Palanker and Zonen

Louise Palanker met the 2003 accusers, Arviso family, at the laugh factory where she was the children’s mentor for a summer comedy camp. It was reveled in court that she wrote two checks to the family totaling twenty thousand dollars among other gifts.

On January 7th, 2005, sheriffs interviewed Palanker who said “This family can be as whacky as they want to be” and when referring to the children’s mother Janet, said that she “believed the kids were collaborating in what she was saying.” Palanker went on to tell the Santa Barbara sheriffs that Janet wanted to move — take her kids and move into her home. “I know that Janet’s unbalanced. I think she’s totally bipolar”. 

“Janet would sell them at the benefits, then sell them at the hospital, and David was never at The Laugh Factory when the children were coming.” 

 “It was always David or it was the children being coached to ask me for a laptop. Being coached to tell me that they hadn’t gotten any Christmas presents.” 

 “Janet always put him up to it, and he had to do what she told him to do”. “These people are teaching their kids to lie”. 

She further complained to law enforcement about the family by saying, “The behavior from the children from the family was so over the top all the time. You don’t just get one letter from them. You get five letters from them. You don’t get one phone call. You get five phone calls. A message from Janet on your answering machine can last five minutes.”  Palanka said, as she goes on to mimics types of messages she received on her phone to the sheriffs.


Palanka, however, would paint a very different picture in court when she testified for the prosecution. Upon cross examination she stated, “I was exaggerating. I didn’t know I was being taped.”

  On June 14, 2005, a day after the verdict and the gag order was lifted, Palanka took to her blog. Writing about her various interviews and stating, “My heart belongs to D.A. Ron Zonen.”



The prosecutor would be a frequent guest on her radio show and the couple would eventually marry in 2011.

Palanker would also host a radio program with Diane Dimond entitled Talk It Over Radio.




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