How Dimond Got Away With It

I have broken down the court’s decision along with information as to how the tabloid media got away with printing false stories . Some fans feel that Diane Dimond escaped Michael’s law suit due to a letter that Tom Sneddon had written on her behalf, but these types of lawsuits are very difficult to prove. You need to show:

  • Actionable statement of Facts
  • Clear and convincing evidence of malice


Court decision statement of facts (Dimond):

To give rise for defamation, a false statement consists of false assertions of fact regarding the plaintiff (Jackson) The undisputed evidence before the court shows that the statements at issue truthfully and accurately reported on a developing story about the possible existence of a videotape, and it was stated that it was impossible to independently confirm the existence of the video tape. “Hard Copy” broadcaster, Dimond emphasized that “it’s impossible to independently confirm the existence of the videotape.” In addition, during the KABC-AM radio show, Dimond expressed what was clearly her personal opinion that she was “as sure as (she) possibly (could) be “of the video tapes existence.

An essential element of libel is that the publication must contain a false statement of fact.

Court Decision on Malice (Dimond) the court sites several things:

Gutierrez had been a reliable source of information in the past, specifically advance notice of Michael’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley

Dimond called and spoke with Sneddon regarding investigation

She spoke with British tabloid brokers

Then the London Tabloid “The Sun” reported the search




Several newspapers attacked CBS This Morning anchor Paula Zahn for the decision to call tabloid reporter Diane Dimond of Hard Copy. Los Angeles Times television critic Howard Rosenberg said, “During all the coverage of Michael Jackson’s supposed molestation of this teenage boy, I turned on CBS This Morning and saw Diane Dimond being interviewed by Paula Zahn. And I remember thinking, ‘This is a seminal moment in the regression of TV journalism.’” Burt Kearns, who played a fundamental role in tabloid TV, would later reveal:

Here’s how it worked: Say someone in the office heard — or decided to start — a rumor that Michael Jackson was caught in flagrante with his llama. The assignment editor in New York would call the L.A. office to check it out. If the story turned out to be unconfirmable — or untrue — it wasn’t necessarily shot down or declared dead.

If the story was good enough, some tabloid vet in New York would then feed the deflated item to one of the many British tabloid newspaper journalists encamped in Los Angeles. The Brit would seize upon the rumors, pay someone as a supposed “unnamed source” to confirm it, then write the story as a gospel for one of the outrageous London tabloids.

The story would next be faxed from L.A. to London, published in England, then faxed back to A Current Affair’s office in New York, where the staff would do a quick day-of-air story on what they knew never happened in L.A. The story would include a shot of the British newspaper headline to show they were only reporting “what the world is talking about.” So a story that was generated in New York City, shot down in Los Angeles, concocted for England, published in London, and sent on its way back to New York City, would now air across America. The Fox lawyers would okay the story because it was attributed to the London papers.

Kearns added that it was no wonder why Jackson would need more of his prescribed pills and that tabloid TV treated its viewers like “fucking morons.” In the hysteria of that period of time in America, when everyone thought their neighbor was a child molester, anyone could be easily accused, and many were in child custody cases. In fact, during the ‘90s this issue had turned into an epidemic, leading to many false accusations.

Victor Gutierrez bragged about his connections in the tabloid business. Stating that he had sold many stories that were made up and that the money is easy – even for false stories.

If all else fails – threaten bad press and humiliation

Evan Chandler and Gutierrez both fought to have camera’s present during their concurrent law suites.

As per Victor Gutierrez’s attorney: If there is a trial in this case, there will be publicity adverse to Mr. Jackson. Gutierrez had also instructed his attorney to give Mr. Jackson a “message” that he (Gutierrez) intended to hold up a copy of his book every time he was interviewed on television in connection with this case.


  1. Hi,
    Just anquestion. I was wondering if you know any way to get it touch with Jordan Chandler or someone who knows him. I mean there were people willing to testify under oath in the trial that he told them that he wasn’t abused and he was never going to speak to his parents again because of what them made him do. I guess that must have been from then he was living with his stepmother. Supposedly a Josephine Zohny who he went to school with and a guy of chinese origin who know him from university. To me the fight with Evan which caused him to get a restraining order sounds like maybe he was going to come forward because it was just a couple of months after the trial and he refused to testify for the prosecution. Anyway if he was ever going to do that now would be a really good time because of the Leaving Neverland ”documentary” and Tom Sneddon and Evan Chandler are dead and can’t threathen him.

    1. I think Evan was desperate for money and hoping to exploit Jordan again by selling stories. Evan had several lawsuits going at that time – his doctor and a pharmaceutical company I think. ABC also renewed their judgement against him from the 1996 lawsuit that he lost and served him with papers. Ironically, right after the settlement Ray and Evan tried to sell a book that no one would print, then presto! Ray Chandler’s book came out around the time of the trial remember. Jordan refused to testify and I think he was tired of Evan’s side of the family but that’s my opinion. After Evan assaulted Jordan he filed a lawsuit against him regarding his trust money. Evan also cut all of his children out of his will – he didn’t even know where the youngest two were living! Jordan re-connected with June and there is a photo of them together under the picture’s section. He travels a lot but has a home or two on the west coast. I did speak to Ray Chandlers ex-wife and she said that, ” nobody on the family would be willing to speak to me , it took a long time for the family to heal from that.” This was just prior to Randall Sullivan’s book coming out and many believe that he spoke to Ray?

  2. I am just so incredibly sick of this man beeing this ghost in the media for more than 25 years now. But at the time I can’t help that think that he was pushed in to make the allegations to start with. He was just a kid and must have been under an incredible pressure and almost impossible to say Michael was innocent then under pressure from people like Tom Sneddon and Evan Chandler. People tend to forget that Evan could have killed him also and it’s not like Diane Dimond care about that he could have been dead by now then he did not accuse Michael Jackson. Is it true that Evan was bipolar? Still I wish he could come forward now. If there has even been anything credible behind this then out with it or come out and say that you were pushed into making accusations agains an innocent but eccentric man. But I will not make any more attempts to contact him.

  3. Diane Dimond is a disgrace and a hypocrite. She chased, harassed and accused Michael for years claiming she had evidence when she had none. She embarked on a self righteous crusade to condemn, destroy and frame Michael while at the same time paying for false information from paedophile Victor Guitierrez. That she still has a career in tv shows how corrupt the entertainment industry is.

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