

Feldman–“Listen to this, Evan. Maureen Orth is writing this big Vanity Fair article. And when she went to see Fields he said, we’re going to litigate this case hard and heavy, we’ve got nothing to hide. Now he wants a six year stay! She’s fuckin’ gonna see this and flip… and Diane Dimond too, you know, who’s really your closest ally.”

They were talking about Maureen’s article entitled”Nightmare at Neverland” Ray tries to claim that MJ tried to stay the case for 6 years. Looks like Feldman was interviewed. Ray doesn’t give a date but Nov 23 court action is mentioned. Article was printed in Jan 1994

Early December 1993 Maureen Orth appeared on Larry King to promote her article on the allegations that would appear on the January 1994 issue. J. Randy Taraborelli was there to defend Michael Jackson against Orth’s article, and Katherine Jackson called in to blast Orth as well. Maureen Orth looked uncomfortable under Katherine’s attack.

December 3, 1993 – A letter, signed by Jackson, is sent to Bert Fields ousting him as chief attorney for the civil case. On the 13th Fields resigns and leaves the case completely. After Fields’ resignation Jackson is represented by Howard Weitzman and Johnnie Cochran – the latter has newly joined the star’s defense team. Private investigator Anthony Pellicano also leaves and publicly states upon his resignation that he firmly believes in Jackson’s innocence and his leaving the case is no indication of anything different.

December 7, 1993 Adrian McManus was deposed regarding the Jordan Chandler’s case. She said she never witnessed sexually inappropriate acts by Michael Jackson and that she would leave her own son with him. She changed her story a year later (in a December 2, 1994 deposition) when she joined the security guards suit. A co-worker of McManus, Francine Contreras, labeled her a liar and a thief in her 2005 testimony. Among other things, she said that Adrian McManus never told her anything negative about the singer and that she had witnessed the maid stealing on the job.

December 8, 1993 Latoya’s press conference in Israel.

December 10, 1993 – Michael Jackson returns to the United States.

December 10 1993 – Victor Gutierrez tells Chilean press El Tiempo that MJ sexually abused two Chilean boys.

December 14th 1993 National Enquirer — Inside Michael’s secret playroom [cover], Michael Jackson’s weekends with boys in secret playroom.

December 14, 1993 according to Ray–It took several hours for Jordie to provide a description that Feldman could understand. There were numerous distinctive markings and discolorations on Michael’s privates, and it was difficult for the boy to explain exactly where they were located, what size they were, and what shape they took. The problem was not Jordie’s memory: he had seen Michael’s genitalia so many times and from every possible angle that he had a precise mental picture. The problem was trying to explain the details.

Michael’s attorneys, Cochran & Weitzman, meet with Larry Feldman, Deputy D.A. Lauren Weis and Judge David Rothman to discuss the case and they were informed about the investigation. Larry Feldman would later reveal how disturbed he was when he found out that one of his potential key witnesses had been paid $15,000 from Hard Copy.

December 15, 1993 – Blanca Francia, who worked for Jackson as a maid between 1988 and 1991, appears on Hard Copy and claims she saw Jackson showering naked with a young boy. (This claim will be discredited by the boy – or by that time young man -, Wade Robson himself at Jackson’s 2005 trial.) Francia also said she suspected her own son too was molested by Jackson. Francia got paid $20,000 for her story by Hard Copy. Francia never reported the molestations she allegedly witnessed or suspected to authorities. In fact, in a deposition she gave to the police she says she never saw Jackson shower with anybody or molest anybody.

December 17, 1993 – Judge denies a request by Jackson’s lawyers to prevent parties from disclosing informal and formal discovery material arising from the civil proceedings to the District Attorney’s office. Although based on precedent cases “it was believed to have been the practice to freeze civil proceedings when a criminal prosecution involving the same facts was warming up or underway” (Geraldine Hughes: Redemption). Not in this case which could have given the prosecution in the criminal case an unfair advantage and jeopardized Jackson’s right to a fair trial. [The significance of which of the two types of proceedings – civil and criminal – precedes the other and why the Jackson camp was fighting for the criminal proceedings to precede the civil proceedings while the Chandler camp was fighting for the civil proceedings to get ahead of the criminal will be discussed in detail in a separate article.]

December 20, 1993 – A search warrant is issued for Jackson’s body. Michael Jackson is strip searched. His genitalia and body is photographed and videotaped by authorities to compare them with the description the accuser gave of Jackson’s private parts. Jackson is not arrested.

December 22, 1993 – Jackson releases a video statement, maintaining his innocence. Michael Jackson’s lawyers (Cochran & Weitzman) appeared on Larry King Live right after the live Neverland statement and brought up the possibility that Jordan Chandler had been put up to make the allegations, and they also revealed that at one point he had recanted his allegations to an investigator. They said that the paid tabloid witnesses did not say anything incriminating in their depositions and they recanted their tabloid stories.

Christmas 1993 Late that evening, Nathalie, Emmanuelle and Nick board a flight for Paris to spend a week with her family.

December 27, 1993 Victor calls up the FBI telling them he’s a Mormon writer working on a book about Jackson and tell them that he has information that they, the FBI, had investigated Jackson in 1985 or 1986 for reportedly molesting two Mexican boys and that this investigation had been covered up because Jackson had been receiving an award from the president, which was actually in 1984. The FBI checked their indices and could find no such investigation or reports on any of their files.

On December 17th in Chile Victor had told the media there that Jackson had sexually abused two Chilean boys; 10 days later and a call to the FBI and the boys had become Mexican. It would seem he was trying to establish some kind of investigation into abuse of two Hispanic boys in order to establish credibility with his earlier claims.

December 28, 1993 Larry Feldman filed a declaration on Jordan’s behalf about the alleged molestation as an addition to his already filed civil lawsuit. This declaration was leaked to the press. It was written in an official and adult language, and it did not come directly from Jordan Chandler. There was nothing new in the declaration – it was the Child Services report repeated.

28th December 1993 National Enquirer, Michael Bombshell: 2 more boys tell cops they were molested [cover] –Michael Jackson Scandal – 2 more boys accuse him –Why Oprah has kept silent about her pal Michael

December 30, 1993 – The Chandler’s attorney Larry Feldman files a motion to compel Jackson to answer a list of questions for the civil suit. Over a hundred questions are asked about each person under the age of 18 that Jackson has entertained since January 1, 1983.

December 1993 – January, 1994 – The law enforcement officials of Santa Barbara after months of investigation, interviewing dozens of children and still unable to find another “victim” are pressuring the son of Blanca Francia (the maid who, for $20,000 claimed on Hard Copy that she saw Jackson showering with Wade Robson) to say something incriminating about Jackson. The boy, Jason Francia, is first interviewed in December then again in January. The police interviews him and makes phone calls to him when his mother is not at home. Initially the boy denies anything inappropriate has ever been done to him by Jackson. After much pressuring, leading questions and emotional blackmail (among others the police lying to him about other boys, such as Macaulay Culkin, being molested by Jackson and suggesting that they can only help them if Francia corroborates) the boy finally gives in and says what the prosecutors want to hear: he says Jackson tickled him three times over his clothes while inappropriately touched his genitalia.

1994 – Diane Dimond claims that throughout this year she received letters from Rodney Allen claiming to be young boys in Canada who had been abused by Jackson.

January 1994 Ray’s book -Judge Rothman had refused Michael’s motion for a gag order. Not only was Feldman free to release some of the lewd evidence he had collected against Michael, but even more devastating, the court’s ruling also permitted him to turn over every scrap of evidence to the DA. — Michael would have to comply with certain demands from Feldman.

January 4-5, 1994 – Larry Feldman files a motion in which he gives Jackson a multiple choice request: Jackson may provide copies of the police photograph made of his body, submit to a second search or the court may bar the photographs from the civil trial as evidence.

January 10 1994 Larry asks the court for access to Michael’s financial records. Lawyer Seeks Jackson Financial Records : Investigation: Attorney for the boy allegedly molested by the singer files partial transcripts of depositions telling of bedroom activity and photos. Jackson’s counsel says the papers misrepresent sworn statements.

“These are half-truths and untruths,” Weitzman said of the claims made by Feldman. “When all the facts come out, we are confident that Mr. Jackson will be vindicated.”

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., who also is representing Jackson, echoed Weitzman’s remarks. “This is innuendo and misrepresentation,” he said of Feldman’s motion. “It just points out how he is trying this case.”

January 14, 1994 – Judge postpones Jackson’s deposition scheduled for January 18 and two hearings on whether Jackson would be compelled to answer the written questions submitted by Feldman and whether Feldman was entitled to the photos of Jackson’s body search. The hearings were rescheduled for January 25 and Jackson was ordered to give his deposition between January 25 and February 1.

January 24, 1994 – Prosecutors office announces that they decline to file charges against Evan Chandler, the father of Jackson’s accuser, for extortion.

January 25, 1994 – The civil lawsuit is settled out of court between Jackson and the accuser and his family. The total amount paid to the Chandlers is $15,331,250. The criminal investigation is going on. Both sides stated – and it’s also stated in the settlement itself – that the settlement is in no way an admission of any guilt by Michael Jackson. Both sides pointed out that the criminal investigation was going on. Los Angeles District Attorney, Gil Garcetti also maintained that the settlement did not affect the criminal investigation. The settlement also did not prevent the boy testifying in any criminal case. (In fact, for the 2005 trial of Jackson he was asked by the prosecution to testify which he declined.)

January 26th, 1994 – Within days of the settlement the accusing boy’s uncle, Ray, admits they shopped a book with publishers about the allegations. Publishers turn him down fearing legal complications, since the settlement stated that none of the parties are allowed to talk to the media about the allegations, and also saying they could not believe this family would immediately attempt to circumvent the agreement like that. (Eventually Chandler publishes his book in 2004 at the height of the media frenzy caused by the Arvizo allegations.)

Judith Regan book publisher:

“I received a call from Jordan’s uncle. He wanted to do a book in which he would describe in detail the allegation of molestation against Michael Jackson. So I asked him how he proposed to do this given the fact that the Chandlers had actually signed a confidentiality agreement and taken $20mln. And he said that Jordan’s father had given him all the information he needed for the book and he believed he was outside the bounds of the Confidentiality agreement because he would be the author. At the time I had the impression that the Chandlers were brazen opportunists and I found the entire proposal by the uncle to be distasteful. They enter a Confidentiality agreement and before the ink is even dry they are shopping a deal that violates this agreement?”

Ray Chandler would confirm these events himself in a Motion he filed when Michael’s defense (yes, Michael’s defense!) tried to get him on the stand in the 2005 trial to get him cross-examined. He was fighting tooth and nail against having to appear in court and present his alleged evidence there. In his fight against the subpoena he hid behind the Shield Law, claiming he was a journalist. And this is what he disclosed in that Motion in support of that:

“Within days after Jordan Chandler’s civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson was settled in January, 1994, Raymond Chandler traveled to New York City to seek a publisher for the purpose of putting the information he had gathered in the form of a non-fiction book for dissemination to the public. Such intent on the part of Raymond Chandler is evidenced by an article that appeared in the New York Post revealing his contact with a publisher one day after it occurred.”

January 31, 1994 – About a week after the settlement Gil Garcetti announces that he would seek to change the law in California to force the boy to testify. According to Californian law at the time in sex crime cases the state could not compel testimony from juveniles. Eventually this law got changed, exactly because of the Chandlers, so later on an accuser in a sexual assault case was compelled to give testimony in a criminal trial and could not go for a civil lawsuit right away. The new law also forbade the civil trial to precede the criminal trial. This is why Jackson’s 2003 accuser had no choice but go to a criminal trial first.

February-April, 1994 – Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Grand Jury hearings. Both Grand Juries disband without indicting Jackson.

March 2, 1994 California State places a lien for 3,134 against Raymond Charmatz’s home in Carpinteria, CA

March 22 1994 Story in the papers about how a father, Gary Ramona, was suing therapists who had used the drug sodium amytal on his daughter, Holly, under the influence of which she suddenly remembered that he had sexually abused her, this was in spite of repeated medical exams as a child which showed she had not been abused.

March 17, 1994 – Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson is subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in Los Angeles. It is not normal procedure for a mother to be called to testify against her own son. Jackson’s attorney, Howard Weitzman: “In all the years of my experience, I’ve never before seen the mother of the target of an investigation called before the grand jury. It’s just done in real poor taste. It borders on harassment.” Prosecutors seek information from Katherine about whether Michael Jackson changed the appearance of his genitalia – yet another strong indication that Jordan’s description did not match.

April 1, 1994 Evan Chandler sells his dental practice to Dr. Mells.

In divorce papers Nathalie stated she got stuck with the tax bill on his dental business for $21,952.00

April 11, 1994 – A request by Michael Jackson for the return of the photos taken during his body search is denied.

May 3rd 1994 Harvey Levin at KCBS-TV in LA reported that Evan Chandler had used the controversial drug sodium amytal on his son in order to get the supposed confession, but the dentist claimed he did so only to pull his son’s tooth. Mary Fischer would later confirm a lawyer associated to the Chandler’s had told her the same thing. Testimony under this drug is considered inadmissible in court, which would mean Jordan could not testify.

May 9 and 10, 1994, Hard Copy invited as guests the paid tell all ex-employees and excerpts from Evan Chandler’s diary were read. Chandler confirms the $20 million and extortion and admits that when Jackson didn’t pay he then sent Jordan to Dr. Abrams, knowing that he was obligated by law to inform the police

June 15th 1994 and December 15th 1994 – Evan receives his money from Jackson’s insurance.

July 6 1994 This is when Jordan informs police of his refusal to testify. Since the investigation had begun they had plenty of time to file charges if they had any incriminating evidence.

1994 Nathalie Chandler sells the family home at 527 Avondale avenue los Angeles, CA 5 bedroom/ 5 bath 4,047 sq feet Assessor’s ID 4264-001-015 ( all the other addresses I found for Evan have been smaller rental/condo’s)

August 8, 1994 David Schwartz files a civil case against Evan Chandler LA case SC031774

Ray- June answered Evans complaint by claiming that his suit was an attempt to extort money from them by using his son. Jordan would not have to be called as a witness.

On August 16, 1994 Jordan’s step father Schwartz file a lawsuit against Jackson for monetary compensation because he and his 6-year-old daughter Lily were “very traumatized by the allegations.” June and David divorced in 1994. Lily would later “favorite” a Youtube video of her, Jackson and Jordan together at the World Music Awards in 1993 – the same time the alleged crime was said to have happened.

September 6 1994 The date cited as the separation date between Nathalie and Evan in her divorce papers.

September 15, 1994 Evan is sued by former patient, Lindy Rochefort. Case is voluntarily dismissed 11/23/1994 ( Pacer) California central district

September 21, 1994 an official statement was made by Tom Sneddon and Gil Garcetti regarding the status of the investigation. They said they interviewed over 400 people, including children that denied any inappropriate contact, and 30 of these people testified in 2 grand juries. In their joint statement they admitted they had no evidence against Michael Jackson and therefore they could not file charges. Their only witness informed them on July 6, 1994 that he didn’t want to testify, and they quoted him “I am sorry, I do not want to and I will not testify”

Gil Garcetti admitted that the 18-month investigation didn’t lead to anything incriminating. Tom Sneddon was too embarrassed to admit that the witch hunt, with the 6 search warrants, 2 grand juries and hundreds of witnesses lead to nothing

September 22, 1994 Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garletti and Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon announced that after a 13-month investigation in which 400 witnesses were interviewed, no charges would be filedagainst Michael Jackson. They state this is because Jordan Chandler refuses to testify.

December 2, 1994 Neverland 5 file a suit against Michael Jackson and body guards including Bill Bray. Santa Barbara case SM89344

December 16, 1994 Hard Copy referred to Blanca Francia and her son asking for a settlement –after Michael’s lawyers rejected her proposal–To pressure Jackson the story was also reported in late January 1995 in British tabloids and New York Daily News.

January 3, 1995 Nathalie files for divorce from Evan (but does not file any more documents till 9/25/98) LA Case SD008520. Relating to the divorce it shows Ray Chandler’s future book was indeed ghost written by Evan, as it states that Evan retained the “right to commercially exploit said literary works for profit” and that they “shall be the sole and separate property of husband.” Evan gave Nathalie $450k and $150k of the money from Jackson’s insurance to Nathalie.

Divorce papers: Looks like Nathalie got 50% of Evans share of the settlement 400K Dec 15, 1994, 150k June 15, 1994—for spousal support. It looks like everything was very civil at first and neither asked for child support although Nathalie reserved that right. All debts involving Michael and the allegations are on Evan not Nathalie.Evan retained all rights to “screen plays, ideas, treatments, outlines motions pictures”. Said literary works include but are not limited to the following:

Six inches from heaven LMAO

Jo Bob, Billy and the Cap Gun Kid

James Bunny in Terminal Humor, the last laugh

The sleazoids vs The Schulmbergers”

Nathalie filed to dissolve marriage so that the children and their lives would be separate due to repeated media scrutiny and repeated threats of physical harm.Fears that divorce would be leaked and Jordan’s identity would be no longer be confidential.

1995/1996 A property is rented in Santa Barbara. Evan and Jordan are listed as occupants according on utility records and a PO Box is opened under both their names.(although Jordan is living with his stepmother) Ray admits in a later story that Evan moved to Santa Barbara after the allegations.

January 5, 1995 Diane Dimond calls the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s office. The LA county DA receives information that a videotape existed depicting Michael Jackson engaged in sexual contact with a minor, and that Gutierrez, a freelance journalist who reports on appellant’s activities, had seen this videotape. – The investigation is concluded within a day.

January 6th 1995 – Nathalie Chandler goes on hiatus from her legal career.

January 8, 1995 Diane Dimond video tapes an interview with Victor Gutierrez. (Filed under seal 3/13/97 in court case)

January 9th 1995 – Diane Dimond alleges on The KABC-AM Radio Broadcast that a videotape exists of Michael molesting Jeremy Jackson, her source for this is Victor Gutierrez, “one of her best sources.” Again she says of him, “I have never had a doubt about this person, ever.” And “And, I have to tell you, if my source is correct, who has seen this tape, and again, he always has been. The acts that are being performed on that tape are exactly what the accuser a year ago said Michael Jackson did to him.” Third Voice [apparently Gutierrez]:  “[Unintelligible] ․ the tape, there is no doubt about it.

January 12th 1995 – Jackson sues Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez over the nonexistent tape.

April 27th of 1995 Diane Dimond airs Hard Copy TV show about Rodney Allen and the street kid who alleged molestation against Jackson.

June 13th 1995 – Jordan receives letter regarding him seeking emancipation from his parents. His money was already in trust, the courts were trying to make sure that his application for emancipation wasn’t an intent to circumvent the financial agreement. In other words he wasn’t applying for emancipation so he could be considered a legal adult to get his hands on the settlement money early. What was the rush and why didn’t he want the records sealed is the bigger question? He states he is living with Emmanuelle and Nick and step mother Nathalie.

June 14th 1995 – Sneddon prepares Diane Sawyer for 3 hours in order for her to question Michael on her show.

June 1995 Evan’s brother, Ray gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly in which he said that the Chandlers love Michael and they bare him no ill will.

July 4, 1995 – Globe Magazine reports that Jordan Chandler has emancipated himself from his parents. Source looks to be Victor Gutierrez. Claims he emancipated because his family is too greedy.

August 19, 1995 Reports that Sneddon had twice contacted Presley’s mother, Priscilla, for information about Jackson’s relationships with young boys.

August 23, 1995 Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon told Maureen Orth that the case against Jackson was only in suspension, and not over.

Sept. 13, 1995  Suzanne Agers case against Evan over Medical malpractice. The case went to trial and the verdict was given July 30, 1997. Evan filed for protective order 5/21/1997 and for a judgment in his favor on 9/10/1997. She filed against him again on June 13, 1997 SC047702 and it was dismissed on 1/21/1998. All That Glitters: “And one went to trial, but was dismissed when the plaintiff, knowing she was losing, attempted, in the middle of the case, to admit new evidence that a repressed memory had surfaced of her being sexually molested while under sedation in the dental chair.” Agers did add the sexual assault later in the case as a , “repressed memory.” She wasn’t keeping her court appearances and her own attorney appeared to be disgusted with her.

January 18 1996 Lisa Marie files for divorce against Jackson.

January 27, 1996 Sneddon once again tells journalists that the case against Jackson is only in suspension, and not closed.

May 7, 1996 Evan Chandler files a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson for the Sawyer interview. Evan lists his address as 156 West 56th street New York on court docs – which appears to be his attorneys. In actuality he is living is Santa Barbara. A copy of Chandler’s original 1993 complaint was filed in with that suit. He claims some pretty nasty stuff things pertaining to his childs alleged molestation and rephrases most of it for 16 pages.  A description of the alleged molestation was attached to some files for no apparent legal reason. The media was heavily reporting on that case and it was apparent that Chandler wanted people to see it prior to making their report– as a way of humiliating Michael into a settlement.

According to her divorce papers Nathalie loaned Evan $441,500 to carry on various legal cases he was involved in as a result of his participation in the Chandler v Jackson matter.

25th May 1996 Child abuse scandal boy to testify at last! LMP and MJ face trial, She’s hiding in church, he’s fleeing country – story based on Evan’s lawsuit, Evan’s lawyer tells National Enquirer (for $$$ clearly) that Jordan will 100% testify (LOL for $60 million of course) in order to scare Michael.

July 31, 1996 Evan opposition to MJ motion to seal response to complaint

September 1, 1996 Raymond Charmatz opens business named Chandler Distribution Group. Business is listed at a condo complex at 1536 S. Bundy

Sept 19 1996 fax pages from Evans attorney suggesting a really redacted copy of agreement be given to LMP. Only one copy, it must remain in attorney’s office w/ any notes– agree to protective order ect.

Sept 24, 1996 Evan concedes (wants to give LMP) a copy of agreement and asks that it be redacted. MJ continues his “absurd fight to keep the agreement from Presley” Her attorney will be provided a retracted copy.

October 15, 1996, Judge Dunn ruled that Gutierrez’s story was false and that he had acted with malice and was therefore liable for presumed and punitive damages. The amount of which would be determined at a later date.

Nov 1, 1996 LMP files protective  order… Not party to agreement, lives out of state and does not have copy of agreement.

November 14th 1996 Lisa Marie’s counsel will receive a redacted copy for the first time. It really seems like she wanted out of the suit entirely or arbitration with a copy of the confidentiality agreement. MJ really didn’t want her to see it and there was a lot of stuff fighting about it. If she saw it would this mean she’d have to maintain the confidentiality agreement too?

28th January 1997 According to Ray: June’s attorney, Michael freeman, is convicted of bankruptcy fraud in 1997.

From California Bar: Overview of the attorney discipline system. 4/13/1997 Resignation with charges pending 97-Q-10407 Resigned 1/28/1997 Vol.inactive(tender of resign.w/charges) 97-Q-10407 Not Eligible To Practice Law

Jan 23, 1997 Evan files against LMP Opposition to protective order ( fucker wants her deposition public for $$ ) Petition for a copy of her dissolution of marriage (wants to prove that Lisa and MJ had sham marriage so he can claim she has to testify, has collected news articles from various tabloids in an attempt to prove the marriage was fake). claims perjury because of paperwork interviews to the contrary, resident of California when filed for divorce on 1/18/96. April issue of Vogue says building studio in LA home. If court orders depo. available in or around Miami, Fl.sealing transcripts and video tape.

Jan 29, 1997 LMP declaration resident of Florida and have not lived in California for more than a year. If court orders depo. available in or around Miami, Fl. –sealing transcripts and video tape.

Jan 30,1997 Declaration written & signed by LMP dated. Lives in Florida and hasn’t lived in CA for over a year. Concerned for personal safety, privacy and media.

February 16, 1997 News paper reports that although Evan Chandler lives only a few hundred yards away from Jordan in a bachelor pad, he rarely sees his son.

Feb 20, 1997 Evan’s declaration – MJ attorney and agents media campaign to destroy his life because of claims of son. Evan claims that in spring 1995 he had planned to return to practice until learning of MJ’s media campaign. (failed to mention the sale of his practice a year prior) Claimed to have received death threats after Sawyer, Impossible to return to practice. 

March 7 & 8, 1997 LMP deposition

March 24, 1997 notice of motion– LMP will move for protective order, as she states that Evan has used this for press/money for himself and counsel. States that they called media and told them where/when her deposition would be. Counsel went on tabloid news program. Counsel refused to make transcripts confidential. Deposition went on for two days, includes private issues and was video taped….abusing system for personal gain ie. paid media interviews camera time.

April 1997 According to Nathalie Chandler’s divorce papers:

Summary of cost for Jordie while he lived with Nathalie

9/94 to 4/97

Food, entertainment, cash $14,400.00

Vacations: Tahiti, Eluthra,  Copper Mtn, Vail, Taos, Grand Bahamas, Mammouth, St Lucia and Ski Camp $11,388.00 paid by Nathalie Chandler

May 6, 1997 ruling on motion to compel arbitration

May 21, 1997 order on motion to compel arbitration and stay civil action

May 30, 1997 Summary of costs judgement 52,500.00 for def. in Dimond/Paramount/KABC-am radio(Roger Barkley & Ken Minyard) stipulation 7/15/1997

June 1997 Victor Gutierrez publishes his book about Jackson, supposedly it is banned from the US for being too graphic.

June 30, 1997 Judgement as to ABC and Sawyer

July 24, 1997 notice agreement RE costs sought by defendants ABC,INC and Diane Sawyer

July 25, 1997 Evan started to file appeals in the Sawyer/ABC portion of the case.( after he got ABC costs and attorney’s fee’s) He knew a judgment was coming and they could seize money and property in his name (eventual Judgments in favor of LMP, MJ Sawyer and ABC.

July 31, 1997 stipulation re:amount of defendants costs and attorney’s fees; order by fax

13th August 1997 – Jordan and Evan get trainee pilot licenses in the Santa Barbara area. They soon flee to New York.

jordan pilot

August 25, 1997 plaintiff Evan Chandler’s notice of appeal from judgment as to defendant’s American broadcasting

October 7,8 & 9, 1997 Looks like Victor tried to hide under shield law, Then filed a motion to televise trial and wanted Jackson to appear– filed by Victor

October-December 1997, a legal action to assess the amount of “presumed and punitive damages” to be paid to Michael Jackson by Victor Gutierrez was delayed due to Gutierrez filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Jackson’s lawyers stated that the damages would be assessed and determined and that Gutierrez would not be protected indefinitely by his action. From the list of docs filed it looks like the Bankruptcy thing went back and forth from Oct- Dec. End of March jury selection.

December 1, 1997 Ray files to have his last name legally changed to Chandler – the very surname he alleges to have been receiving death threats


December 30, 1997 Evan’s brother Lawrence buys a property in Great Neck, New York for $ 0 from the Bower family. An estate inheritance? A gift from some random people? Or was the property bought with help from Lawrence’s realtor wife —cash under the table to avoid taxes and realtor’s fees so a family member could hide from the media?

April 1, 1998 Court finding Victor Gutierrez “willful failure to appear at trial”

April 9, 1998 Michael Jackson wins the slander suit against Victor Gutierrez. Superior Court Judge Reginald Dunn ruled that Gutierrez’s story was false and the jury subsequently awarded Jackson $2.7 million in damages.

May 26, 1998  A suit is filed on Jordan’s behalf in LA case by Evan’s attorney SC052717 ( Sawyer) in a blatant attempt (by the Chandlers) to circumvent the court order for arbitration Complaint for breach of contract and accounting. Evan wanted a public trial!!False claim of blackmail, threats and ridicule by media and other. Breach of contact because he went on various programs including, Sawyer and Howard Stern to restore image in June 94. Fischer’s GQ article, Interview with LMP , HIStory album song lyrics & Sony for publicity HIStory album (gives examples) He wants an accounting of the benefits he received from publicity and $$$

August 1998 Nathalie estimated that Evan’s gross monthly income was 15 grand. In the divorce papers it was stated that, “respondant is capable of such earnings but refuses to work.”

September 5,1998 – after Evan’s lawsuit has pretty much been torn apart, Nathalie continues with her divorce to Evan, filing a lot of paperwork at this point

September 1998 Evan Chandler takes off with Jordan in Sept 1998 and Nathalie states she is unable to find him after divorce and child support. He had been in Santa Barbara. She contacted his niece Fanny Windsong (Fantasy Windsong) who had been close to Jordie but she had no idea where they were. “He was a nomad or a recluse since living with Jordie.”


According to Beatrice Heitner (his mother) and Ray Chandler they did not know where he was either.

November 6 1998 – Ray Chandler appears on Inside Edition to continue pushing the Chandler story in order to help with their lawsuit against Jackson. He claims Jordan has to live outside the US because of fears for his life.

Around this time he unleashes a statement to media: that he is planning on going to ABC-TV’s Manhattan studios bearing a large sign. The sign, he says, will assert: ABC and Diane Sawyer helped Michael Jackson cover up his sex crimes against children, just to increase their ratings. Before confronting the Disney-owned broadcaster, Chandler says he will post on the Internet a 30-page detailed account of his claims about Jackson and the interview the singer and then-wife Lisa Marie Presley gave to Sawyer on Prime Time Live in June 1995. (Chandler’s message will be on the Internet from Nov. 1 at Ray tells the media he is writing a book about MJ and will publish it in 1999, he claims he will donate all the profits to the Children’s Advocacy Project, and will not receive any payment from it. This would be untrue, and to date, none of the payments made to Ray have been donated to any children’s charities.

November 6-10 1998 – Rodney Allen says Ray Chandler is lying about Jordan fearing for his safety, saying the story about almost being hit by a car is made up. Victor and the Neverland 5 all attempted to make similar claims, though none of them was ever able to produce evidence of this happening. Rodney claims Ray Chandler is doing all of this for money. 

November 17, 1998 National Enquirer: Jackson Shocker: gunmen try and kill Jordan Chandler Ray Chandler sells story on behalf of Evan about Jordan living in fear of life, claims death threats, “shots fired” at house, but the only one they have is Denise Pfeiffer who did none of that. Ray claims here they lived in Santa Barbara for a bit – so they moved back to the US and back to the area MJ lived right after the abuse. They claim it was Sneddon who refused to let them testify as he was scared for their lives, they claim they had no money for a bit after 1993 because insurance payments hadn’t been made yet and only started coming in a few months before this article – provably false. Ray, “he looks like a male model.” This is directly tied up their lawsuit. Says Jordan is fine now and “he came out of this still a heterosexual.”

December 4, 1998 Publications and a declaration by Nathalie Chandler in RE: Effort to locate Evan Chandler ( filed 12/04/1998)Nathalie lists her total monthly expenses as $6760.00 per month. Robert Ozen (friend) living with her. Receiving $5 grand per month dividend from unknown source.

NC charges that EC refuses to work and is living off of Jordan. He has an unwillingness to work. Jordan ignores his siblings and Nathalie Chandler in spite of the fact that he chose to live with them for 32 months.

January 1999 – Rodney tells people that there is a “DNA” match to Jordan’s underwear with MJ and he’s going to hand it to the police.(sound familiar Diane)

Jan 13, 1999 MJ’s side: Notice to consolidate arbitration (same case trying to avoid private arbitration) MJ claims they breached contract-cross complaint. To avoid court’s ruling on arbitration Evan filed a claim in a different county for Jordan. Wants cases consolidated but Evan/ Attorney refuse (wants two chances for more $$ ) Evan vs MJ Looks like it was over in the spring of 1999 — LPM and others confirming arbitration awards Evan filed appeals Judgments against Evan 3-04-05 Memorandum of credit interest filed by Defendant for 16,808.  22 3-04-05 Appl for renewal of judgments filed by defendant  3-21-05 Proof of service, filed by Plaintiff 12-13-06 Notice of destruct of exhib & Ord. filed  12-21-06 cert/order re destruction 1952 CCP, filed

March 3 1999 Evan Chandler was ordered by the court to pay Nathalie Chandler $27,788.00, plus interest.

May 1999 – Rodney caught and charged with sexual abuse of two boys, one of his offenses was trying to get the boys to “share their DNA with him”..

 June 18,1999 Nathalie/Evan’s divorce is official.

June 25, 1999 order confirming or arbitration award in favor of the MJJ parties and against Evan Chandler. judgment confirming arbitration award going to LMP $9,891.98 and ABC/Sawyer $13,307.07 ( that’s with a 2k discount)

July 8, 1999 Jordan begins closing proceedings on 20 old meadow bend in West Hampton Beach. Jordan pays cash and closing is July 22, 1999. He lists his uncles Great Neck address as prior residence on deed records.

July 12, 1999 memorandum of costs – filed by Lisa Marie Presley by fax

uly 12th 1999 Nathalie Chandler goes on hiatus of her legal career.

September 16, 1999 plaintiffs notice of appeal from the judgment between Evan Chandler and Michael Joseph Jackson

October 21, 1999 stipulation in order to amend judgment to reduce costs award in favor of defendant Lisa Marie Presley

June 30th 2000 Nathalie Chandler resumes legal career.

February 15, 2001 Sneddon tells the New York Daily News the case against Jackson was never closed and it can be re-opened at any time. He says the statute of limitations hasn’t run out because Jackson was living out of the country for so much time.

Jordan attends NYU Sonnet Simmons says she “followed her first love (Jordan) to New York after graduation.”

November 21, 2000 memorandum of costs on appeal-claimed by defendants against plaintiff Evan Chandler

June 7, 2001 IRS places a federal tax lien against Raymond Chandlers property for 7,916 IRS Serial No. 770151658 ( IRS wouldn’t give me info. but if it’s public it’s against property to advise other creditors)

Jan. 29, 2002 June Chandler buys 12243 Shetland lane Los Angeles drive home.

September 26 2002 Bashir films the Gavin segment.

October 16, 2002 Just weeks after Bashir films Michael and Gavin (September 26) Jordan takes out a million dollar loan against the equity in the Hampton house. 2003 – Jordan’s new step father Robert Rosen takes time off his career as a scriptwriter (also having been a former musician), to raise the  Chandler children with his wife Nathalie.

February 2, 2003 The day before the Bashir interview is aired in the UK Jordan begins closing procedures on the sale of the Hampton house. The sale is finalized on February 27, 2003. February 3rd 2003 Bashir interview is aired in the UK. February 6, 2003 Jordan Chandlers 1993 declaration is leaked to the Smoking Gun.

On Monday I spoke to Larry Feldman, the lawyer who represented the boy’s family and cut the $20 million deal with Jackson. Feldman’s name is on the court papers, but he is adamant that he had nothing to do with their release. “You can say that categorically we did not release the complaint,” he said.

February 27, 2003 The Bashir documentary airs in the United States.  Jordan lists his address as 235 West 56th Street, New York on deed records. (Rental property) 

March 3 2003 Ray Chandler gives an interview to National Enquirer saying the Chandler’s always read the tabloid after the allegations broke in 1993 and they were amazed at how accurate it was. 

2003-Evan calls J. Randy Taraborelli, after his 2003 edition was published (May?) saying:

“You owe me. If I ever see you again, it’s not going to go well for you. You’d better hide because I am coming for you”

 October 9, 2003 ABC seeking “Abstract of judgment” from Evan Chandler for $31,307.07.( the original judgment plus interest)  They were still seeking the costs from the court case, Evan hadn’t paid. November 2003, when Jackson was accused of child molestation for a second time, Gutierrez began giving interviews about the case to Chilean newspapers. He claimed that the new set of allegations validated the contents of his book and as a result, Jackson had defamed his character and now owed him money. Gutierrez even went so far as to say that Jackson’s 2,700-acre ranch would soon be his. During an interview with La Cuarta, Gutierrez alleged that Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon had contacted him about being a potential witness in the current case against Jackson. A week later, a member of the District Attorney’s office contacted La Cuarta to refute those claims

November 21, 2003 Corey Feldman appeared on Larry King Live and repeated that Jackson never acted inappropriately with him and that he had never seen him acting inappropriately with any other kid at Neverland.

Late 2003 in his home country Chile, Victor Gutierrez published an article in which he linked a politician of a right-wing political party to a pedophile ring. Gutierrez’s article gave a detailed description of what allegedly went on in the house of a businessman, Claudio Spiniak, who was arrested just a few days earlier for operating a pedophile ring, and claimed that a senator of the Alliance for Chile (a coalition of right-wing political parties) participated in those pedophile orgies. Gutierrez did not name the politician in his article but alleged that the senator’s name was given to authorities. Later in an interview conducted by Gutierrez for a TV program, a minor boy, a street child, claimed to have seen a well-known right-wing politician at Spiniak’s orgies. The boy later retracted his claim and it was revealed that Gutierrez paid him 10,000 to 20,000 Chilean pesos.

2004 Sonnet is still in New York according to her best friend Laurie Brucker who meets her here. Laurie will later show photos of her wearing a white glove to imitate him on Halloween in 2007, and talk about what a legend he was the day after he died in 2009.


Early 2004, Gutierrez was offered $25, 000 a month from Dateline NBC to cover the Jackson case. He accepted the offer and became a consulting producer for the news program.

February, 2004 Gutierrez’s lawyer acknowledged the payment to the child but claimed it was only a “humanitarian gesture”, not something given in exchange for the interview and false accusations. Authorities could not find any link between the pedophile ring and any politician of the party accused by Gutierrez but the rumors were enough to tarnish the public image of the right-wing coalition and certain politicians. 

June 16 2004 The confidentiality agreement between the Chandler’s and Michael Jackson is leaked by Diane Dimond.

July 20, 2004 Ray Chandler starts up a company: “Windsong Press LTD.” Registered in Nevada and Raymond Chandler is listed as an officer and provides a Santa Barbara address. The “registered agent” is an attorney Business Entity Search – Secretary of State, Nevada

Ray Chandler finally laid out his last card which had remained hidden until the very last moment: “The protection of the California shield law are not restricted to a journalist “employed” by a media outlet. The Code uses the phrase “or other person connected with or employed (by the media) (underline added), and it specifically included publishers as well as reporters. Defendant has incorrectly identified the publisher of Raymond Chandler’s book as Windsong Press Ltd. of Gurnee, Illinois. The correct publisher is Nevada Corporation (doing business in California) that is also named Windsong Press. Raymond Chandler is the sole owner of this publishing company, which holds the copyright of his book. As such Chandler is not only a journalist by way of authorship of a non-fiction book, he is also “connected with or employed by” the publisher.”

September 28, 2004 -Prosecutors for the Arvizo trial visit Jordan Chandler in New York to try to get him testify against Jackson in the upcoming trial. He declines and he “advised that he would legally fight any attempt to do so.”

October 25, 2004 – Jackson’s defence is trying to subpoena Ray Chandler, who has been making his rounds in the media, promoting his book. In interviews Chandler claimed to have documents proving the Chandlers’ claims. Jackson’s defence team attempt to subpoena him. Ray Chandler successfully fights off the subpoena. While doing so in his motions he admits he doesn’t have any evidence against Jackson.

December 2004 Sneddon seeks out Jeremy Jackson to interview, even though the tape involving him was found not to exist, Sneddon seems to still believe he had been molested. His mother states they did this because Jeremy had turned 18, and they waited until he was home alone.

2005 Dateline NBC aired a report entitled “Inside the Michael Jackson Case”; the credits reveal that Gutierrez was the consulting producer for the program.

March 4,2005 Memorandum of credits- interest – 16,808.22, filed by Defendant ABC against Evan Chandler

ABC won a judgment in June/July 1997 and had 10 years to collect. MJ and LMP won judgments in July 1999 and had 10 years to collect. I didn’t see anything that said “satisfaction of Judgment” and ABC filed paperwork in March of 2005.

Since Evan went to New York I think they would have had to file something with New York state to seek costs (since the case was in California) but it appears everything was in Jordan’s name and Evan was hiding funds or broke. It would be a huge hassle for ABC and I can’t see a multi million/billion dollar company chasing him across the country for 13 thousand. Since Victor and Bashir both worked for ABC maybe they were hoping for a “leak” or an exclusive with Jordan since the DA was hoping he would testify.

They might have been the ones to tip Jordan off to the documentary before he sold the Hampton house.

Late March 2005 When asked by an interviewers if Jordan will testify uncle Ray responds that he will, having variously said he’d be there for the Grand Jury proceedings too, he also claims in his interviews that Evan Chandler can’t testify because he has “terminal cancer” and is therefore too sick to. He also claims that he has no contact with either Evan/Jordan.

April 5 2005 Jordan is photographed by paps skiing in Nebraska, the US, with friends, including Sonnet Simmons.

2005 Jordan and Sonnet are no longer dating but file a song together, “You’re So Good For Me.”

June 10 2005 Jordan signs a Power of Attorney and title search in order to buy a home at 352 West 117th street in Manhattan.

June 13, 2005 Michael Jackson is acquitted on all 14 counts

June 20 2005 Jordan begins closes deal on Manhattan home, lists his home as 33 Hudson Street apartment 1901.

jordan home 620 2 001Jordan home 620 001

July 7, 2005 Evan beats Jordan with a dumb bell, sprays him with mace and chokes him. According to the Evan police notes it is believed that some kind of firearm was involved at the time of the battery against Jordan, but was soon changed to a charge of harassment. The judge found that plaintiff had proved that he and his father, the defendant, were members of the same household when this happened—turns out they weren’t occupants of the same household, just same building, Evan lives at No. 1608E and Jordan at 1901. The judge also found that the weight could cause serious bodily injury or death. Jordan presses charges and files a restraining order claiming harassment and abuse. The judge was satisfied that plaintiff had provided evidence, which if believed, would support a finding of aggravated assault. It doesn’t appear that Evan ever left the home after this. It’s noted that Evan requested a court appointed attorney.

July 18, 2005 Jordan buys home at 352 West 117th Street Manhattan for 775k and lists his prior address as 33 Hudson street, suite 1901 –he later crosses it out and lists a PO box on some docs.

July 24, 2005 Evan Chandler goes after Jordan’s “constructive trust” i.e money

July 2005 Evan lists himself as self employed.

August 5 2005 Jordan obtains a temporary restraining order against his father.

August 19th 2005 Jordan’s restraining order against his father is continued again

September ?? 2005 Charges against Evan dropped.

February 27, 2006 Ray dissolves “Windsong Productions” company

May 23rd – June 8th 2006 restraining order against Evan is lifted and then reinstated.

March 21, 2007 The case Evan filed against Jordan for the money held in trust is dismissed with prejudice.

November 17, 2007 – Jordan’s step father Robert Rosen becomes sober.

2008 Gutierrez was sentenced to 61 days in jail and ordered to pay 30 million Chilean pesos (approximately $60,000) to former Miss Universe, the ex-wife of Argentina’s former president, Carlos Menem, Cecilia Bolocco for untrue and slanderous claims he made about her private life. This was considered a precedent, the highest amount of compensation ever awarded in this type of case in Chile

July 8th 2008 – Jordan transfers his home in Manhattan located at 352 W. 117th Street, Unit: 5E to his company –Harlem World Properties LLC. Jordan transfered the condo through a power of attorney in 2008. The notary he used was in LA . He listed his new address as 12243 Shetland lane, Los Angeles. The same address where Lily and June live

November 25, 2008 Evan files a suit against Dr. Lynn Ratner. Several motions to dismiss ( denied) Disposition dates set 2010 motion to dismiss because there is no estate rep ( denied) Supreme Trial Other Final Disp. (Pre-Note) SCHLESINGER, ALICESTATUS CONFERENCE 16 09:30 AM DISCONTINUED 2/16/2011 ) ** still active case ??** New York Index number 109989/2008

January 22nd 2009 – Evan writes his will, and intentionally excludes all his children from his estate, saying “For reasons best known between us, I purposefully make no provisions in this, my last will and testament, for any of my children or their issue.” He says in under no circumstances are his next of kin to get control of his estate or his remains. (ashes)

August 17, 2009 Evan files a suit against Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The case bounces around several federal court houses. Incorporated into a class action suit and is voluntarily dismissed from all of them.

November 5, 2009 One week and a day after This Is It hits theatres, Evan commits suicide, estranged from everyone around him he states that his next of kin are only to be informed about his death long after his funeral and his remains have been dealt with. He names what appears to be an accountant Alan C Margulies as the executor of his will.  ( I contacted Margulies and he refused to talk)

June 2nd 2010 June Chandler sells her 12243 Shetland lane Los Angeles drive home.

August 5th 2010 – June buys a new home, address: 13700 Marina Pointe Dr, Unit 1019 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-9265, a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo, under JRC trust.

January 10, 2011 The home in Great Neck is sold/transferred for $ 0 into Elaine Charmatz’s name


February 19 2013  An open House is held at Jordan’s NY apartment, and the real estate agent tells potential buyers that Jordan is currently in Europe.

Jordan is currently living in Marina Del Ray with his yoga instructor girlfriend.—Pictured below with his girlfriend, June Chandler and others.


Emmanuel and grandma

Nathalie’s mother and Emmanuelle Chandler

Nathalie Chandler and Nick Chandler

Nathalie Chandler and Nick Chandler

Palanker and Zonen

Louise Palanker met the 2003 accusers, Arviso family, at the laugh factory where she was the children’s mentor for a summer comedy camp. It was reveled in court that she wrote two checks to the family totaling twenty thousand dollars among other gifts.

On January 7th, 2005, sheriffs interviewed Palanker who said “This family can be as whacky as they want to be” and when referring to the children’s mother Janet, said that she “believed the kids were collaborating in what she was saying.” Palanker went on to tell the Santa Barbara sheriffs that Janet wanted to move — take her kids and move into her home. “I know that Janet’s unbalanced. I think she’s totally bipolar”. 

“Janet would sell them at the benefits, then sell them at the hospital, and David was never at The Laugh Factory when the children were coming.” 

 “It was always David or it was the children being coached to ask me for a laptop. Being coached to tell me that they hadn’t gotten any Christmas presents.” 

 “Janet always put him up to it, and he had to do what she told him to do”. “These people are teaching their kids to lie”. 

She further complained to law enforcement about the family by saying, “The behavior from the children from the family was so over the top all the time. You don’t just get one letter from them. You get five letters from them. You don’t get one phone call. You get five phone calls. A message from Janet on your answering machine can last five minutes.”  Palanka said, as she goes on to mimics types of messages she received on her phone to the sheriffs.


Palanka, however, would paint a very different picture in court when she testified for the prosecution. Upon cross examination she stated, “I was exaggerating. I didn’t know I was being taped.”

  On June 14, 2005, a day after the verdict and the gag order was lifted, Palanka took to her blog. Writing about her various interviews and stating, “My heart belongs to D.A. Ron Zonen.”



The prosecutor would be a frequent guest on her radio show and the couple would eventually marry in 2011.

Palanker would also host a radio program with Diane Dimond entitled Talk It Over Radio.



Chandler Divorce and Sawyer suit

Chandler Divorce

Evan’s home life became increasingly strained. According to court records he and his second wife Nathalie separated on September 6, 1994. Among other things, Nathalie was to receive the family home, which had been placed solely in her name in 1992. Evan was to receive the proceeds from an agreement between himself and his former dental partner, Dr. Mells, dated April 1, 1994 dealing with the sale of his dental practice. Evan would also maintain sole ownership of his literary works, a couple of which were scripts entitled “Six Inches From Heaven” and “The Sleazoids vs. The Schulmbergers.” Three months later the couple signed dissolution of marriage agreement citing irreconcilable differences. Evan granted Nathalie, Jordan’s stepmother, reasonable visitation with Jordan, and the agreement outlined who would pay for his private schooling at Crossroads and his everyday expenses. At first glance one would wonder why these things would be included in the agreement if Jordan was living with his father. But, according to the records, Jordan had chosen to live with his stepmother and half-siblings, Emmanuelle and Nicholas, without his father for thirty-two months. So it was agreed that Evan would pay all of Jordan’s expenses while living in Nathalie’s home. At first their divorce seemed amicable, but that would not last for long.


Evan and Nathalie’s divorce judgment was finalized in early 1995, but because of the “pending or threatening litigation” involving Evan’s participation in the Chandler vs. Jackson case, Nathalie received $550, 0000 from the settlement agreement and Evan was not required to pay child support at that time. The matter of child support would be held in abeyance — no child support would be ordered until needed. It was also widely reported in 1995 that Jordan Chandler had emancipated himself from his parents while living with his stepmother. But things would soon take a turn for the worst. According to Nathalie she had loaned Evan money in the past and had been repaid. So when Evan asked to borrow money again she loaned him “$441,500 in order to carry on various legal cases as a result of the Chandler v. Jackson matter.” Evan made the promise that if Nathalie needed funds prior to finalization of Evan’s legal matters, he would repay her immediately even if he had to borrow the money from Jordan — to which Jordan agreed.

On May 7, 1996 while Jackson was still fighting the Gutierrez and Neverland 5 suits,Evan Chandler filed a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, Walt Disney Company, “ABC” Capital Cities Broadcasting, Diane Sawyer, Neverland Zoo Foundation and others. His suit was for slander, intentional emotional stress, negligence, conspiracy, unjust enrichment and breaching the confidentiality agreement from the 1994 settlement. Chandler claimed that the confidentiality agreement had been breached when Jackson maintained his innocence in the interview he and Lisa Marie gave Diane Sawyer on June 14, 1995. The lawsuit also claimed that in the lyrics of his 1995 album HIStory Jackson made “derogatory, harmful, malicious and fraudulent public statements” about the Chandlers, even though in none of the album’s lyrics are the Chandlers named (though there are songs criticizing greed the media’s conduct, and there is one song that criticizes District Attorney Tom Sneddon). Evan Chandler this time demanded $60 million from Jackson, attorney’s fees, a jury trial and a record deal so that he can release an album about the alleged sexual molestation of his son, titled EVANstory. According to the lawsuit, “This album will include such songs as: ‘D.A. Reprised,’ ‘You Have No Defense (For My Love),’ ‘Duck Butter Blues,’ ‘Truth,’ and other songs.”

Lisa Marie Presley was being sued by Chandler based on her alleged interference in the confidentiality agreement. However, Presley was not a party to the agreement nor did she have a copy of the agreement. Her attorneys filed a protective order and stated that if a deposition is ordered they request it be made at her current address in Florida rather than in California. (Numerous documents as well as tabloid articles are filed to call into question the legitimacy of her residence and even her marriage to Jackson.)

Lisa Marie Presley’s attorney

Based on speculative and unfounded “conspiracy” allegations, plaintiff Evan Chandler has improperly dragged defendant Lisa Marie Presley into this lawsuit that is really between Chandler and Presley’s former husband, defendant Michael Jackson alone. Chandler’s recent actions prove that his reason for improperly suing Presley is, pure and simple, publicity, for himself and his counsel. Two weeks ago, Chandler took Presley’s deposition, and secretly called the media to tell them when and where Ms. Presley would be deposed. When they arrived at the deposition, Ms. Presley and her council were unexpectedly besieged by the press. Chandler’s counsel also went on the air in a nationwide tabloid news program to publicize the Presley deposition. It would not be surprising if counsel had been paid for that. The deposition included questions about such private issues as Ms. Presley’s marriage to Jackson. Yet when asked to make the transcripts confidential, Chandler’s counsel refused, showing that Chandler intends – unless stopped by this court — to further improperly publicize Ms. Presley’s private life.

LMP declaration 001LMP declaration 2 001LMP declaration3 001

Evan Chandler often complained about the media coverage, stating that it caused his loss of employment (couldn’t return to his practice but he neglected to state that he sold it 2 years prior) and harassment by Jackson fans. But he was more than willing to contact the media for his own financial motives. Apparently, he only disliked the press when they had something negative to say about him. Chandler was trying to push for a public jury trial in a blatant attempt to humiliate Michael into settling the case. At approximately the same time the media was requesting coverage. Evan mysteriously regained custody of his son Jordan who had been living with his stepmother for nearly two years.

Over Evan Chandler’s objections the court ordered binding arbitration pursuant to the parties’ 1994 settlement agreement. The parties selected a three judge arbitration panel. However, in an apparent attempt to avoid the court’s ruling on arbitration Evan’s counsel filed another suit against Jackson on behalf of Jordan Chandler in a different county (Los Angeles County). Evan and Jordan’s suits were almost identical, except Jordan’s complaint included fewer causes of action. This prompted media speculation that Jordan would testify. Michael’s attorneys asked the courts to consolidate arbitrations.

The three arbitrators of the settlement document (retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bonnie Martin, retired state Supreme Court Justice Edward Panelli, and retired Fourth District Court of Appeal Justice John K. Trotter) determined that there was not a breach of the settlement agreement “because the complained-of activities involved Jackson’s own public image, his music and his new album, not the plaintiffs.” They also said that Jackson could not be deemed by the settlement agreement to be barred from proclaiming his innocence in a public forum such as a TV interview: “In the present case, the arbitrators’ finding of no wrongful conduct based on their interpretation of the agreement did not conflict with any explicit and mandatory term of the agreement.”

Michael’s attorney, Steve Cochran, filed a declaration in Jackson’s still unresolved suit against Gutierrez referencing Evan Chandler’s 1996 case against Jackson stating, “The [1996 Chandler] case basically alleges breach of contract. Portions of that action had been ordered to arbitration under the JAMS/Endispute Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures. Jackson has filed a cross-complaint in that action that alleges that Chandler and his son breached the same contract by divulging certain information to Victor Gutierrez.” There are certainly signs in Gutierrez’s book that lead one to believe he was in contact with the Chandlers. But Gutierrez had a different agenda than the Chandler’s. His story is not that of a victim. His story is a “love story” that was ruined by the “evil prejudice” of society and the greed of the parents. Gutierrez used the Chandlers and then went with his own agenda.

“The problem came in that lawsuit with the Chandlers when they cooperated with Gutierrez. That’s how Michael was able to sue because they had a nondisclosure and once Evan Chandler started cooperating with Victor Gutierrez that put him in violation of the nondisclosure.” said Ken Wells.  “Because the father was still trying to get money. He wasn’t getting much money from the son or something. He was trying to get money…I can’t remember the timeline on that.”

 At this point it must have been apparent to Chandler that his suit against Jackson wasn’t going well.  Jackson filed a counter suit against him, he had been ordered to pay attorney’s fees and court costs to ABC/Sawyer as well as Lisa Marie Presley. According to a declaration made by Evan’s ex wife, Nathalie Chandler, Evan had been living in Santa Barbara, not working, and had moved abruptly leaving no forwarding address.

In August 1998 Nathalie Chandler filed for modification of child support. She stated that “over three years later, respondent still has not offered to pay child support although he has been asked to contribute to the welfare of the minor children.” Since separating Nathalie had lent Evan approximately $441,500 for legal cases, paid a $21,952.57 IRS tax bill on his dental practice, and spent $27,788 on Jordan’s expenses while he lived with her from September 1994 to April 1997. Chandler failed to repay Nathalie and claimed he could not work, or as she stated in court documents he was “unwillingness to work” and had “chosen to live off of his older son Jordan.” She went on to call him a “slacker” who had not seen or spoken to his two minor children since July 1997, despite her and the children’s repeated pleas:

Jordan, who is now eighteen years of age, has come into a great deal of money and, apparently, is willing to support his father but chooses to ignore his siblings along with petitioner in spite of the fact that Jordan chose to live with petitioner and Emmanuelle and Nicholas without his father for thirty-two months after petitioner and respondent separated. Evan is unwilling to work and chooses live in the lap of luxury while ignoring his two minor children. The children keep asking why their father and brother Jordan do not love them anymore and refuse to see them or talk to them when they call. As a result of Evan’s cruel and deliberate abandonment of his two minor children, both children have been in therapy since September 1997, Nicholas openly stating that he didn’t want anything to do with his father and did not trust him.


As a result of respondent’s deliberate and cruel abandonment of his two minor children, both children have been in therapy since September 1997

Nathalie made numerous attempts to contact Evan. His brother Ray told her that Evan and Jordan had moved and were traveling in Europe for an indefinite period of time. Ray’s daughter, Fanny Windsong, who had been close to Jordan, had no knowledge of their whereabouts. Evan’s elderly mother, Beatrice Heitner, told Nathalie that she hadn’t spoken to Evan or Jordan since January 1998, following an argument she had with her son regarding his refusal to visit or support his two minor children. Nathalie stated that despite attempts to reestablish communication she had no idea where he was living. “Evan is not a person who has a lot of friends. Since he decided to live with and off his son Jordan, he has become either a nomad or a recluse. He does nothing to provide for his own living, or that of his minor children. He apparently is satisfied to allow his 18-year-old son to support him and purposefully cut himself off from any other family members who disagree with his behavior,” Nathalie stated.

Nathalie searched for her ex-husband but was unable to locate him. He was not working and there were no utilities placed in his name. He was essentially hiding. Chandler not only owed her a substantial amount of money, he owed ABC/Sawyer, Presley and Jackson as well. They all had won arbitration awards that Chandler could not or would not pay. According to deed records that Jordan filed when purchasing a home in New York in 1999, he had been living at his uncle’s home in Great Neck, New York since 1997.

Additional documents:

Meet The Chandler’s

Born in the Bronx in 1944, Evan Robert Charmatz showed an interest in the entertainment industry at an early age. While attending the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, Evan and classmates Phil Feliciotto and Tom Johanson, as well as Evan’s brother Ray, formed a cover band called The Candy Men. With Evan on rhythm guitar, Phil on lead vocals, Tom on lead guitar, and Ray on bass guitar, the band had fun playing college gigs and frat parties. “Then one summer Phil and Evan got together and wrote that first song. We ended up getting a contract with Columbia Records,” Tom Johanson told us. After that, the band changed their name to The Fugitives, and they put together an album. “The whole album didn’t get released, but we had three singles that were released,” according to Tom.

Their double-sided single “Mean Woman” with “I’ll be a Man” on the B side was released in 1965.“We did get to play a lot and did some TV shows… got a lot of coverage. We lived the rock star lifestyle for a while anyway,” Tom reminisced. They appeared on local programs in the New Jersey and Philly area. “We played with The Birds. [Bob] Dylan used to come in and listen to our songs,” remembers Phil. With the one single’s moderate success on the East Coast the band had high hopes; they felt that they were going to make it big. “We looked good and everyone wanted us because we had the perfect rock and roll look.” The band soon changed their name to Fantasia and signed with Kama Sutra Records. For the most part the band members got along with the exception of Phil and Evan who, according to Tom, had “little personality squabbles sometimes—they didn’t get along that well. Evan was the business manager and he was very outgoing, and Phil was kind of introspective and a little wimpy, so I guess that kind of bothered Evan.”


At the new label the band recorded a song entitled “Got to Get Away” and had high hopes for the single’s success and the possibility of appearing on national TV. “We were excited for the Sullivan Show and everything. And then the third song kind of bombed out. I guess Phil was the one who got discouraged and he decided to go on his own. That kinda broke up the band,” said Tom.

Asked if Evan had taken a break from school at this point to focus on his music career, Phil Feliciotto said no. “Oh, he continued with school. I went to a party at his apartment one time and there was nothing but med students there. They were all doing drugs and here I am thinking, I’m the one who looks like the hippie that everyone assumes does drugs. It really made me look at that profession differently. They were all high.”

Apparently Evan had something of a reputation as a ladies’ man too. “Well, you wouldn’t want to leave [Evan] behind to watch your girlfriend. One time he dated this girl named Barbara Fontana. She was the daughter of a mob guy and it got messy. Things always got messy between Evan and these women that he would date. A cat would bring home a bird…Evan would bring in these women. I guess it was his gift to us,” he laughed.

Evan’s brother Ray would later exaggerate his brother’s supposed good looks, going as far as to claim he was better looking than Rob Lowe. He claimed that Evan “never had a problem attracting women. Blessed with movie star looks, a keen sense of fashion, and far more intelligent than the average bear, they flocked to him like ewes to a rutting ram. His problem was holding on to them.” In later years Evan would have numerous plastic surgery procedures that would ultimately disfigure his face and make him nearly unrecognizable. Because of that, claims of his extraordinary good looks still remain unproven.

After the band broke up, they all went their separate ways with Evan continuing his education to become a dentist, reluctantly following in his father’s footsteps. He obtained his dental license in 1972 and was working in New York when he met June Rochelle Wong, a beautiful woman of Asian and African American ancestry who had briefly worked as a model. The two married and moved the following year to West Palm Beach, Florida where Evan set up a dental practice. But Evan “hated being a dentist” a family friend told journalist Mary Fischer, “he always wanted to be a writer.”

His aspirations to break into the entertainment industry followed him throughout his life. Evan saw his former band mate and nemesis, now calling himself Phil Cody, living in California and having great success as a songwriter. Phil co-wrote “Solitaire”with Neil Sedaka, a song that would be covered by both The Carpenters and Elvis Presley. Evan in turn, determined to make it in the industry in some way, changed his name to Chandler—a former colleague told Fischer that he believed Charmatz was “too Jewish sounding” – and moved to Los Angeles with his wife June in tow, hoping to make it big as a screenwriter in Hollywood.


Feeling that Chandler might have changed his surname for a more sinister reason, I requested information through the FOIA. In my correspondence I included surnames, Chandlers date of birth and other personal information According to clerks who at the National Archives: “We located a file, which contains approximately 450 pages and covers the period from 1972 through 1978. The main subjects of the file are Robert William Masteller and others. The file relates to violations to the Federal Reserve act, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, receiving stolen U.S. Government property, bank Fraud, and embezzling. It is possible that there is an Evan Chandler (or some variation of that name) mentioned in the file, but we are unable to identify such information without doing a page –by-page view.” – They estimated a two year wait on any information.

Feeling that Chandler might have changed his surname for a more sinister reason, I requested information through the FOIA. In my correspondence I included surnames, Chandlers date of birth and other personal information
According to clerks who at the National Archives:
“We located a file, which contains approximately 450 pages and covers the period from 1972 through 1978. The main subjects of the file are Robert William Masteller and others. The file relates to violations to the Federal Reserve act, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, receiving stolen U.S. Government property, bank Fraud, and embezzling. It is possible that there is an Evan Chandler (or some variation of that name) mentioned in the file, but we are unable to identify such information without doing a page –by-page view.” – They estimated a two year wait on any information.

But Evan Chandler was having little success in both his screenwriting career and his dental one, and by December of the following year he was in trouble. In 1978 he was employed at a family dental center in a low-income area of LA. Evan performed restoration work on sixteen teeth in the mouth of a single patient, all during the same visit. An examination of the work by the Board of Dental Examiners revealed that Chandler, “left decay under the alloy, decay around the preparation, fracturing and crumbling restoration” of many of the patient’s teeth. The dental board sighted “gross ignorance and/or inefficiency” and revoked his dental license, all while Evan and June were expecting their first child and finances were tight. The revocation was later stayed; the Board instead suspended him for ninety days and placed him on probation for five years. Chandler later petitioned the dental board to terminate his probation, stating that he had been a sole practitioner in private practice since June 1983, which was not true since he had actually incorporated a self-named private practice 5 years early in August,1978. But despite the blatant lie, the board granted his petition and terminated his probation in December 1983.

Dental Board Records:

Secretary of state showing Chandler incorporated in 1978 not 1983.

Secretary of state showing Chandler incorporated in 1978 not 1983.

By that time, Evan’s marriage to June was in trouble and the couple divorced in 1985. An unnamed friend of June’s would later say that, “one of the reasons June left Evan was because of his temper. June received full custody of their son Jordan, who was five years old at the time, and the court ordered Evan to pay $500 per month in child support.

June moved on from Evan very quickly; that very same year she married David Schwartz, founder of the very successful Rent-A-Wreck company, and like Evan he was many years her senior. June and David went on to have one child together, a daughter named Lily born in 1987.

In May 1992 a random mechanical failure would alter the course of Michael Jackson’s life forever. When his vehicle broke down on Wilshire Boulevard, he happened to be spotted by the wife of Rent-A-Wreck employee Mel Green. After learning of the situation, Mel drove to Michael’s location, picked up the star, and delivered him to the vehicle rental business. Excited, the company’s owner David Schwartz called his estranged wife June Chandler, telling her to come over with their 6-year-old daughter and her son from her previous marriage to meet the star. Jordan Chandler, then 12, was a huge Jackson fan, and his mother June would say that he would even dress up and dance like him as a child. Jordan would later claim that it had been his stepfather’s idea for Jackson to take Jordan’s phone number at this point, claiming that Schwartz had offered Jackson a deal: “You don’t have to pay for the car if you just take Jordie’s number and give him a call.” By her own admission, June had also been keen to encourage a friendship between Michael and her son, telling Jackson about the time that Jordan had sent him a drawing after the singer’s hair caught on fire during the filming of his Pepsi commercial — in reality, it was June who had written the letter and had given it to one of Jackson’s bodyguards in the hospital, including Jordan’s picture and her telephone number. Mel Green, a Rent-A-Wreck employee, said that she seemed pushy with the issue, recalling, “It was almost like she was forcing [the boy] on him. I think Michael thought he owed the boy something, and that’s when it all started.”

When she met Michael in 1992, June’s second marriage was falling apart. David was having financial problems, and the couple were spending most days apart. Her ex-husband had also moved on, dissolving his first California dental practice on June 23, 1987, just a month prior to his second marriage to his wife Nathalie, a French law student who was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1988. Chandler would try his hand at a second dental practice in California and incorporated this practice, located in pricey Beverly Hills, on September 21, 1987. Together Evan and Nathalie had two children. Their son Nicholas was born in 1988 and their daughter Emmanuelle in 1992—the same year that Evan obtained a permit for conscious sedation at his practice. The couple purchased an expensive four-thousand-square-foot, five-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Los Angeles.

By all appearances Evan was stretching himself thin considering he wasn’t making his child support payments and had a new young family to support. Seeming to reflect that Nathalie was the one shouldering the financial burdens in the relationship, the couple’s family home had been placed solely in wife Nathalie’s name within months of its purchase with Evan acknowledging that “ he transferred his interest in said residence to wife in December 1992 and he has had no interest in said residence since that date.” Dave Schwartz later testified that June told him about incidents were Evan had become physically violent with several people, including his second wife Nathalie, June’s mother and Evan’s own mother.

June testified that she had heard of a January 1992 incident between Evan and his wife Nathalie that had turned physical. Given the fact that their daughter Emmanuelle was born in July 2, 1992 Nathalie would have been approximately three months pregnant at the time.

Evan Chandler's violent tendencies were confirmed by his brother Ray in his book All That Glitters

Evan Chandler’s violent tendencies were confirmed by his brother Ray in his book All That Glitters

Evan Chandler’s violent tendencies were confirmed by his brother Ray in his book All That Glitters


July 1966– Evan and Raymond Charmatz are members of a band named The Fugitives who’s single “Your Girl’s A Woman”, co-written by Evan, breaks into the top 40.

Evan spends 4 years in college followed by 4 years of dental school according to his brother Ray.

September 19, 1972

At 28 years old (born 1/25/1944) Evan registers his dental license with the New York Dental Board. It’s unknown what address he used in 1972 but his license is currently listed with the board at the address he committed suicide in.

He meets June at NYU’s free clinic (Ray says ‘73 when finishing school)


Evan Chandler moves to West Palm Beach to practice dentistry– changing his last name to Chandler. According to Mary Fischer’s source he felt Charmatz was too Jewish sounding. But feeling that Chandler might have changed his surname for a more sinister reason, I requested information through the FOIA. In my correspondence I included surnames, Chandlers date of birth and other personal information relating to him.

According to clerks at the National Archives:

“We located a file, which contains approximately 450 pages and covers the period from 1972 through 1978. The main subjects of the file are Robert William Masteller and others. The file relates to violations to the Federal Reserve act, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, receiving stolen U.S. Government property, bank Fraud, and embezzling. It is possible that there is an Evan Chandler (or some variation of that name) mentioned in the file, but we are unable to identify such information without doing a page –by-page view.” – They estimated a two year wait on any information.

Late 70s – Hoping to become a screenwriter Chandler moves to Los Angeles with his wife, June Rochelle Wong.
July 19, 1977 Evan Robert Chandler DDS was granted a California state certificate number DB 026607 by the board to practice dentistry.

August 29th 1978Chandler registers a business located at located at 1000 Granville Ave., Ste. 16, Los Angeles CA 90049 with the California Secretary of State — different place from the Crenshaw Family Dental Center on Crenshaw Blvd. December 8, 1978 Evan Chandler saw patient Deborah Cross. Chandler performed dental services on Ms. Cross performing work on approximately 16 of the patient’s teeth in a single visit. A subsequent examination of the work showed it demonstrated gross ignorance and/or inefficiency in the performances of professional dental services in that the work performed on Ms. Cross’s teeth as indicated herein was improperly done, findings of decay, fractured and crumbling restoration.

January 11th 1980 Jordan Chandler is born.

February 25, 1980 Evan Chandler causes for suspension or revocation of respondent’s certificate. Respondent herein has been advised and assisted in the past by counsel and acknowledges that he has the right to retain counsel to represent him at this time. Respondent knowingly and intelligently waived his right to counsel at this time and is representing himself.

April 28, 1981 Evan Chandler ordered to pay dental board restitutionin the amountof $243.00. He also receives a 90 day suspension of his license, 5 years probation, additional hours of schooling and is required to pass a section of the dental exam.

June 1, 1981 Effective on this date and pursuant to stipulation and settlement and order, Evan Chandler’s certificate to practice dentistry in the state of California is revoked, and revocation was stayed. Petitioner is placed on probation for a period of five years upon certain terms and conditions.
1980-1981 – Upset with his suspended dental license, Chandler leaves town for New York, where he tries to write a film script but is unable to sell it.

1981-1982– Victor Gutierrez is living in Arizona were he becomes a Mormon.
October 13, 1982, Evan files with the board a petition for termination of probation of his dental license. On October 22, 1982 the board denies the petition.
June 1983 Evan claimed that he was the sole practitioner of dentistry in his newly formed office, stating to the board he “has been unable to obtain professional malpractice insurance because of the restrictions placed on his license by the board. He desires termination of the herein probation to improve his chances of securing such insurance.” Seems like practiced without insurance for bit.

November 21, 1983, Evan filed the pending petition for termination of probation.
December 29, 1983 Evan Chandler’s dental probation is lifted.

1984 – Victor Gutierrez claimed to have left Chile at this time. In actuality he fled Arizona and changed his social security number in the process.

1985 – June and Evan divorce, June gets custody of Jordan, Evan has to pay $500 a month in child support. June married David the same year.
1986 – Victor Gutierrez attends an internationalNAMBLA meeting where he claims they talk about Jackson. Victor’s obsession with Jackson and boys begins here, says he hears for the first time: “Michael is one of us.” Claims they hope Jackson could be one of them so they could use him to gain acceptance in the mainstream.

July 31 1987 Evan and French law student Nathalie marry.
September 21st 1987 Evan opens his dental practice on 9100 Wilshire Blvd 330 West Beverly Hills, CA 90212

October 14, 1988 Raymond Charmatz files for divorce from him wife Jeanne Marie Santa Barbara Case SB173958

December 7, 1988 Nathalie Chandler admitted to the State Bar of California. September 23, 1988 Ray Charmatz registers contractor’s Business ( asbestos)

March 27, 1990 Raymond Charmatz is taken to small claims court by Office Mart Santa Barbara Case SC109426
January 30, 1991 People VS Scientific Asbestos Small claims case against Ray’s company. Santa Barbara Case SB185712 Expired contractor’s bond, workers comp. Bond amount 5,000 Not in good standing
January 1, 1992 Evan gets a permit for conscious sedation.

March 28, 1992 Evan’s lawyerBarry Rothman California State bar Disciplinary and Related Actions Overview of the attorney discipline system. 3/28/1992 Discipline, probation; no actual susp. 88-O-12779 (case #)

May 1992 – MJ’s car breaks down, Jordan’s step father called June in to see MJ there, they offered him a deal where he wouldn’t have to pay for his broken down car if he would give Jordan a call.

June introduced Jordan to Michael and she informed him that they had seen him before, while eating at an L.A. restaurant but they didn’t approach him. She also informed him that when he was hospitalized for his Pepsi burn accident in 1984, Jordan, who was 4 at the time, sent a letter and a picture of himself to the Brotman Memorial Hospital. The letter included their telephone number. In reality, it was June who wrote the letter and gave it to MJ’s bodyguards in the hospital including the picture and her telephone number. She was trying to meet Michael for a long time before May 1992.