Jordan Chandler Photo’s

Jordan Chandler


Jordan with friends


Jordan in Amsterdam with his girlfriend


Jordan and Girlfriend in Paris. New Years 2013


His girlfriends most recent photo




  1. These photos seem to indicate that Jordan Chandler has weathered his ‘molestation ordeal’ and is focusing his time and resources in other ways. Well, if you’re going to spend your life as one of the world’s best known ‘child victims’ it might as well be in comfort and leisure. These Chandlers were damaged goods and should have been investigated by child services police long ago. I also believe that Jordan was molested at some point in his young life — but NOT by Michael Jackson.

    1. No, Jordan Chandler is not gay. He’s currently living with his girlfriend in California — it appears they might have gotten engaged.

    1. I agree with ya. That J. Chandler is such a $$$ sucking leech and a coward. I can’t even stand looking at his mug. He’s not a man for telling the truth about the allegations, he’s to scared that if he tells the truth that the allegations was a blackmail and a lie to ruin Michael for his dad’s gain which will put him in jail.

  2. Well, it certainly does look like he has learned to live with what he and his father brought onto an innocent man..
    Must be pretty easy to go through life , surrounding yourself, with a few people who have your back, while you pick up the tab, keeping a low profile
    Now he has a beautiful woman in his life , who will help him deal with it as they make their way through first class hotels and restaurants..
    My only hope for a reckoning for some of these people , is when the next generation of their family comes along.
    Sooner or later , Jordan and his bride will want a family and their children will be in elite schools, with people of the same extraordinary wealth…So, I just wonder how that will play out with people who either inherited that kind of wealth or worked for it when , these fraudsters show up and want a play date.
    What to do , at the .father -daughter dance when another parent asks what line of work you are in? how you became so successful?
    When the name Jordan Chandler sounds so familiar , and yet he doesnt seem like damaged goods, he looks quite pleased with himself .
    After all, the people their children will be hanging around with , wont need Jordan to pick up the tab for anything .
    I wonder how all the information on the internet will effect their lives then,, and how they will explain it all to their kids..

    Who on Earth , would be in a hurry to befriend these people, when you are of the same financial status,..

  3. I wonder why Jordan Chandler — who has worked hard to stay under the media radar while enjoying a life of comfort — hasn’t changed his name? Do what he will, his name is forever linked with that of Michael Jackson. Whenever Jackson’s name surfaces (which happens regularly), either for his accomplishments or to rehash the accusations against him, — Jordan Chandler’s name comes to mind prompting media to perhaps renew its search for him. After all, his physical appearance has changed with age, why not change the name, too?

  4. Jordan has allowed himself to live, love and smile. As well as travel abroad, and buy and sell properties. Enjoying the trust, funds of which were snatched by his father through false accusations. But, I wonder: does he ever think of the damage caused by all the greed behind all this? Does it bother him at all? He has been fairly successful in living under the radar as Judith noted, but changing his name would not have changed facts. They (he and his fiancée) may even live in a low profile and a modest life-style by not going to expensive hotels, restaurants, nor buying mansions or expensive cars, etc… Still it does not erase from the memory a life that was so deeply scared and traumatized by all of those people whose only goal was to plot to ‘steal’ money. Anyways, I would not like to be in his shoes. It is not a peaceful place to be.

  5. How can this man live one day with the guilt of having helped destroy Michael Jackson’s life. It’s one thing to be a child and used by your parent’s but now he’s an adult. He can change the legacy of he greatest humanitarian of our time–Michael Jackson. All he has to do is make one public statement declaring the truth –once and for all. The only thing I can imagine which is keeping him from doing just that is money..someone is paying him to keep quiet. This is a sad sad story. Michael was so good to him and his Mom.

  6. Hi Paula, I’m Carolina González. I’d like to know if Jordan Chandler and Jason Francia charged the money of the civil agreement because there are some people who still believes that Michael Jackson molested them. I’d express your gratitude for your help. Greetings from Chile, Carolina.

    1. Some of you need to stop with the Jordan bashing. He was 13 at the time and controlled by adults. He was a victim even if he wasn’t molested. To blame him for being manipulated by his father and police is unfair.

  7. Well he definitely seemed pretty gay around mj, I heard his parents had a convo about his sexuality Evan: I think jordy is gay June: I have no problem with jordy being gay. Not to mention he was sitting on mj’s lap during the music award show in 1993.

    or maybe he’s bisexual…

  8. So they supposedly engaged in sexual activity, but they’re not gay?. Is jordan telling the truth? Or was he forced to fabricate these accusations? No one knows. Although I have to say it is peculiar and disturbing seeing pics of mj with various little boys. We don’t really know what actually happened behind closed doors. Of course retarded mj fans will mindlessly deny everything, they think mj can do no wrong. Something happened and we will never get the answer.

    1. Neither of them are/were guy. Other than just looking at pictures on this site – maybe you should read the information. The court documentation is very telling. MJ might have been odd but there is no proof that he was a child molester.

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