Jackson Family Values — Margeret Maldonado Jackson

You Are Not Alone Michael: Through A Brother’s Eyes — Jermaine Jackson

All That Glitters — Raymond Chandler

Video Slut — Sharon Oreck

Michael Jackson: The Magic,The Madness, The Whole Story– J. Randy Taroborrelli

Lost Boy –Kit Culkin (Macaulay’s father)

Madonna – Andrew Morton

The Michael Jackson tapes — Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Geraldine Hughes – Redemption


Michael Jackson Was My Lover — Victor Gutierrez

2005 court transcripts

Court documents from Santa Maria, Los Angeles, Jersey City and New York.

Deed record from New York

Evan Chandler’s will (surrogate court NJ) 



Los Angeles Times — August 28, 1993

GQ Magazine – 1994 “Was Michael Jackson Framed?”

The National Enquirer

Life Magazine – 1993

USA Today – January, 1994

Reuters- January, 1994

Q Magazine – 1995 ( Great Britain)

The London Mirror- September, 1994

The Associated Press- January 1995

Entertainment Weekly – June 1995

Women’s Day Magazine – 1995 ( July?)

News Of The World – May 24, 1992


Michael Jackson preservation Project ( Flo Anthony) January 22, 2012

Klen and Barkley show of KABC-AM radio – January 1995




MJJF Talk Radio

SIRIUS XM:Radio — Judith Regan

The Chattanooga Times, August 19, 1995

Maury Povich show – 1993

Larry King Live

Oprah Winfrey – February 1993, 

Diane Sawyer for ABC’s Prime Time Live on June 14, 1995

Hard Copy

CNN –December, 1993, May, 1994

CBS News

The Joan River Show — Jamie Foster

The Geraldo Rivera show — Mike Walker

George Nelson interview —


Living With Michael Jackson — Matin Bashir 2003

Televsion footage of The World Music Awards 1993

Late Night with Conan O’Brien — 1995

Inside Edition

BET awards


Interviews with:

Media Sources/Employees of Jackson

Detective Darryl Cambell

Dr. William Alleyne

Paul Hernandez

Thomas Johanson

Phil Cody

Marion Spence

Howard Bloom

Ken Wells

Face Book and personal e-mails — Flo Anthony

Personal conversation with Thomas Mesereau – July 2012, October 2012, May 2013

Carol Lamere by phone and in LA March 2013

JD Shapiro, by email (@caramelicedtea)

Rodney Allen , By mail



  1. This work is truly magnificent. I hope Wade and Safechuck are not on the other end of your investigative work for their own sakes!! Well Done and Thank You!

    Sally Ann

  2. Amazing amount of work you’ve put into this site and in tracking down documents etc.. Your efforts to showcase the truth are deeply appreciated. I do hope your book comes to fruition someday.

  3. @Paula Where exactly did Laurie Brucker speak about Michael Jackson being a legend? I’m trying to track down the article but I can’t find it.

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