Tabloid sales & assault

According to Ray Chandler’s Book – Dave Schwartz testified that June had told him about incidents were Evan had become physically violent with several people, including his wife Nathalie, June’s mother and Evan’s own mother. June testified that she had heard of a January 1992 incident between Evan and his wife Nathalie that had turned physical.

Note that Emmanuelle was born July 2, 1992 making her approximately three months pregnant during this altercation! (Evan and June’s mothers are both deceased)    

              June and Nathalie were present at both assaults against David (according to June & Ray)

A portion of June Chandler’s declaration in the Schwartz v Chandler case:

  • I suspect that defendant has either influenced or been instrumental in keeping alive the public’s interest in our lives, much to my dismay and consternation. I believe that he, or those acting on his behalf, have been continually providing the media with information regarding my son, myself and defendant. In particular, defendant and his brother have authored a book regarding our ordeal. While they have purportedly agreed to refrain from publishing the book, they have nonetheless advised me that the transcript mysteriously disappeared from defendant’s home. At the same time, a National Enquirer reporter that had been hounding me has suddenly revealed that he has a manuscript. In light of these facts, and since defendant and his counsel have not articulated any particular reason why a videotaped deposition is necessary, I believe defendant seeks to acquire the videotape not just for the instant proceeding, but  for other uses including media and commercial exploitation.

 A reporter who worked for the National Enquirer during the 1993 allegations. 

Reporter–there was no video tape

Me -How did you know that — did he (Victor) admit it?

Reporter –No, in October I stayed with a friend in LA. The woman was in the music business for many years and the editor of the Hollywood reporter. One of the foremost experts on black music in the country. She has known the Jackson’s since they were kids and she knew Margaret Maldonado very well and it was supposed to be her kids. She called me up at the show I was working for and we reported that there was no tape. She was the one who called and told me …Victor tried to sell it to me but we didn’t buy stuff. I worked for the networks–they didn’t pay so he went off the radar and the next I heard was Diane Dimond (She’s laughing) reported it. But also the source, he said who showed him the video tape, said he never met Victor.

Me: the source he said was Margaret.

Reporter: He said the LA DA office’s investigator was his source and showed him the tape. He would brag that he was a source for him and Diane Dimond. She (Dimond) had a source in the LA DA’s office because when I was working OJ she was getting stuff –and Hard Copy was paying for it. They got an entire copy of the murder book of Nicole and Ron Goldman and it came from someone in the DA’s office. It must have been the same source who worked on Michael Jackson. This was supposedly the same source for the video but you know if there was a video they (DA) would have used it. I mean (laughing) they wouldn’t have kept it quiet.

Me: You wouldn’t happen to know a tabloid broker named Ken Wells, would you? —-

Reporter: Are you sure that’s his name? Because there was a tabloid broker in Malibu who was British named Bryan Anderson and I know Victor did business with him. Unless, that wasn’t his real name. — That’s the only one I knew in Malibu and he lived on Pacific coast Hwy.

Me: xxx  said Seagull Way

Reporter: No, than that’s not him I’d been to his house. I’ve never heard that name and it’s funny because I knew most of those Brits –they all liked to live on the beach. He (Victor) liked to do business with Splash news service. There British owned and one was named Kevin Smith and I don’t remember the other…Gary something. Splash were the first ones to have guys on motorcycles and all that. Splash offices I think are in Marina Del Ray. Those guys are probably Victor’s age. They made a ton of money and they have a branch here in South Beach because of all the European stars. I’m surprised that Splash news service didn’t come into play and I think he tried to sell that video tape to Bryan Anderson as well. See nobody would touch it (video story) 

  • Note that Victor keeps changing his source. He claimed to LAPD investigator’s that Kevin Smith was a source ( proven false)
  • Bryan Anderson’s wife tried to talk Dimond out of doing the story and spoke with Michael’s attorney.

Reporter: When Michael — the last trial with the Hispanic kid. I was hired by ABC to work on it. At the time they were negotiating with me they were negotiating with Diane Dimond. They were assembling a team and Diane Dimond wanted to bring in Victor. ABC was the one. He was in Chile –didn’t they (ABC) get him the visa to come back?

Me: IDK, I didn’t even know he was at the trial until you told me. I know he worked with Bashir.

Reporter: Yeah, and Dimond made her deal with Court TV. She and I were staying at the same hotel in Santa Barbara when we worked on the case.

Me: what was she like?

Reporter: We all basically did our own thing. She was always nice to me, so. A lot of use stayed at the same hotel. She had the biggest satellite truck and it was always a problem. I remember on a Sunday I went wine tasting in the Santa Barbara wine country near Neverland and she called me saying, “were are you, were are you” and I said I’m out, why? And she said, “I was so worried. I thought they had gotten to you!” and I said who’s they? (Laughing) and she says, “Jackson’s people!” and I said No, (still laughing) I’m out in the country having wine.

I ask her about Lisa Marlowe

Reporter: Oh my god, that’s Bryan Anderson’s wife.

Me: No! this is just too weird. —I read what Marlowe said about Dimond.

Reporter: I tell you why she’s no fan of Victor’s. Bryan Anderson was the first Brit to sell for Victor and Victor was very enterprising. He started selling his stuff to Splash and they were very competitive. Bryan had a business name but I don’t remember what it was called. Lisa wrote for the LA times travel section.  When I worked at the Enquirer I had contact with all of those people but when I went to the networks –they didn’t pay for stories so I didn’t have contact.

Me: Lisa worked for the travel section so how did she know Dimond?

Reporter: All of those people sold to everyone back in those days. That was the case that started it. Those guys would all fight and steal stories from one another, Victor wasn’t the only one.

Me: Well the Chandlers sold stories to the Enquirer too.

Reporter: I don’t know. Whose names are on the bi-lines?

Me: I have to look it up. — They (Chandler’s) were calling the tip line.

Reporter: I think it was him (Evan) because nobody was paying attention to the story. The tips started coming in I would say about 2 months before the story broke. I mean, they didn’t call every day but probably once a week and each time they would call they would give a little information, then a little more. The reporter from the local –KNBC news ,Conan something, got tipped off and reported the story. The enquirer was sitting on the story and afraid to publish it for about a month because they really –I mean they only had that source the caller and the caller didn’t want to ident–, didn’t want money which was highly unusual. The caller didn’t identify themselves and they were just trying to push the story and the Enquirer was afraid of getting sued because contrary to what people believe they were very careful to push a story unless they knew there was some truth to it. The TV guy was able to report it because there was a raid. After that everyone went crazy and there was competition between the Bryan Anderson’s and the guys from Splash. The MJ tabloid stories were a big deal in England. —-

Reporter: I know at the time he sold that story he (Victor) needed money. He never thought it would backfire like that because people had been saying horrible things for years and never got sued. Victor made the claim about Michael and his nephew.

Me: May 1993 Enquirer story

Reporter: They had a story about Jordie and his mother at a music thing in Monaco and in Las Vegas. About all the stuff he was buying for this woman and the kid. It wasn’t Evan –it was the mother or someone close to her. I was not involved so I don’t know exactly who it was. I know how they function…but they would get the pictures and ya know –it was probably someone in her circle. Evan wanted Michael to put up money for a movie, that was his motivation.

Me:  I’m sorry, the article I was thinking of was September. The bi-lines say David Duffy and Julia Coates.

Reporter: David Duffy is dead and has been for a long time and as far as I know Julia Coates still works for the Enquirer.

Me: they did a story about a month after the allegations came out and they have a lot of quotes attributed to Evan.

Reporter: Julia Coates…Does it say Evan told the enquirer or Evan told a friend? Because if it says, “Evan told us or Evan told the Enquirer.” If they quote him directly. One thing to keep in mind is the Enquirers style of writing…second hand quotes they have attributed to a friend. So their quoting him but not directly.

Me: “The alleged victim’s father told the Enquirer”

Reporter: They spoke to him.

Me: How much did they pay for stories back then?

Reporter: Back then, pretty good money. Is it on the cover?

Me: I believe so.

Reporter: 20 grand, 30 grand if it was a big cover story. Back then you got good money. Now your luck if you get 500 dollars because nobody buys printed publications anymore.

Me:Susan Yu called the DA’s office and they mistook her for Diane Dimond, you know they were buddies with Dimond.

Reporter: Yeah, they were buddies and they were buddies with Victor too.

Reporter: What happened with Ray was his brother had a confidentiality agreement. Ray Chandler is crazy

Me: Did Victor ever talk to Ray?

Reporter: Ray hated Victor.

Me: I think they were on Hard Copy together.

Reporter: Not together. They might have been in the same segment but I’m sure they were not interviewed together (laugh) I mean, you know what I’m saying? They might have been in the same segment but interviewed separately. Victor got all that stuff from the Chandler’s maid. I know he never spoke to you know. He was very good at charming all of the Hispanic maids.

Me: You said after the settlement that someone was trying to sell one of Jordan’s descriptions to the networks? Do you remember that?


Reporter: It was Victor.

Me: Was it the same one Ray Chandler published, do you know?

Reporter: It was on a napkin and it was a picture of a penis with splotches on it. Very little writing like brown here and white there –that sort of thing.

Me: Did it look like a legal document in any way?

Reporter: It was a paper restaurant napkin. It was like you know like a nice, higher quality type napkin. It had arrows pointing to the spots, it was a crude drawing. It was in Victor’s book.

Me: Oh, It’s the same one because the one in Victor’s book makes reference to Brett Barnes and has ‘my theory” written on it. Ray had the same picture in his book and on a website but he blocked out most of the writing.


Reporter: Do you have Victor’s book in front of you?

Me: No, I don’t have his book and had to get some things online

Reporter: I have the book (Victor’s) someplace. I have storage boxes with stuff from that time and I have a copy of the book. You said he has a web site?

Me: Ray’s web site is down now. His book came out in 2004.

Reporter: They wanted him to finance a movie; they wanted money and didn’t care about the kid.

Me: —I tell her some of the crap Ray had to say

Reporter: They only turned on Michael when he said no, he wouldn’t finance the movie. That’s one of the reasons the police had such a problem bringing a case. Also, all of the people involved sold their stories somehow; they couldn’t bring that case to court. All the witnesses sold their stories for a lot of money and weren’t credible. That’s why the case didn’t get anywhere.

Me: That didn’t stop Sneddon from trying again later on.

Reporter: He kept pushing on it and on it and the only reason that settlement was pushed was because Johnny Cochran was going to take OJ’s case and he couldn’t have two very high profile cases going.

Me: how do you know that?

Reporter: I know that because I was working on both stories and he pushed for a settlement of the Michael Jackson case. Remember how the Michael Jackson case was settled suddenly? That’s the reason it was pushed through. Johnny Cochran recommended that they do a settlement.

Me: I think the entire ordeal was very upsetting to Michael and he just finished rehab.

Reporter: He didn’t want to settle, he didn’t want to settle. They convinced him that it was the right thing to do and Cochran was one of the reasons. The case wasn’t going anywhere and but it was taking it’s time and all of a sudden he was on that dream team. The OJ case was bigger than the Michael Jackson case and he pushed for a settlement. That’s what the other lawyer wanted, Larry Feldman. He didn’t get involved in the case to get justice for anybody he wanted – he’s a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in getting big settlements for his clients. He was not used to going to court, he was not a litigator. So, he wanted to get a settlement for his client. He didn’t want to go to trial or get into a civil case with Michael Jackson, he wanted money. Then it played out that that didn’t happen and now Cochran wanted to go on to this other case. That’s probably why Michael was such a mess and he didn’t want to settle. You don’t get a lawyer like that to go to trial you get them to negotiate a big settlement. The OJ lawyers were litigators, they’re going to fight that they’re not going to settle. If you look up Feldman’s case history he specializes in getting big settlements without going to trial.


Randy Tarborralli

  • ” I met him several times in the 1990s. I had lots of secret meetings with Evan Chandler, trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. I was pretty young, sort of green and wish I had my present level of expertise to be able to have applied back then. I have stories about that guy that I have never even published. He was about as inconsistent as they come. He was so determined to get me on his side, I thought he was just a tad scary. If you read my book you sort of get how I felt – feel- about him. When it came out, he called me screaming at me for not buying his story 100%.
  • He actually threatened me, and I thought ….okay, pal, now I know who you really are. I wish it had been handled differently. To be honest, I wish MJ had never settled, and I told Michael that several times. But …he felt he had to save his life, and I understood that, too. He really was in bad shape. However, I wish it had gone to trial so we could have had real evidence presented in a court of law – like the Arviso nonsense – and then really been able to sort through it and come to some real decisions. It all seems so useless now, though, doesn’t it? And suck a shame.”

Former tabloid broker I spoke to in August 2013.

He wanted to know how long I had been working on this, how his name came up.

I asked about what he said at trial because there weren’t transcripts. I mentioned Eric Mason’s declaration saying he had information on the Chandlers.

Broker: Well I do have information but I just want to feel comfortable.  I just want to make sure the situation is what you claim it is …I guess feel comfortable with it. Because I’m a fan of Michael Jackson and I’ve seen what other people have done to capitalize on his name and a lot of false things have been said. The way I look at it, because of being in the tabloid business years ago is, if you don’t see proof it’s probably not there. People will say anything about a celebrity to make money. I don’t want to be involved in something that’s false. I’ve meet Michael Jackson a couple of times and the guy was not a child molester. I don’t care what anyone says and if they think he is they need to bring some kind of proof. Nobody has brought any kind of proof in all these years and if this is a book that you’re trying to get someone to say something…

I told him that I didn’t believe that MJ ever did anything like that. Told some of the people I spoke to and the court documents. Told him that I was willing to have him approve what we wrote that has his name attached

Broker: People don’t realize that his insurance paid the settlement. He didn’t write the check, well he did write the check but it wasn’t paid all at once. It was in a trust account and the trust account was meant to pay Jordan Chandler and he was reimbursed by his insurance company.

I mention Chandlers divorce from Nathalie. He wants to know what exactly I wanted from him. I ask if he had additional information on Victor and asked what he had on the Chandlers.

Broker: What I’m about to tell you now are things I testified to and are public. Anything I know, that I didn’t testify to I will probably need a nondisclosure and you can use me as a un named source. You asked what I knew about the Chandlers. Bottom line is they lied. They had video or pictures of MJ. (He gets Victor and Chandler confused) They came to me because I was also brokering a deal with someone who claimed to have a picture of Michael. It turned out to be bogus and Victor and his attorney came to my house saying that they needed something because of the lawsuit –didn’t care if it was real or not. They lost the law suit and fled the country and I don’t think he ever paid. I told him that MJ got the book pulled by the sheriff. He told me that Victor gave him an autographed copy. Because of the lawsuit me and Michael became semi friends. He appreciated what I testified to but that’s something I will only discuss after a non disclosure. I told him that the Chandlers were talking to tabloids and trying to sell Jordan’s description. Mention how Victor used it in his book.

Broker: Some of the information I sold to tabloids I actually got from Michael Jackson himself .Do you remember the first photo’s of Prince? Was it Hello magazine or Ok magazine. I think it was OK magazine which is now defunked but I got those pictures from Michael Jackson to raise the value. While we were negotiation with OK magazine Michael was negotiating with People and all these other places. He wanted them to think he was about to sell to someone else to raise the price. He wound up getting around 2 million… everyone used the tabloids against one another to make money.

I thought he was on People magazine though? He said that the first photos were on OK magazine and Michael later claimed it wasn’t his child (he laughs)

Broker: You asked about the Chandlers and the problem came in that lawsuit with the Chandlers when they cooperated with Gutierrez. That’s how Michael was able to sue because they had a nondisclosure and once Evan Chandler started cooperating with Victor Gutierrez that put him in violation of the nondisclosure.

I told him that fans always suspected that. How ABC and sawyer won court costs and attorney’s fees but I couldn’t find much on Michaels counter claim against Evan.

Broker: That’s it, it was a counter claim your right.

I ask him if he knew the time frame that Evan was dealing with Evan.

Broker: At the time I knew exactly when it was but now I’m not so sure I don’t want to give you the wrong information.

I told him that I suspected it was before the allegations?/— but he felt it was some time after the settlement, “because the father was still trying to get money. He wasn’t getting much money from the son or something. He was trying to get money…I can’t remember the timeline on that.”

Broker: The late Bob Jones…I don’t know if he was Michael manager or … (Me: PR) yeah, he was in charge of MJJ productions. After all this stuff broke I meet with him at a restaurant in LA regarding all this and he too said that this whole tabloid thing –he was my in-between guy with Michael Jackson regarding the whole tabloid thing. That’s how I got to work with Michael Jackson subsequent to this event getting information from the tabloids.

Bob Jones turner around years later and wrote that disgusting book.

Broker: I didn’t read the book I’m not sure what the book said.

It came up during trial in 2005 and he seemed to put most of the blame on Stacy Brown, the person he was writing the book with.

Broker: I think he was a little upset because Michael Jackson constantly changed…changed management and all. I think he might have been a little upset after getting the boot but he did work for Michael Jackson for thirty something years.

Since Motown I believe.

Broker: I’m not sure what his motivation was so. Like I said earlier if there’s no proof I wouldn’t believe it. If there’s no picture or video I wouldn’t believe it. When you go to court to prove it will you produce some documents you know what I mean. Just because you got paid off doesn’t make it true.

He asked where I was originally from –asked if I ever lived in California.

Broker: I was a little shocked to see the email. You never know who is emailing ya and to see the question about the Michael Jackson thing, lol it’s been a long time.

He goes o to ask me a few personal questions.

Broker: Okay, lol, sorry it’s just that I’ve been dealing with this Michael Jackson thing so many—well not so many but there was a period of time were everybody contacted me and you just never know just what’s going on. Just as recently as this Wade Robson thing. His attorneys contacted me about two, three months ago I guess and I had nothing to say to them.

What did they want?

Broker: Well they wanted to see what information I knew regarding Michael Jackson and I told them that I didn’t want to talk to them.

Ugh, he’s another one. I really don’t think his lawsuit is going to go anywhere—they have another hearing next month. The statute of limitation is up to file a claim and why would you do something like that after the person died.

Broker: Here’s what it was, it’s very simple. They thought they were going to get a hush, hush settlement and Michael Jackson team was not playing it. They’re not doing settlements anymore okay. So then it got leaked, I think they leaked it. Thinking it would embarrass Michael Jackson’s Estate and that didn’t happen. So now it kinda turned around on them. Like you’ve been making all these claims that he was a great guy –within the last year and all of a sudden you’re turning on a dead man. I think it’s backfiring on him. He’s definitely going to lose the law suit. First he said, oh …its repressed memory then he says, oh …well he didn’t say it it was his lawyer. Now he’s saying he remembers everything. Well if you remember everything you should have filed a claim earlier so he’s going to lose that. I think he’s going to try and live off the lime light, his 15 minutes of fame on this.

That was my first impression—that he was trying to get money from the estate to keep this BS quiet.

Broker: The Estate is making money hand over first so everybody is trying to get their piece. You have the show in Vegas, the touring show around the world, you have his Las Vegas game –his machine is the number two selling game, slot machine. I mean their making tons and so people are trying to get a piece –I mean it’s just money. Now if it was me and I was molested or had a child who was molested I wouldn’t give a damn about any amount of money. It would be about taking the person down and if you have proof bring the proof. That’s just the way I look at it so. I’m a little jaded because I’ve seen tabloids –I don’t believe anything in the tabloid really, nothing because I see where it comes from you know.

I mentioned old tabloid articles and how people always bring up paternity.

Broker: Look at Tiger Woods’ kids. If you marry a blonde and you’re black the child’s hair is going to be a little lighter. I mean if you look at Tiger Wood’s kids they don’t look quote unquote black. It depends on who you marry –it’s all DNA I have relatives who are racially mixed and one kid will look white and the other black. All that matters is that he loved those kids. A lot of people don’t have fathers and however he brought them into this world is his business. And he left them with a lot of resources to live a good life.

He said that he hire the attorney I contacted because Hard Copy and others used the OK magazine he had because it was copyrighted. 50 different publications and shows used it.

Broker: Future conversations I want to make sure there’s a nondisclosure. You can use, “a source” –currently is not a problem but all the other information I have. I actually signed a nondisclosure but it ends when the person dies. It’s been so long I don’t think it’s going to be a problem anyway—there’s nothing against Michael Jackson that I have to say.

He talks about how child molestation is the worst thing you could be accused of short of Murder. The tabloid business is such a “scum bag” industry and how he didn’t like it. “Michael Jackson turned out to be a very nice guy to me personally and I think that it’s a shame what happened. A great entertainer that people just used for money.”


7/6/2005 Jordan accuses his father Evan of attacking him with a 12.5 pound dumbbell, choking him and spraying him in the face with Mace. Father and son were both residents of Liberty Towers—a luxury high rise located in New Jersey. But they were not living in the same condominium as widely reported. At least according to Jordan, who on 6/20/2005 purchased a condo in New York, listing an address different than his father’s.

Evan was originally charged with two counts of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, un-lawful possession of a weapon and possession of weapons for unlawful purposes.

The charges were later dropped to two counts of simple assault.Harassment, improper behavior (A person is guilty of a petty disorderly person’s offense, if with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof)

Jordan was issued a restraining order. I saw were Evan requested a court appointed attorney but don’t have paperwork for that. It bodes well with his brother Rays stating that he was” penniless” Jordan’s deposition date for this action was September 29, 2009. It’s unknown if he did indeed give a deposition in this case but it’s unlikely considering he was the complainant and all charges were later dismissed.
7/24/2005 Evan goes after Jordan’s money

I came across a deposition order filed in New York in December 2006 for Burton Goldstein. A top rated Park Avenue accountant. The order was filed for a New Jersey action, Evan Chandler v. Jordan Chandler. Upon further investigation I learned from the chancellor’s office in Jersey City that Evan filed the case on July 24, 2005 concerning a constructive trust. The case was dismissed with prejudice on March 21, 2007.


Evan Chandler’s will:

Names friend Alan Margulies as Executor of his estate leaving him any and all assets. Along with and all awards and/or settlements received by his estate. Chandler specifically names two lawsuits involving Novartis pharmaceutical and his physicians who prescribed him the cancer treatment drug Zometa/Aredia, for which he suffered side effects.

“I direct that I be cremated and that no family or next of kin be advised of my death.”

“For reasons best known between us, I purposefully make no provisions in this, my last will and testament, for any of my children or their issue.” He makes no provision for any family members and specifically states that, “no next of kin be granted or given any powers over my estate or my remains.”




  1. Great job. But don’t you have some evidence that Gutierrez contacted Evan Chandler before
    they accused MJ?

  2. I have a question regarding this part regarding the drawing that circulates as supposedly Jordan’s drawing from 1993:

    “Oh, It’s the same one because the one in Victor’s book makes reference to Brett Barnes and has ‘my theory” written on it. Ray had the same picture in his book and on a website but he blocked out most of the writing.”

    I know the unredacted version is from VG’s book. I always suspected the redacted version was redacted and circulated by Ray Chandler, but I haven’t read his website back then and I do not know for a fact if he had it on his website or not. (I have his book in digital format and there are no drawings in that.) So can we establish that the redacted version comes from him, because if it does then I think it is very telling once again about the Chandler’s deceptive ways.

    1. There was more than one supposed drawing. Victor tried to sell one, that was drawn on a paper napkin, to the networks and later published it in his book with Brett’s name written on it, ect.
      I seriously doubt the Chandler’s made any reference to another child and wouldn’t be surprised if Victor wrote that in for effect. Especially since Ray Chandler’s site had the same drawing without it.

      1. I know there are two versions of the same drawing – one, the full version from VG’s book and the other the redacted one. What I am interested in is whether Ray Chandler indeed posted the redacted version of drawing on his website.

        Let me explain why I ask. Because IMO if indeed Ray Chandler endorsed this drawing as one that supposedly Jordan made (although IMO it is clear from the text on it that it’s not the creation of a 13-year-old but a brainstorming session by the adults around him) then I think it is very telling that he redacted the reference to circumcision. Haters now are trying to claim (one more pathetic attempt by them to rewrite history) that Jordan never claimed MJ was circumcised. But if Ray Chandler endorsed this drawing in any form – eg. putting it on his website – then it proves he indeed did (but of course we have other proof as well, such as the Linden affidavit). Plus it is also very telling that in 2005 Ray Chandler tried to hide the fact that Jordan said MJ was circumcised by deleting that part from the drawing. By then of course they would know from prosecutors that MJ was not circumcised.

    1. There was a big push for public awareness to child molestation leading up to this. Sadly, people were getting wrongfully accused – in child custody cases and most notably the McMartin preschool case. I don’t believe that law enforcement was equipped to deal with all these cases at the time. Dworins likely believed a child wouldn’t make up such a story (or be coached to) and was relying on the “discoloration” aspect of his description. Bottom line is that it didn’t match!
      Any teenage boy can draw a penis – no surprise there
      MJ discussed his Vitiligo on Oprah – Open any medical book or web page (Evan had access to both) and you will see that it does discolor the groin area. – I question whether the adult handwriting on the description was Evans research about the disorder?
      Jordan was Jewish on his fathers side with a big family in New York. I’m sure he has been to a Bris or two. You can clearly tell if someone has been circumcised or not. There is absolutely no mistaking that ….. and he got it wrong.

    1. No there wasn’t a match– wouldn’t common sense tell you that he would have been arrested if there was? I would think a 13 year old half Jewish boy would know the difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised one.

  3. Hello. Were the grand juries in 1994 shown the photographs of Michael’s penis and Jordan’s description? I ask because i’m confused over the multiple choice request Larry Feldman gave Michael and the choice to bar them from the civil trial.

    1. The Chandlers attorney was a sleaze. That was a ploy to try and get a settlement – he also asked for Michael’s financial records. I don’t believe the photo’s were shown but Katherine Jackson was asked inappropriate questions about the appearance of her son’s genitalia from what I heard.

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