Dimond/Gutierrez Documents



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  1. Hello Paula, I have been in debate with someone who doubts that Victor Guttierez gave information about Jackson to Rodney Allen. Could you provide evidence of your mail correspondence so I can prove definitively that the two were friends? Thanks

    1. Check my twitter images. I know I have stuff up on there. Ask this person how Allen would know the layout of Neverland having never been there? Ironic, that he would contact Diane Dimond of all people – at the exact time they were both (Dimond & Gutierrez ) were being sued by Michael.

  2. Impressively well researched. Do you have any more direct evidence that the Rodney Allen letters exist? A Leaving Neverland defender was very curious about them

    1. I’ve had a lot of people asking me to post all of the letters lately. As it is, other bloggers have screen shot what I’ve put up – and haven’t given me credit.
      He sent me a photo but one detractor found a website that has the same photo of him up so they think I screen shot it and printed it up! 🤨 I’m guessing the prison takes photos. I do have several letters but there are 2 different return addresses because he was transferred shortly after I started writing him.
      They questioned that too, lol
      As if I wrote these letters myself – mailed them to some random person in Canada so they could be stamped and post marked there – and had them mailed back to me – all the while keeping up with what prison Rodney was in. Ridiculous
      It really makes me wonder if these people are really that stupid or if there looking for Rodney’s current address so they could correspond with him 🤔

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